Confused how to benefit from income tax benefits for your R&D expenses? Do it in 3 simple steps!!

When you are finalizing your Income Tax returns and have no inkling of how to claim benefits from income tax benefits for your companies R&D expenditure even though you have your DSIR approval or Form 3CM in hand.

Stage 1: Formulate a list of all the eligible Capex & Opex for the previous Financial Year 2018-19 in the format given as per Form 3CL.

Stage 2: Get all the documents verified & certified by your CA or Auditor.

Stage 3: File Form 3CL with DSIR and submit the hard copies physically and file online on the Income Tax site along with your IT returns documents.

If you do not have the proficiency or the time to complete the same…….. 

Please call our helpline number and we will assist with your 3CL filing in time with maximum tax remunerations and most importantly no undue claims which may be rejected by DSIR.

SCPL, the parent company of has an experience of over 15 years in handling 3CL filings for companies of all sizes with expenses ranging from 50 lac to 100 crores and has handled 3CL filings with R&D expenses in excess of Rs.500 crores. 


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