Confused how to avail income tax benefits for your R&D spends? Do it in 3 steps!!

It’s that time of the year when you are finalising your company Income Tax returns and have no clues how to avail income tax benefits for your R&D expenditure although you have your DSIR approval i.e. Form 3CM in place.

Step 1: Prepare a list of all eligible capital and operating expenditure for previous Financial Year 2018-19 in the format as per Form 3CL

Step 2: Get it certified by your statutory auditor
Step 3: File Form 3CL with DSIR physically and online with Income Tax site along with your IT return copy.

Don’t have the expertise or the time to accomplish the same?
Call helpline number and we will assist you in professionally filing your Form 3CL in time with maximum tax benefits and importantly no undue claims which may be disallowed by DSIR.

SCPL, the parent company of has experience of handling 3CL filings for companies of all sizes with expenses ranging from 50 lac to 100 crore and has handled 3CL filings with R&D expenses in excess of Rs.500 crore.

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