Value optimizer. If there weren’t any, the PO addresses this too. Of the following choices, what is the most effective way a Scrum Master can keep a Development team working at its highest level of productivity? When something about Scrum frustrates the Product Owner, the PO can delegate some responsibilities to the Scrum Master. The Scrum Guide says “During each Sprint Retrospective, the Scrum Team plans ways to increase product quality by improving work processes or adapting the definition of “Done”, if appropriate and not in conflict with product or organizational standards.”. If there are only these options, I would choose B because “By the end of the Sprint Retrospective, the Scrum Team should have identified improvements that it will implement in the next Sprint.”. However, the DT is responsible for it (on behalf of the Scrum Team). It divides the Key Stakeholders into three broad categories: A Key Stakeholder is a person external to the Scrum Team with a specific interest in and knowledge of a product that is required for incremental discovery. It can't. D) Adding new items into the Product Backlog The Dev Team adds the new requirements to the DoD because it is more robust way of doing the work. 31. When a Development Team is having trouble delivering a working Increment because they don't understand a functional requirement, What should they do?

In order to maximize value, the PO should identify the Key Stakeholders for the Product, and involve them as necessary throughout the development effort. What should the Scrum master do? What is a key way for a Product Owner to apply validated learning? The main purpose of the Sprint Review (SR) is to collect feedback. I do not like this question much because of the ambiguous wording. "a) The skills needed for the specific technical layer the team will develop (such as database or UI). C. Increase velocity. 2. The time box available in the sprint to do the development work is over, so nobody is doing anything else anyway.

Is it a good idea for the PO to proxy or outsource some of their PO Scrum Team duties to these people (for example, Scrum Team facing duties)? C. Correct. The main concept of the Sprint Review Bazaar is that you run multiple inspections in parallel. The Key Stakeholders are people outside of the Scrum Team, so in the second question they are allowed to participate in the Sprint Planning, in the question #1 they are not. When we feel we have been heard, it is possible to fully support team decisions even if the decision was not our preference. "88.What are three benefits of self-organization? - The Development Team, but with permission of the Product Owner. Mikhail: The difference between “participate” (come to the meeting and speak) and “attend” (come to the meeting, but not speak) is a bit difficult. "82. It is prohibited to add new work into the Sprint Backlog later by the Development Team. A Sprint Review is held at the end of the Sprint to inspect the Increment and adapt the Product Backlog if needed. "a. How much time is required after a Sprint to prepare for the next Sprint?

8 hours for a monthly srpint. What is the accountability of the product owner during sprint 0? Choose three responsibilities of a self-organizing Development Team. There is no need to wait for the Daily Scrum to approve it. I took B) as an answer although I was not sure, and I did not find a reference to the scrum guilde My argument would be that complexity for first scrum team was reduced. "_ Add a specialist to the Development Team. I understand that retrospective is for Scrum Team and the purpose of it is to inspect and plan improvements. "88. Who has the last say on the order of the Product Backlog? When can a Development Team cancel a Sprint. What does the word "development" mean in the context of Scrum? The Product Backlog is ordered by: "A) Size, where small items are at the top and large items are at the bottom. D) The best option here He/She has handed over the required Product Backlog for the Sprint but is not collaborating with the Development Team during the Sprint. Check 1 Answer The PO is responsible for Product Backlog management. The goal of the first segment, or first 4 hours, is for the Team to select those Product Backlog items that it believes it can commit to turning into an increment of potentially shippable product functionality. Which two ways of creating Development Teams are consistent with Scrum's values? The development team will know who is responsible for prioritizing the backlog. How does an organization know that a product built through Scrum is successful? What two things best help the Product Owner manage the value of a product? Direct collaboration between the PO and the DT is the most effective one. what action should the scrum master take? The Scrum Master (SM) facilitates. "A Scrum master is keeping a list of open impediments, but it is growing and he/she has been able to resolve only a small portion of the impediments, which three techniques would be most helpful in this situation?

