We use different characters for Alice 3.

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Note: These are tutorials for Alice Version 3. you must purchase it first in our marketplace. Date: June 2017 World Start and Finished It’s designed to teach logical and computational thinking skills, fundamental principles of programming, and to expose your students to object-oriented programming. Ask if it is nighttime: The function getBooleanFromUser gives a choice of true or false. By animating and manipulation the 3D characters in the virtual world, you will learn to use the same programming tools that are typically taught in a beginning programming course.

Truth table for Rock, Paper, Scissors game: Video creates a truth table in Excel.

per page)(.pdf). (4 Description: This is a sample world that contains a fantasy park, wherein a ghost interacts with its environment. Video Tutorial Part 4 Video Tutorial Part 6 Anyone can walk: A procedure for a biped to walk can be used for any biped. (2 Links: Finding a Tip: The Mad Hatter calculates 15% tip. Frank has written an number of guest articles for AES to help other teachers be more effective in the classroom.

Counters: Using a while loop to count using counter=counter+1, 3 Guys take turns counting: Using a while loop to count using counter=counter+1, Calculate Distance to Move Bunny: Distance to move to be next to something, Calculate Distance to Move Skater: Distance to move to be next to something, Writing functions: Create a function to get distance to move next to something, Loop to add numbers: A loop to add numbers uses a running total: total=total + number. Video Tutorial Part 2 Its name is usually all uppercase. Before introducing my students to Alice 3, I watched a number of tutorials offered by the Duke University Computer Science Department: Duke University Alice 3 Tutorials. Alice Version 3 Tutorials Summer 2013-2017. The goal of this lesson is to learn how to change the properties and positionof the objects and camera in the Alice virtual world. Create procedures.

Topical tutorials are written with the goal of giving the reader more experience with a given topic in Alice.

In questa prima esercitazione gni studente deve: a) trovare e caricare sulla piattaforma 2 immagini raffiguranti Alice (che non siano di Tenniel o di produzione Disney). All rights reserved.

A drill on Boolean values: See if you can do these comparisons, The user is offered coffee and tea: See if you can add another choice, The seagull asks how many penguins there are. Handout (1

Scene Parameters: Adding parameters makes the procedure more versatile. Use several advanced techniques.

: We use a function to find height. Alice 3 Learn Alice 3 in FREE step-by-step lessons. Guess the Aliens number: Loops until the user guesses the number: give hints "too high" and "too low".

per page)(.pdf) Date: June 2017 Animals counting: An array of animals take turns to count, Birds spread wings and say something: An array of birds perform, Fish swim to cave with procedure: Each fish swims to cave with procedure. World Finished Date: June 2017

Date: June 2017 Lancaster, PA 17602 Only premium resources you own will be fully viewable by all students in classes you share this lesson with. A game: Rock, Paper, Scissors: Explanation and Pseudocode for the game.

", then says that is his favorite too. Links:

Although characters cannot speak audibly in Alice, they can communicate with text bubbles. average reading time – 10 minutes “Your brain is like a heat seeking missile. on YouTube(5 min) Posing in Scene Editor: Learn to pose subparts in scene editor using handle tools. Handout (1 Ask the users name and say hello: Use the function getStringFromUser to ask the user his name, clic Slides (.ppt) , and Links: How tall is the snow-woman? Intro to Alice 3.0 Mrs. Tutorial Tutorial Optional educational activities can be incorporated based on their relevance to the required steps for the project. per page)(.pdf) and Description: This is a sample world that contains a pattern memorization game.

Video Tutorials: Setting preferences for Java code: Set the preferences to see Java style code, Setting preferences for the code: Set a few preferences, Ways to view the code: Set a few preferences to view code in different ways. Cost of 3 different items: Finds the total of 3 different values: total=total+cost, Monkey jumps for banana: Monkey jumps a bit higher each time by multiplying variable by 1.3. Date: June 2017 This later became the lesson I used to introduce my middle school students to Alice. Note: These are tutorials for Alice Version 3. Once you and your students have mastered Alice 2, you may want to give Alice 3 a shot.

This tutorial is more in depth, with 3 parts each taking about 45 minutes to complete. Code Editor vs.

Name: Alice 3 Functions and Decisions Assessment Getting Started. It has all the features of Alice 2 with an added emphasis on object-oriented concepts. to play sound together with myFirstMethod.

Name: Alice 3 Comparison and Color Change Tutorial witchCauldron, Name: An Introduction to Alice -(Astronaut on moon) 57:19. version 3.

Questa è la piattaforma per la raccolta e la condivisione di materiali riguardanti il progetto dedicato ad Alice e alle metamorfosi del corpo (Inglese, Italiano, Storia dell'arte).

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and Tutorial Slides (.pptx), and Handout (1 per page)(.pdf) and (2 per page)(.pdf) and (4 per page)(.pdf), Name: Alice 3 Ask User Tutorial Handout (1 on YouTube(5 min)

Date: July 2015

Arrays: Ready, Set, Go!

These tutorials are easy to follow and chunked into bit-sized portions.

You may also want to join our teacher list serve as they are a great resource for materials and support we may not even be able to provide or know about. per page)(.pdf) and Links: Alice 3 is very different from Alice 2, so even experienced Alice 2 users Make the dog crazy: Several Parameters: Several parameters are added to call the dog. Once I choose the world and add the characters, I teach students to program the two characters so they look at one another, the snowman’s hat flies off, and they talk.

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Learning outcome goal #3.In order to create interesting programs, you will add things like sound, text, background pictures, and other special effects.You will practice working with larger projects and designing, coding, and testing procedures.You will be using many of these techniques in your final project. Alice is a free block-based programming environment (that means you don’t need to know how to write computer code to use it) that makes it easy to create animations, build interactive narratives or program simple games – all in 3D. Integer Division Drill: Practice integer division.

Name: Alice 3 Scene Change Tutorial Description: This assessment corresponds with tutorial, "Making Objects Move in Unison: Using Lists".

Level: Beginner

Using doTogether: Animals all say hello at the same time. Elementary, middle school, and high school teachers can use Alice to teach visual arts, language arts, science, math, social studies, computer science, and just about any other subject.