What is it about friends that make the characters appear more human? Both Invictus and Ransom explore how societal forces divide people into different, often conflicting groups – whether this be race, history, culture, or war. As he ultimately makes the valiant decision in Act IV to refrain from “signing lies” and thus uphold his name, he is able to redeem himself from his previous sins and is able to die with righteousness. Why may the reader react with concern? The scene wherein Pienarr and Mandela meet over tea is symbolic of this sentiment of fostering unity amongst deep divisions. Categorising strangers into convenient stereotypes is pure laziness. After Darkness is currently studied in VCE English under Area of Study 1 - Text Response.

The personification of the crops, in particular, the men’s crops, the ‘yam’, being the ‘king of crops’ establishes this gender hierarchy in yet another way. Okonkwo is warned that killing Ikemefuna, his surrogate son, is the “kind of action for which the goddess wipes out whole families” (p.49).This demonstrates the clan’s belief that the goddess’s (or fate’s) punishments are not arbitrary but the result of individual action (Chapter 8). The strict theocracy of the town thus exacerbates the crisis, as joining the accusatory crowd becomes a religious necessity; a virtuous “plane of heavenly combat between Lucifer and the Lord”. Furthermore, their intimate fling casts Dixon-brown as a seducer/a woman who is easily compromised, which is untrue. That is, scouring through the articles for those various language devices the author has used to turn this article from an exposition to a persuasive text, and then deciding on how we shall be using this in our essay. Piper’s Message of Author is clear here – Ibaraki learns the notions of duty that have been inculcated [taught] from boyhood are less important than values such as empathy, forgiveness and the courage to speak out in the face of blatant immorality. However in Year 12, teachers and examiners expect students to focus on the author’s construction of the text. In ‘Ransom’, Malouf is centrally concerned with the theme of fatherhood. But his greatest betrayal is to himself, not speaking out against the evil. The comment section of these videos is like a medley of heart-eyes, exclamations of ‘How cute! No mines. Interestingly, her brother, ‘a screaming heterosexual’ (pp. Piper reveals that when a person fails to reveal themselves, it can eventually become a great obstacle which keeps them from creating meaningful and successful relationships.

Furthermore, she satirically exclaims that ‘[the institute] needs to defend its territory’. Example: Blames Australian Government for the “suffering inflicted.”, ꙳Link: Restate topic sentence in relation to entire essay.

Character transformation (bildungsroman) is prevalent throughout the text.

Piper considers the necessity to speak your mind when a problem arises as the detriments that could occur afterwards can cause guilt and shame to last a lifetime. Do you know how to embed quotes like a boss?

Not only does using evidence show understanding of the text, but it doesn’t have to be an entire sentence all on its own. For many years the Japanese Government suppressed the truth of these horrific crimes.

‘a mallee tree’ - Aboriginal word for water which symbolises purity, source of life “if it’s hit by bushfire it grows back from the root with lots of branches, like all the others here. Comment on the mise-en-scene, camera angles, overview shots, close ups, flashbacks, soundtrack, to name a few. Create a word bank from assessor’s reports, sample essays, or teacher’s notes, and by the end of the year you’ll have an extensive list to choose from. Additionally, the themes of guilt and power are intimately related to ambition in the text, so you can use those other ideas to aid your brainstorming and get you a step ahead of the rest of the state come exam day. The word ‘most’ in this prompt is actually there to give us a bit of room for discussion. You have limited time to write your essay and getting as much words on the page as possible won’t always improve your score, especially if you traded quality for quantity. What your teachers and examiners are really looking for is a comprehensive understanding of the texts and the way in which you organise your ideas into paragraphs. Historical tourism flyer of information produced to inform visitors about the Loveday Internment Camp. Despite this, Miller shows the importance of prioritising personal honour over public reputation through the character of Proctor. Each text appeals to the universal experiences that define the human condition, and emphasise the significance of opportunities to cross-cultural divides. These ‘efforts’ for reproduction is fruitless.Â, 1. Next, comes implementation. Mr Brown understands that Christianity held no appeal for people well integrated in Ibo society, concluding that “a frontal attack on it would not succeed” (p.132) and thus introduces education as a new method of cultural displacement and erasure. Likewise, although the arrival of the Christians was unexpected and chanced, Nwoye’s rejection of his father is traceable directly to Okonkwo’s choice to kill Ikemefuna (Chapter 7). Moral doubt and secrecy are replaced by moral clarity. He explains the political consequences for the clan, now divided by the new religion, they can no longer act as one (Chapter 20). A typical essay should have at least three of these, no less, although some people might feel the need to write four or five. The quote also illustrates that she believes that there are more complex and intricate forces present in Salem - the “deep and darkling forces” as described by Miller - which work to determine the fates of the townspeople. When the Ibo are confronted with rival institutions a mirror is held up to their society.

Whenever you get a new essay topic, you can use LSG’s THINK and EXECUTE strategy, a technique to help you write better VCE essays.

As such, the play is not merely a play based on historically accurate events, but also an allegory of the disastrous consequences of McCarthyism. Such as Mandela’s embrace of the Springboks and Priam’s appeal to Achilles “man to man”, - both show effective leadership involves expressing empathy and understanding the humanity of your enemies. (Rear Window).

Instead he is shifting through it to identify the valuable aspects of Ibo culture to bring into the future and help define Nigeria’s post-independence identity. It’s something so basic and obvious that students of all grades overlook. Furthermore, she explores how moral conviction is consistently at odds with the demands of the personal, work and professional domains we inhabit. Suddenly, everything is commodified entities with a dollar-sign attached to them. This is a metaphor for the reduction of Igbo culture in the eyes of its colonizers.Â, The title gives away the plot of the novel and anticipates the collapse of Okonkwo and his society. How are the two interlinked? Ann Putnam speaks this line when she admits to interrogating Tituba about the possibility of witchcraft having caused the early deaths of her seven infants. If you’re unfamiliar with this strategy, then check it out in How To Write A Killer Text Response. Their diegetic cheers work to create the idyllic depiction of the lasting power of this change, implying the true limitless nature of hope in their society. These are the fundamental ideas that the play is based upon, and also the elements which make The Crucible hugely relevant in our society today. Should US anti-vaccination campaigner Sherri Tenpenny be allowed to give talks in Australia? This will help you to stand out from the crowd and place you in a higher standing compared to your classmates as your ideas will appear much more sophisticated and thought-out. Evidence can be introduced right after the topic sentence, for example. What are the key words/ ideas that you need to address? Mary is a symbol of mass hysteria, as her easily exploitable nature and weakness in spirit represent the irrationality of those who are quick to believe rumours, such as the persecutors of the Salem witch hunts, as well as the accusers of the McCarthy era.Â, Referred to as “the girls” throughout the play, these young individuals are manipulated by Abigail to falsely convict Elizabeth and numerous others as practicers of witchcraft.