E. Wrong. The PO comes to the Sprint Planning with an idea for the Sprint Goal and then all the Scrum Team crafts the final version of the Goal. How to best accomplish its work, "How much work must a dev team do to a product backlog item it selects for a sprint. There are following ideas for the Scrum Master how to handle this: Which three phrases best describe the purpose of having a definition of "Done"? The SM actively gets people to diverge and converge. What does Product Backlog management include? You have just been hired by a company new to Scrum. I will publish my answers here. The primary concern of the PO is the flow of value reflected in the ordering of product backlog. "a. Refinement Meeting, 7. The PO should focus on feedback that will impact the upcoming sprint backlog. This question is very similar to the question #17 above. However, we can try to arrange them: Set up the meeting and tell the Development Team that is how it will be done, Immediately after the conclusion of the previous Sprint, The Product Owner makes sure the team selects enough from the Product Backlog for a Sprint to satisfy the stakeholders, To inspect the product increment with stakeholders and collect feedback on next steps. What activitives would a Product Owner typically undertake in the phase between the end of the current Sprint and the start of the next Sprint? Based on that and any changes to the Product Backlog during the Sprint, attendees collaborate on the next things that could be done to optimize value. How much time is required after a Sprint to prepare for the next sprint? It could include collaborating with the Dev Teams. No. Right, PB is the single source of requirements for any changes to be made to the product. The Product Owner could: Introduce the new feature in the next Sprint Planning. "a) The Chief Product Owner determines the new team structures and assignments. The Scrum Glossary gives the following definition for Product Backlog: “It is an ordered list of the work to be done in order to create, maintain and sustain a product.” So, Scrum is not specific about exactly what a Product Backlog Item is or how it should be expressed. If the PO can understand the value of resolving a technical debt item and prioritize it, it can go into the PB. The task list might not be complete, but it must be complete enough to reflect mutual commitment on the part of all Team members and to carry them through the first part of the Sprint, while the Team devises more tasks in the Sprint Backlog. However, he did not remember when and why he started being afraid of dogs. Who owns the Sprint Backlog? The Product Owner must release each increment to production. The Scrum Guide itself does not contain details about the Scrum Values. It looks like the correct answer is A.

What are two primary ways a scrum master keeps a development team working at its highest level of productivity? "85. They will be addressed early that guarantees minimal loses in the case if something goes wrong with the technology. I think, the answer here should include “Increment”, but the answer was : The Sprint Backlog, Mikhail: I think, there is no any contradiction between the questions. To prepare and verify the quality of the SR, I always plan for preparation sessions with the PO and the teams to focus on the content of their presentations. So, you definitely should take an action. Mikhail: The Scrum Guide advises optimal team size of 3 to 9 people. I hope, now you see the Key Stakeholders go to the Sprint Review and technical domain experts could go to the Sprint Planning. The second segment of the Sprint Planning meeting occurs immediately after the first segment and is also time-boxed to 4 hours. ‘No’ answer is more comfortable for the question. Usually, it takes not more than 10% of the total Sprint time. How does SM help DT and PO in communication? As per scrum guide: How it affects Scrum Teams on a scaled project?

The Product Owner should be expertly aware of the marketplace for the product. During a Sprint Retrospective, for what is the Scrum Master responsible? a) Tell the PO that dev team owns the DoD and it is their duty to decide on acceptable performance standard Courage: burn down charts, story boards, etc.). When a Development Team determines that it has over-committed itself for a Sprint, who has to be present when reviewing and adjusting the Sprint work selected? One more point is that proper use of Scrum makes sure that the most valuable features are implemented first and the proof of success lies in ongoing delivery and not in reporting. In which meetings the Key Stakeholders are allowed to participate? "a) Participating as a Scrum member. Another point to keep in mind is a piece of functionality should be delivered in every Sprint. A Scrum Team is only allowed to meet with stakeholders during Sprint Review. Does it mean refine/split or does it mean pre-assign? The most risky items will be identified and put close to the top. End-users may also participate in the event. "An organization has decided to adopt scrum, but management want to change the terminology to fit with terminology already used. However, if it were my question, I would mention the PO in this option. Sales Leader, CEO, Customers, Analyst Reports, Dev Team? What happens when a Sprint is cancelled? Those who need information are responsible for getting it. However, the current Sprint is almost over at the time of Retrospective. "Skills needed to improve the DEV Team's ability to deliver, The Development Team informs the Scrum Master that the IT manager has asked them for status report during the Sprint. Who participates in the Sprint Review? My best options are below: Wrong because we do not know the DoD of the team in the question.

"a) Assign the teams the goal of going agile in a smooth manner. C. Wrong because there is no Scribe role in Scrum There is no any contradiction. So, he or she should spend enough time (but not all the time) with the DT to meet that commitment. It can involve technical tasks, for example, removing some technical debt or even installing a development environment for a new developer. The Sprint Review is just a demo of the Product Backlog items completed during a Sprint. The Sprint length holds and the Development Team continuously learns what is actually possible to do within a Sprint of this length.