Looking at some websites in the UK (where it doesn’t have the added cost of import duties) it goes for around £39 (=$60). Next up was Glenfarclas 17,21 and 25. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. (Well it was available before Covid and lockdown anyway) It was launched in 1993.

I have been a Crown Royal/Gibsons drinker for quite a few years but have recently aged up in my spirits’ tastes!! Cask Strength Peated: Batch 2 ($110), the latest release from under-the-radar Speyside producer The BenRiach, is a single malt Scotch whisky that will test the intestinal fortitude of the heartiest hooch drinkers. It’s rich in flavor and high in alcohol, but drinks easily despite its hefty proof. I tried Isle of Jura superstition last night and was delighted! Personally I always felt pretty equivocal about whiskey (my dad was the whiskey lover) until I discovered Caol Isla Cask strength. Hi Jonathan, Oktober 2018 um 09:14 Uhr - Antworten. I don’t have any way of determining the value of such old bottles, so your best bet is either to check with a whisky forum (whiskymag.com’s forum, or whiskywhiskywhisky.com), or to contact an auction house that deals with whisky – Bonhams or Christie’s, for example. BTW if I wanted to pick up definitive book on single malt/whisky drinking and some GK about the various brands, which book would you recommend I buy? Hi!

I want to eventually make my way out to more intense examples of the Sherry, and peated styles but figured based on your reviews these were solid choices. Cheers! Those of us near the Ontario / Quebec border can run across to the SAQ (the Quebec version of the LCBO), but the prices there are not much different (some things are cheaper, and some things are more expensive). Talk about a sherry bomb, the 1974 is that in spades! There are several different ranges to try, from Sherry Oak to Double Cask to Triple Cask Matured. This is my first Lagavulin 16…I paid close to $90 in Georgia. A 12 year-old Glenlivet costs around $25 a bottle, while a 12 year-old Lagavulin costs $99 a bottle! (plus the price is the cheapest in it). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Laphroaig, from the Islay region of Scotland known for its smoky scotch, falls around 45 ppm, which makes this a decidedly peat-forward whisky. The inimitable David Stewart has been at The Balvenie going on 60 years.

Cheers! That said, I’ve never had a Macallan product that I disliked, even the younger 10-year ones. It must be aged at least three years in oak barrels to be called ‘scotch’, and it cannot have any additives other than water and caramel coloring (which has no flavor but is used to ‘adjust’ the color of whisky). At 27, 28, and 30 years old, Laphroaig still brings smoke to the party, but decades of maturation allows a host of other elements to come into play that aren’t immediately evident in some of the younger expressions. For a whisky that is not quite as smoky as those found on Islay but still packs an enjoyable peaty punch, Talisker is the way to go. A blended scotch, however, diffuses the characteristics and flavor of the whisky by combining liquid from various distilleries, and often with grain whisky or neutral grain spirits. Cheers!

Price is (usually) a better indicator of quality. Both distilleries produce NAS products - who are you vaguely referring to here? You can always dilute it with water if the burn is too great. If you drop the peat requirement, you could go with any of the standard Highland malts that are not sherried, like Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, Balvenie (not DoubleWood), Glen Garioch (most of them), Speyburn, Clyenlish, Glenmorangie (Original), Oban (14), BenRiach (some of them), etc. See my pricing guidelines on this post to see how I view price-versus-quality of scotch. The Macallan Double Cask 12 year old—90 points, $65 One of the more intriguing recent releases from this venerable brand—and number 17 in Whisky Advocate’s 2017 Top 20—this Speyside single malt marries 12 … Lagavulin 16 is better. You’ve already tried Glengoyne, but you might take a look at Aberlour – both the 16 (which is big and has a lot of caramel notes) and the abunadh (cask-strength, and big “fruit bomb” sherry notes) are good bets. i realise I have made some spelling mistakes in my post. Diese Cookies & Technologien ermöglichen es uns das Nutzerverhalten der Website kontinuierlich zu analysieren, um Fehler zu erkennen und das Kundenerlebnis kontinuierlich zu verbessern. Now I’m looking for my first bottle to celebrate my university graduation and was wondering what kind of bottle could give me the same sensation for a price range around the one of a Balvenie 12 Years old. Very good smooth andeasy to drink…..very similar taste to a buttery nipple…..but it was scotch……any ideals what thiswould have been? Thank you. This proved to be a smart marketing move that generated a lot of buzz for Craigellachie, which doesn’t have the name recognition of some of its peers. Again, with the prices: Aberlour 10 is $45, Balvenie 12 DW is $69, GlenDronach 12 is $60, Macallan 12 is $90, and Talisker 10 is $75. The “least peated” of these is probably Caol Ila. Save up to 70% off the cover price and get free digital access. After I found your column, I called him and told him not to get it for his first bottle. That isn't the point of this debate. I ike to think I know a good idea when I see one. Pair that with the smallest stills in Speyside (featured on Scottish currency no less), Well Macallan does seem to want to print money above all else, including making decent whisky, exclusive use of Minstrel barley (limited to 26 farms in the UK). Cheers! This distillery, one of just two making whisky on the Isle of Skye, makes a balanced whisky with wisps of campfire smoke, a bit of butterscotch, and a dash of ripe berries. The perfect introduction to cask-strength scotch. Do you believe in ghosts? ( Log Out / 

Keep up the great work sir! I think its a fantastic baptism dram and I am yet to come across a better value for money Malt. Enjoy and cheers!

