One tactic Wolf has used in the past is to upsell if possible when people have issues with something like the “E” oven. Guy came out and said I have to run hot water before I start the dishwasher, to which I responded then I may as well just wash them. I wish the manufacturers would publish the low end of the BTU rating as they do the top end. perhaps. . To understand your tastes, they need this essential info, Thinking in advance about how you use your space will get your first design consultation off to its best start. @kaseki Thanks for the reliable advice which will save me hours of more research.

Infrared will be faster, but they both have controls to set temperature. You also clean less because infrared burns off the drippings. It was also abbreviated by having to make leap-of-faith extrapolations due to the poor state of component specifications. My wife likes the Wolf all gas (for simplicity and price) but I worry about the relatively low powered sealed burners and the smallish oven. Containment has more to do with the height of the cavity inside that is capable of holding effluent until it can be exhausted.

Now with more options to find the right products for you. Suppose for example that you wanted to upgrade to an 800 CFM rated blower. Often In commercial hoods the baffle area is relatively small -- one row only -- but the large and tall hood has high angle sloping sides leading to the baffle assemblies so that plume reflections are upward. My range is 30". We had a party for 40 a few days ago and BBQ'd, so that was outside low and slow. Allowed oven to preheat for more than one hour after it began thermally cycling at the set temperature (I measured 382 to 407 degree cycle range in the center of the oven cavity). Stan Pendrak is an Appliance Sales Consultant at Yale Appliance in Hanover. Can you tell us what brand(s) you have for your other appliances? It's frustrating when you think about the fact that probably a lot of homeowners across the country without any MUA system are going out and buying the more powerful hoods and installing them in their kitchens oblivious to the code or perhaps in defiance of it. Gas is a moist heat and better for roasting. The light and fan control knobs were incredibly hard to turn on. Front of hood deposited grease is due to insufficient overlap and/or insufficient air velocity at the hood aperture. I've always planned on purchasing a 48" Wolf, all gas, 4 burner, grill and griddle range. Any one have any updates? Leaning towards a Wolf cooktop.

For the extra $50, if you can get it in this same order, and don't mind NOT installing the 3rd (and eating the $50) once you see how it looks, then I'd say go for it because once you install the tile it will be too late. It's the same outcome for infrared vs. regular gas. It is actually 2 separate gas valves for each burner so this allows you a better control especially on the simmer. Cooks so quickly & evenly in the pan- no hot spots. @kaseki So here's a question if you might have time to offer further advice. BlueStar Infrared Broiler at Yale Appliance in Framingham. Like a commercial range, everything associated with the top burners easily comes apart for separate cleaning if necessary. That being said, I love the non-stainless griddle. Did a great job.

The range will also have a distance listed. Hopefully, the bloggers and organizations who write such glowing product reviews for every brand consider servicing these products first. Definitely the direction I want to go in. Then we'll compare them based on features like output, simmering, grilling, broiling, and cooktop accessories. The corners and finish of the Wolf are simply beautiful. I had been thinking of going as large as a 42" hood over my 30" range to increase efficiency, but I am thinking the 36" will be plenty. Results in degrees F are in the photo below: The plain rectangles are front surface temperatures at those locations. Does anyone know where I might be able to find something like the up and down shelves below? If there were no safety risk, no one in the code enforcement business would care about MUA. Where should I see this range in MA? This requirement hasn't been extended to residential hoods. The burners are more powerful in a BlueStar with Wolf having a better simmer and cleanability, so that depends on how you cook (and clean). However, we don’t love every product. We made baked beans and potato salad.

Hopefully, the bloggers and organizations who write such glowing product reviews for every brand consider servicing these products first. This will minimize condensation and impingement collection in the duct.

This one-time adjustment is supposed to be done at installation time but is sometimes skipped, which may be the source of some complaints about simmer not going low enough. Particularly where there doesn't exist a combustion appliance back-draft hazard that your code doesn't seem to take into account with any relief. BlueStar is a bit different because their burners are open on their most popular ranges. That's about all they have in common. No OEM part.

As an update for anyone who stumbles onto this information. I know they are all very different in terms of burners, gas vs. electric oven, etc. I picked a 60" Viking, all-gas range; it's got more BTUs than Wolf, and while I've had Thermadors my last two kitchens, I just like the Vikings better.

The Wolf range was originally developed for the restaurant industry by two brothers, Hyman Wolf and Al Wolf. They get them to pay the difference to buy an M knowing it has the same issues and these fail too.. My choice was between a Capital and Bluestar, and consider the Wolf to be a different product segment. You'll need your serial number with either bluestar or guaranteedparts. OP - I apologize for not being responsive to your question. Their burner gives you much more even heat on the bottom of the pan so this eliminates hot and cold spots. We had even discussed talking to the inspector about this and seeing if we could get up to 600 CFM given our circumstances. BlueStar notably doesn't list sones ratings for its hoods as highlighted at [this thread[(. and had a question.