(Article By Chayan Sen, Funding Associate, SCPL)

R & D is one of the major keys to future growth and is of vital Importance to compete at the global level. To encourage companies to keep up with technological advancement, various State Governments are introducing funding schemes to promote R & D by the companies or Institutions to boost continuous innovation that would contribute to a larger vision of the state. The Industry and Mines Department of Gujarat introduced “The Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020” , which is a scheme for assistance of Research and Development activities. This will give a boost to the companies and Institutions to undertake research work, disseminate proven technology and strengthen existing laboratories. This policy gives significant opportunity to encourage and transform Gujarat into a hub of Research and Development in India. This scheme will remain operational for five years i.e 7th August 2020 to 6th August 2025. The scheme for assistance of Research and Development activities has been segregated into four parts :

  • Scheme  1: This is to provide assistance to establish Research and Development/Product Development Centre , the major activities under this scheme is to setup or establish research and development centres or Product Development Centres.
  • Scheme 2: Assistance for contract/sponsored research work. 
  • Scheme 3 : Assistance to R&D institutions/laboratories set up by the State Government or Government of India, the major activities under the scheme will be setting up new laboratories as well as strengthening existing laboratories.
  • Scheme 4: Assistance to Industrial association for establishment of R&D laboratories, the major activities under the scheme is setting up new Research and Development laboratories with all necessary infrastructure and facilities.

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