Ben Simmons Pos. © West Australian Newspapers Limited 2020. That's why he is so Godly. Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James earned the highest rating, with both handed a 97, followed by Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden and Kevin Durant on 96. Is there anything i can do to fix this? He deserves it after all, he’s shooting a career high from 3,,, This is the most arcade shit I've ever seen, Help plz, I hate this game im going back to 2k19 where i have 7 galaxy opals,, so the nba gets suspended and 2k adds this. Never heard of him before. We are the biggest community for anything and everything related to the NBA 2K series. everyone complaining is literally just mad that they can’t pick up 2k and be good enough at it to satisfy themselves. WTF???? NBA 2K20 PLAYER DNA. Suggestions please. Simmons overrated as f. Pg card with backdown punisher???? And no this is complete bull shit....they released lebron at point and hes similar to giannis hes a SF/PF who acts as a point guard for their team alot of the time and no one really cried about that one!! I pulled $215 Dollars worth of packs only to pull a RUBY Ben Simmons out of the Prime Series 2 packs. charities exist hb you buy half the players you want n make the world better., The 95-overall-rated Diamond Ben Simmons ‘Glitched” card released this week in NBA 2K20’s MyTeam, and while it’s a rare, I’m not entirely sure of it’s overall value., Any comments or suggestions? U cant deny that!!

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Because of the unique positional combination, you can play him as your tallest player and he won’t get bullied too badly by opposing bigs. Fuck off. How can there be two versions of the same player in packs? I found that to be the case when I played MTU with this card. The PD Rose is the best at the position because he has the slashing ability, but is also a three-point threat.

I emailed 2k support but I got a generic, "you aren't guaranteed to pack the player you want" reply. I can't wait for glitched point guard Shaq next week., Tickets on sale now for the 2020 PrideFEST Luncheon, with keynote speakers Magda Szubanski and Hon. But even with that kind of money on the table, it’s not enough to convince the ratings gurus at NBA 2K to slide him into the NBA’s 20 best players.... and not even enough for him to jump the player he beat to last year’s rookie of the year award. Defenders sagged off on the perimeter. i just did that and Ben Simmons was there. cmon, Big cap he’s water when u evo him n put a 3pt shoe on him. Has this ever happened to you guys? NBA 2K20 MyTeam Card Description of Ben Simmons. it's not about if he plays PG or not dipshit he's more like a point forward than anything....I'm talking about a 6'10 point guard....ppl were crying about a 6'11 point guard but not a dude who's 1 inch shorter cuz he's actually played "point guard"....giannis plays a point guard type role alot of the time and so does LeBron I don't see much of a difference. No ppl more upset about his height....Giannis doesn't have a point guard title but he has the ball in his hand the most he's pretty much a point guard thts y 2k gave him the card. Image/GIF.

He plays at the Point Guard or Power Forward position in this All-Time team.. Ben Simmons on NBA 2K21 In the video below, I have the Glitched Simmons running with Pink Diamond Derrick Rose and Diamond Moments Antetokounmpo in an epic matchup against Galaxy Opal Serge Ibaka, Diamond Flash Lamar Odom and Diamond Dominique Wilkins. I have over 150k mt, DIE SATAN AHHHHHH This card is an offline monster, but then again, if you’ve been playing this version of 2K extensively, you don’t necessarily need a card of this caliber to win regularly. i was playing tto and simmons pulled up 5 feet behind the line and splashed it. What the Diamond Simmons doesn’t have is an ability to consistently make shots from long range. You see, 2k knows Ben Simmons true form. I have the same issue. And yes people are upset about Ben Simmons' height. so the NBA gets suspended and 2k doesn't know how to act huh? He’s similar to Giannis Antetokounmpo cards in that regard. That’s nothing to sneeze at, but the fact he’s rated behind Utah’s Donovan Mitchell (88), who he had a long-running beef with in his rookie year, has made some fans very angry. Opponents also helped off of Simmons and the more skilled ones were able to get back in time to stop his cuts to the basket. Defensively, he can hold his own as well. As a 6’10” PG, Simmons’ 95 speed, 95 acceleration, 95 vertical, 80 strength, 95 driving dunk, 90 ball handling, and 91 speed with the ball makes him a terror in the open court. report. People who actually get pussy don't brag about it. i recently started a new myplayer when i bought the game yesterday and when i got drafted to the sixers i played the first game and noticed that Ben Simmons was missing from the team and was not playing. Pierce is because im a celtics fan and demar is PD, Quite honestly, the former is the most valuable. I depend on my point guard to keep the floor spaced with his shooting, and I don’t particularly like centers who are used as stretch bigs. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Fuck outta here, what's next Shaq at point guard that can shoot 3's and speed boost like in 2k19 smh. I want to play a basketball sim where I manage a team of cards i've earned or pulled in packs in a true sim environment. The best thing about the Simmons card is that it has the rare ability to be played as a PG or PF. This card is a cheat. Bro come on kemba ur favorite player and he's like 5'11 u must have a small ass dick like kemba....and nobody was even bragging about pussy dumb nig I was just telling this dumb nigga how he slurps niggas cum out his girls pussy after her infidelity. The latest 2K player ratings began to drop online today, with Simmons copping an 87 on a scale that rates players out of 100. He's made the second round of the playoffs 2 times in his 2 year career so far. Well I came in fully prepared to see Ben Simmons with a 3 ball and I still wasn't, when you evo Ben Simmons and he gets a 90 three, He gets HOF range extender when evolved, this is a joke can't wait for glitched PG Tacko Fall next week, the amount of simmons cards are get ridiculous getting on the same level as Giannis now and it is complete cheese why give him an evo i'd be fine with just 77 3's but he can get to 90 and get HOF shooting badges like this year has been the worst 2k myteam i just hope next year they get rid of position locks then cause i hate how it is or make the shit realistic again, My guess is that Galacy Opals are the crazy juiced up unrealistic version of the players and Pink Diamond are the peak performance representation of that player, why he ahs 90 shoting of 3 if he just made 2 3pm in his carrer, Any recommendations Philadelphia 76ers All-Star point guard Ben Simmons is feeling good these days. Also that 3 ball... this mode is such a cash grab, Yep exactly that's why this is my last 2k, I just ran into somebody who used this Ben Simmons he was pulling up from the logo hitting everything, nba jam more realisitc than this shit like wtf is 2k doing token market update's a w but then they drop this shit?