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Fits 2006 - 2008 2.0L Civic Si Item Number: PRL-HC8-TK-A. Optional Fuel Injectors: Optional Fuel Pump: Optional MAP Sensor: Optional Engine Management: Optional Clutch Upgrade: Optional Flywheel Upgrade: Optional Engine Mount Upgrade(s): * denotes required field. Performance Auto Parts & Car Accessories | Unbeatable Prices Your One Stop Shop For Performance Auto Parts. With larger turbochargers and race gas, well over 700+whp is attainable (power range dependent upon turbocharger used and boost level set. Join us on Facebook and get up to date news about our product and offers. Engineered to offer the ultimate in performance and durability, Full-Race kits spool faster, last longer and produce more reliable power across the entire RPM range than any other kit on the market.

KMOD 06-11 Civic Si Sidewinder Turbo Kit-Fg2/Fa5 Stg.1.5 5858 PTE Ball Bearing Turbo-650whp - $ 3,299.99 USD Stg.2 Garrett 62mm Ball Bearing Turbo- Sidewinder- 800whp - $ 3,599.99 USD Stg.2 Garrett 62mm Ball Bearing Turbo- Sidewinder- w/ 60mm WG 800whp - $ 4,499.99 USD Stg.2 6266 PTE Ball Bearing Turbo- Sidewinder- 800whp - $ 4,199.99 USD Stg.3 Garrett 67mm Ball Bearing Turbo- … No Thank You

The Full-Race K-series Turbo Kit for your FA5 and FG2 chassis is proven to be the best performing and most reliable turbo kit for stock OR built K-series engines. Full-Race recommends using the Competition Clutch Stage 4 Spring. PRL #1 All the power you can want, easy to install too! Everything you need is included in this kit. GTX3576R Gen II w/ 0.82 A/R T3 Inlet, V-Band Outlet (+$1,869.07) Precision Turbo Applications: Model // Horsepower-- Journal Bearing --Precision 5558 JB -- 590HPPrecision 5858 JB -- 600HPPrecision 5862 JB -- 640HPPrecision 6262 JB -- 675HP +($25.00)Precision 6266 JB -- 695HP +($25.00)Precision 6766 JB -- 900HP +($300.00)-- Ball Bearing --Precision 5558 BB -- 590HP +($600.00)Precision 5858 BB -- 600HP +($600.00)Precision 5862 BB -- 640HP +($600.00) Precision 6262 BB -- 675HP +($650.00)Precision 6766 BB -- 930HP +($1150.00)-- Ball Bearing Gen 2 --Precision 6062 BB -- 750HP Gen2 +($700.00)Precision 6266 BB -- 800HP Gen2 +($700.00)Precision 6466 BB -- 900HP Gen2 +($925.00), Garret Turbo Applications(GT VS GTX = GTX spools faster)--GT Series--Garret GT3071R -- 480HP +($435.00)Garret GT3076R -- 525HP +($435.00)Garret GT3582R -- 675HP +($625.00)--GTX Series--Garret GTX3071R Gen2 -- 650HP +($700.00)Garret GTX3076R Gen2 -- 750HP +($725.00)Garret GTX3576R Gen2 -- 750HP +($975.00)Garret GTX3582R Gen2 -- 850HP +($1000.00). If doing the clutch install at the same time as the turbo kit install, it may be easier to drop the engine to separate the transmission and tap the oil pan + install the manifold, turbo, downpipe, wastegate, and dump tube assembly. Keeping the drivability close to what Honda intended while giving the power that we all want. KRAFTWERKS SUPERCHARGER KIT+TUNE/MAP FOR 12-15 HONDA CIVIC SI 9TH GEN 330WHP SI. If the optional intake is not purchased, you can install a cone filter directly on the turbochargers inlet as pictured here. 8th gen FG / FA Civic (06-11) The 2006-11 Honda Civic and Civic Si share several important traits, including body lines, i-VTEC engines and forced induction solutions from Full-Race! Come Join the club! Garrett GT and GTX turbochargers come standard with dual ball bearings. The Full-Race K-series Turbo Kit for FA2 and FG2 chassis is proven to be the best performing and most reliable turbo kit for stock -or- built K-series engines.