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I do think that Aaron's fans (I don't mean you, but in general) are inclined to want to have their cake and eat it re. Yes, certainly towards the end I can remember some pretty hostile stuff being said about them, and people finding their romance unbelievable or revolting or both. I never really understood why some of Aaron's fans took against her so badly. Registered in England. And they had what we do not, the actual voting figures; combined with the big margin he had in the polls throughout, there really is no reason to suppose the was ever under threat. It is very noticeable that no one ever says "it is obvious that BB wants my favourite housemate to win" or "my favourite housemate is obviously BB's chosen one". Anyway, I'm not sure what "endlessly referred to bits" you think "Aaron's fans put a really ludicrous amount of emphasis on", and I don't remember much of their case against BOTS. I think most of us would. Especially so if the housemate in question could be a potentially “interesting winner”. All kinds of distasteful things might have happened over the years that no one cared that much about. DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. Both Aaron and Luke (reasonably, considering what had happened to Josie) obviously hoped that some of the promises they were made might be true. Considering you believe that few have been some I'm sure to some degree you agree. It was the following week when Becki arrived that Nadia emerged as the main front runner. That's what I want to know.

Does anyone know if they're still together? Oh excuse me for going to such "dubious lengths". He walked along clutching that briefcase full of money to silence. So if we're talking of "winners who were determined as the series progressed once producers got an idea of who viewers were warming to", why would that be Jay rather than Aaron? The only other time I can find Harry against Jay is week 7, when Harry was evicted. True she did get a fair amount of criticism on twitter but it's never pointed out that she also got an arguably bigger positive response from Aaron detractors and Jay fans etc and she seemed to lap it and retweet it etc. I don't know who. I don't think many thought he was the kind of person to do that. I don't know whether he was promised anything, but he didn't seem to hang about on the offchance. But they surely gave a nasty edit to his romance with Louise. I am sure no one is accurately edited because BB is always edited for 'stories'. There isn't any good evidence that Aaron's or Jay's level of support changed by very much over the weeks we're discussing here. He said, "I'm not sure if I can discuss this", then went right ahead and discussed it. Big Brother winner Aaron Allard-Morgan with girlfriend Faye Palmer. ... Now as for the worst edit of the series, which you appear to have forgotten... By definition, we can't know about things that have not been shown at ALL. (She didn't say the second half, obviously; what she actually said was something like, "I love a BB romance, and don't even mind if it isn't real.")

Harry and Faye had beaten Jay in a VTS but were both beaten by him in a subsequent votes. You only had to watch her best bits vt to know she was really badly portrayed and edited. Did he turn down the sort of things that tempted Aaron and Luke, or was he never even put to that particular test? But that's always the case; it's not some kind of anomaly for CBB11. I do like you offering a lot of hard facts, but to be honest I think you are still only showing how uncertain the runner up places were.

So either Victor is lying, and he did come across exactly how he was shown in the HLs, or even the live feed can manage to hide things from viewers and be "edited" in a certain way. Its appalling. Yes, but only because Heaven felt strongly enough about it to bring it up on BOTS.

Add to that the fact that Jay always got the best reception from the eviction crowds, even when he was beaten in the votes by more than one housemate, and you could guarantee he was going to leave the house to an eruption of cheers on finale night and the show would end on it's "feel good" winners moment. We saw him cry because Jay had made a distasteful joke that peripherally mentioned the word 'wheelchair'. The poo in the freezer story was briefly suppressed, but only in the sense of not being shown; obviously there was no question of keeping it secret since any evictee was free to discuss it. However I don't see why you're so shut off to the idea Big Brother may have (also) had an eye on trying to make a brand out of one of the HMs.

The HM that was almost in Geordie Shore and was good friends with the cast? Aaron and Faye are still together :D. It would be great if Aaron and Faye was both on BBBOTS :D. 2 2. nanny chris w. Lv 7. We'll have to agree to disagree about Nadia and Chantelle, I think they both had that unique storyline that BB likes and I think both were pushed for the win. With this in mind who do you think out of that year they might have had a specific interest in regards to this? If you’d like to join in, please sign in or register. It was a combination for lots of people and some liked him for particular reasons and strongly disagreed with others. Do you see how that's "what is sounds like" now. Case in point the surprise from a lot of his followers when he tweeted the photo of his own poop. Listen now for interviews with the biggest soap stars and all the latest spoilers - available on every major podcast app . You are right that I had forgotten the damaging cut and splice edit about Jay and Louise, though I noticed it at the time: it has never been referred to since; once it was made clear (on here, not by BB) that it was not a true incident everyone seemed to lose interest. In BB3, as soon as Kate emerged as a popular housemate with viewers the producers thought "great we could actually have a female winner this year" and that angle was played a lot on BBLB and she seemed to feature a lot more in the main show. I rather suspect that Jay would be amazed at the suggestion that he had seriously threatened Aaron. It obviously was in relation to that one comment. :mad: And it's not as if Jay was at all kindly edited: we saw one strop after another from him. Home › Reality TV Shows › Big Brother. Apologies for using that example, I'll only use examples you're not familiar with from now on. By Holly Thomas Updated: 03:04 EST, 29 September 2011 I think Jay's "hilarious" moments such as him shaving his arsehole in the mirror, or taking a loud shit with the door open were shown a lot more than the moments of him being threatening or losing his temper. Compare that with the literally hundreds of references to an incident between Aaron and Faye that was misleadingly edited to look as if they had had a longer falling out than they had. Was Sam promised anything? The presenting staff during that series would always seem to point out if it was a close eviction which they did not when Aaron won.

I have to question whether most of the winners had "extremely favourable edits". Well what were you saying then? I liked what we saw of Faye and Maisy. Victor gave his perception of what had gone on, but that doesn't mean his perception was objective.

In my opinion, we know from Faye's interviews, and comparing them to what we'd seen, that the edit was misleading about her relationship with Aaron; from seeing occasional glimpses of her having fun with Maisy, we know were weren't give a full picture of their friendship or of how much fun Faye had while in the house; and it also seems pretty clear that they left out a lot about her relationship with her sister.