They have in the past not cancelled recurring payments that we've stopped online. Only thing keeping me from switching. The reason is that if any single account gets hacked, a hacker can drain all the funds within that account and any account linked to it.

Discover has more access to ATMs since it utilizes both Moneypass and Allpoint but Ally just utilizes Allpoint. balances. do you have a both a checking and savings?

I don't do it often, but I do buy stuff off Craigslist from time to time for $2000+.

Didn't care too much though since I received far more from ally in interest and ATM fee perks. Simply open an account, you’ll be given an account number and routing number. I will say after a little over a year I forgot about the limit of transfers from my MMA, so I got charged $10 for excessive transfers for one month, but I make far more than that in interest a month anyway. I've been with ally for a while.

At the end of the day, any online only bank has to give you enough perks to make it worth not going with a brick and mortar.

You can still call and talk to someone about setting up the account. Couple years ago I finally got around to moving my main checking account to Ally as well, and I've been really happy with it; no nasty surprises, easy to use, free checks (I write maybe one paper check a year, lol), bill pay, ATM fee reimbursement, etc. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It's worth noting that they have struggled with federal bank stress tests in the past. The benefit is that I still have a brick and mortar bank to use. I received both checks and a debit card. They refund all the fees at the end of the month. For my Ally cash deposit needs I just have Credit Union account with no fees that I can throw money into and transfer money over to Ally. Normally I use my credit card for higher cashback and better fraud protection, but when paying my taxes I can actually earn higher rewards because I get charged 1.87% when paying with credit but only charged $2.59 with debit, so with the 1% cashback, I can reap up to $27.41 every time I pay my quarterly taxes. You'd think for tech addicted millenial I wouldn't be so gun shy :P. I went ahead and opened the account and put some money in.

Learn about budgeting, saving, getting out of debt, credit, investing, and retirement planning. Online banks are FDIC insured just like your current bank. hopefully just because its new or something.

There are dozens of other options as well, though Ally is a good and popular option (which I personally use).

Ally Checking: ~Earn interest ~Reimbursement up to $10 for ATM fees, Ally Saving: ~0.05% APY less, Discover Checking: ~More ATMs, Discover Saving: ~0.05% APY more. currently the only reason i haven't left chase is my amazon visa is through them.. and it's really easy to pay that.

The reason they have such a high APY is because its all online...right? But that rep is just going to fill out the same exact web form that you can do on your own, except you get to verbalize the info. I received a free debit mastercard when I opened my account as well as free checks and deposit slips. Downsides: you can't deposit cash. Any other questions feel free to ask. It's convenient to get 10 $10's and 10 $2's at the start of the season to pay these fees. For this reason, I have a chase account as well (I direct deposit my paycheck to chase and then transfer immediately to ally to avoid monthly fees) Also, although their phone app is functional, I've seen crashes and bugs occur (although rare) and it isn't going to win any design contests but that isn't very important I suppose. I only use Ally for my emergency fund but I really like the layout and have not had any issues. A few months ago someone somehow got access to my Ally debit card information, and purchased a few things with it. Free checks (but you can get this at other banks too). Press J to jump to the feed. Discover checking gives you 1% cash back when using the debit card, Ally doesn't.

We have both checking and savings, debit card, etc. I switched from BofA and will never look back!

It's really really nice.

I called Ally as soon as I noticed, and they were very fast and helpful about it. It's also really easy to set up new accounts, I have 2 savings and 1 checking in my Ally account. Press J to jump to the feed.

Learn about budgeting, saving, getting out of debt, credit, investing, and retirement planning. Wasn't really too big a deal. Ally Bank is open 24/7 so you can call or chat any time you have a question.

They e-mail you the day of that the recurring payment is scheduled to be processed and you can't call them to cancel because when they sent the e-mail it's already too late. Yes, it’s that simple. I have a Charles Schwab account, it's kinda similar. You can try that with someone you trust. What really impressed me is that they were willing to credit first and ask questions later, though. It's a normal bank, it just doesn't have branches.

The reason they are able to offer such a high APY is because they have no overhead. They refund ALL of your ATM charges, great customer service on the phone and in chats. Simple enough.

If you have a lot of savings, your money isn't stored in your local branch anyway (try to withdraw more than $10,000 in a day at some point without notice and you'll discover that). You can open an AAII account for 1.45% interest.

It seems like everyone else has covered the major points you asked about, so I'll talk about something else: Identity theft.

Ally checking has a 0.1% interest rate while the Discover checking has zero. I would absolutely not recommend Ally bank. The only downside I’ve found is you can’t deposit cash so I just end up spending it. That’s why you have a credit card. Free checks.

I generally find this works well.

All the bells and whistles. Congratulations to be one of the few! Nothing?

I have never in my life been charged a fee from a bank that I didn't already know about or authorize. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. We called them and it took them weeks to get back to us and they flat out said they don't have a solution and we just need to manually check several days after we deposit each check via the echeck deposit on the app to make sure it went through. Schwab Investor Checking. I seem to recall it taking awhile for my debit card to arrive. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

I have payroll send enough only each month to pay those bills. If I only had a Charles Schwab bank, I couldn't do that. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Very low foreign transaction fee.

I understand I can only withdraw 6 times a month (which is 6 times more than I touch my saving per month anyways) but the only thing that I'm worried about is just the fact that its all online. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. That way if you need the money in a pinch, you can transfer from savings to checking (which is instant), then use your Ally debit card or withdraw from an ATM. I've heard some other banks generally wait a few weeks before doing so. Ally Bank is a part of Ally Financial, and began as a bank holding company in 2008. on another note, while Discover has a 1.4% interest rate, if you open an account here: I had one fee occur over withdrawing too frequently on a savings account because of an overdraft protection issue that I didn't understand fully.

I'll just have to monitor it like I do everything else but it sounds like its very safe! Not that I know of, so far its been the opposite. Deposit checks from home.

I've got them. Join our community, read the PF Wiki, and get on top of your finances!