YOU MUST BE IN A RUN USING TIMELINE B AS THE TIMELINE TO GET THIS ENDING. Aka Manto (赤マント, rode mantel), ook bekend als rode cape, Red Vest, Akai-Kami-Aoi-Kami (赤い紙青い紙, Rood Document, Blauw papier), of af en toe Aoi Manto (青マント, blauwe mantel), is een Japanse stadslegende over een gemaskerde geest die een rode mantel draagt en die verschijnt aan mensen die toiletten gebruiken in openbare of schoolbadkamers. Deceased

You must use the option 'LEAD THE GARDENER' a total of 11 times to escape with him. I personally love Japanese legends and yōkai as they almost always have a unique twist or feature to them. Often described as a beautiful man in life and hounded constantly by admirers, he now wears a mask to hide his face. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. okay, I'll check.... yeah, I haven't gotten the patch yet. Continue exploring until 2 A.M. then go to the study and feed the plant (always -1 STAMINA)/burn the envelope (always -1 REASON). It usually takes place in a specific stall in a specific bathroom in the school. The male police officer ran into the bathroom only to be horrified by what he saw. Once the Overgrown Factory is available in the final part of the map, go to it and end the mystery. Suddenly, the male police officer heard a loud scream followed by a bone-shattering thump. Upon getting into the Shiro-san encounter, normal combat actions are replaced with special actions. No comments yet.

If they ask for blue, all the blood is drained from their body.

Like me on Facebook ► The Aka Manto has quite an interesting origin story which starts off from when he was supposedly human. The options given vary in many ways as well.

Do the side quest 'DUMPSTER DIVE' by discarding two items and you will be rewarded with 'SMELLY MEAT'. Play through the mystery as normal and once you get back to Kana's apartment use the 'check the bedroom' button. Aka Manto (True Form) is the true final boss of Chilling Chronicle of Crimson Cape. Ghost (Mostly Presumed) Male ), and the words "Blue Gem" in your inventory will begin to vibrate again. Near the end of the mystery where you are connecting to the computer modem it will asks the question "Do you like it?" On the 3 choice option screen, pick 'YOU CAN'T SAVE EVERYONE'.

Ending 8 - Lost in the OTHERWORLD - Die to AKA MANTO (TRUE FORM) during the CHILLING CHRONICLE OF A CRIMSON CAPE mystery. A guide on how to get all mystery endings. Over time, the meaning of the word “manto” changed to more of a cloak or cape. Unknown You will be forced to go back to the Master Bedroom afterwards where the body will be missing, don't worry, it always happens. This phenomenon is known all over Japan, with countless variations on the same theme. This is common for any non-red/blue colour except for yellow. Giant Bomb users.

Aka Manto is quite a difficult boss due to the nature of his introductory event. Any attempt to outsmart Aka Manto by asking for a different color will result in them being dragged to the underworld by Hanako-San, Aka Manto's helper. While it may have such fun things, there is also a darker side in the form of yōkai and many paranormal legends and creatures. Aka Manto hides in bathroom stalls (usually the last one) and if someone enters the bathroom stall that Aka Manto is hiding in A mysterious voice will ask him or her if they want red toilet paper or blue toilet paper. Now, If they choose the red, Aka Manto would use a knife to slit their throat and decapitate them. Occupation Powers/Skills Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Stuck in this game? Appearance: Aka manto is an urban legend related to toilets—particularly those in elementary schools. You can just play through as fast as possible, choosing only to investigate the mansion to progress the time. Biker Helmet No longer. Type Of Pasta Lose by doom with ITHOTU, THE DEVOURING FLAME as your old god.


Then explore and come back and do whatever optional event it has (E.X.