Caol Ila may be similar, but Caol Ila can be hard to find in some countries (Australia, for instance). On the palate is a cornucopia of bright fruit flavor spiked with ginger and dark chocolate. My local liquor store had it on sale for 87.00.

Also, given the choice between Laphroaig 10 and Talisker 10 for $85, I’d always go with Talisker. RR1 is the private membership club that brings the pages of Robb Report to life. After tasting several (okay, three: Glenlivet 12, Lagavulin 16, Talisker Distiller’s Edition) and talking to a couple scotch aficionados and knowledgeable liquor store employees, I went with Ardbeg Uigeadail for my first bottle. A pretty good bargain at $45. Oban 14 Years Old ($75) is a wee bit oily and quite a bit weighty. I live in Austin and have very pleasantly surprised how many knowledgable people I have encountered. The aromas are plentiful, among them raisin, apple, blackberry jam, brown sugar, and charred oak. The GlenDronach does not add coloring to its whisky. Thank you for this site! Scapa 16 or glenmorangie lasanta…!! He introduced me to the world of single malt Scotch (he had never heard of Chivas Regal, lol). I can’t find anything close to what you list here in Austin, TX. * Talisker (10 years old) – one of my favorites, Talisker is peated, but also has a unique mineral character that truly tastes like the rocky sea-battered island coastline where it’s made. Cheers! Unfortunately, I don’t have the spare time to go back through my archives and update all of the estimated prices on all of these reviews – I wish I did. Obviously, the more you pay, the “smoother” and easier it will be to drink (in general). Despite the sticker shock, I bought it anyway. Like The Macallan, its focus is on sherry cask maturation, but the whisky produced here is entirely different. That’s tricky. I’ve only recently tried this brand of the 10 year vintage, but I love it. p.s. Glenlivet 12 – $39-51 In fact, Balvenie was one of the pioneers of cask finishing. P.S. Hi Rahul. Is the HP12 enough of a peat gateway? The Balvenie is one of the great distilleries of Speyside, Scotland. Here is my ScotchN00b list of the 1st 5 I will be buying. William Grant & Sons has two neighboring distilleries just outside of Dufftown in Speyside: the larger Glenfiddich and the smaller Balvenie. I did have the pleasure of buying and drinking the Mac 12 DC and was quite surprised. Now I have to go home and try it. Diego, The whisky is generally moderately peaty and matured mostly in sherry-seasoned casks, with bourbon barrels used for a few expressions as well. That’s assuming your customs will allow it.

I’ve heard a lot of people prefer the Laphroaig Quarter-Cask to the 10-year, but both have their merits. Hey … Sorry bothering you again … hope you understand my indecisive attitude as a newcomer … Let’s hope this to be the deciding question …. Awesome! Thank you SN, I have placed an order for the same. Up until a few years ago, it was mostly used as a component in Dewar’s blends. My drink of choice so far is The Macallen. This post will focus on single-malt scotch, which I think is the best possible place to get your bearings in the wider world of whisky.

Plus, get the exclusive Robb Report tote bag FREE. In Boston (as anywhere), your best bet for whisky tasting is to find bars with decent selections – Capital Grille and the Boston Harborside Hotel are two places I’ve gotten some nice drams (pricey, of course). The 12 Sherry is a bottle I always have on hand and restock every chance I get. Thank you. Pittyvaich was built in 1974 by Arthur Bell & Sons for the primary purpose of providing malt whisky for blends. On the other hand, it’s a lot of money to spend if you end up not enjoying peat. WOW! I score spirits based on smell, taste, finish, balance, complexity, and value. Not surprisingly, I see we have a lot of the same choices. The first one was a Glenfidish 12 years old. Very enjoyable. Blue is soft and mellow, with sherry, honey and vanilla notes. If it was butterscotch and caramel like, it was probably ex-bourbon or not aggressively cask finished. The Glenmo is a better ‘introduction’ to sherried single-malt, in my opinion. I think it’s pretty clear where my preference lies. Again thank you very much, your site is amazing by the way. But here are 12 standouts that you should get to know better. The GlenDronach certainly stands among the under-recognized, at least here in the U.S. A few years ago, GlenDronach was acquired by Brown-Forman, the beverage giant that also owns Jack Daniel’s, so it’s very likely that this distillery will become more popular in the U.S.. And that’s a good thing.