(Article By Chayan Sen, Funding Associate, SCPL)

Renewable Energy Research and Technology Development (RETD) Programme of the Ministry  of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) for implementation during the period 2017-18 to 2019- 20 at a total cost of Rs. 175.87 crore. The scheme will continue till March 31st, 2021 The  scheme aims at scaling up R&D effort for Renewable Energy Research and Technology  Development. The objective of the scheme is to support the R&D projects for technology development and demonstration in various areas of new and renewable energy such as solar  thermal systems, solar photovoltaic systems, biogas systems, waste to energy systems, wind  energy systems, hybrid systems, storage systems, hydrogen and fuel cells, geothermal, etc.  with the ultimate aim of increasing share of renewables in the energy mix in the country.

The  R&D efforts are expected to make industry competitive and renewable energy generation supply  self-sustainable/ profitable. The technology development and demonstration will be supported  for manufacture of new and renewable energy systems/ devices/ components for different  applications including transportation, portable and stationary applications for rural, urban,  industrial, and commercial sectors . 

The implementation mechanism of the programme would be R&D, Test Labs, Centres of  Excellence and Start Ups:

• The scheme will be implemented by R&D / academic institutions/ industries, etc. across  the country. Research Groups engaged in R&D/academic institutions, engineering  colleges (both public and private approved by government accredited body),industries,  other organizations, etc. engaged in R&D for promotion of new and renewable energy  will be supported for taking up research, development and demonstration projects for  technology development integrating innovation for continuous improvement of  technologies/systems/ process. However, technology demonstration will be taken up  either at implementing institutions or in the field at utility in the case of project taken up in  partnership with institutions/ industry/utility. 

• The scheme will be implemented in the form of projects with identified deliverables. The  project proposals will be invited in thrust areas of MNRE in place of normal submission  of project proposals by investigators, which will be done by the Ministry through its  website/ national dailies from time to time. The proposal will be submitted as per  prescribed format. The proposals should be supported with proper appraisal by a Project  Appraisal Committee taking 

• Project’s cost will involve project manpower, equipment, instrumentation, fabrication and  installation, performance evaluation, improvement in system, design, manpower, travel,  contingency, overhead charges for the implementing institutions, etc. as per policy and  guidelines of MNRE. Projects in partnership with industry will involve cost sharing with  them, up to 50% of the total cost. • For implementation of the project, the temporary manpower i.e. SRF, JRF and RA etc.  shall be hired in the R&D project based on their expertise/professional qualification in the RE  field depending upon availability. The hiring of the manpower will be purely on a temporary  basis with a condition that there will be no liability of such staff for confirmation by the government. The staff services shall discontinue immediately after the project duration  expires.

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