I know some websites are copying my articles. It is the lead SSBN of upgraded project 955A. .mw-parser-output .flexquote{display:flex;flex-direction:column;background-color:#F9F9F9;border-left:3px solid #c8ccd1;font-size:90%;margin:1em 4em;padding:.4em .8em}.mw-parser-output .flexquote>.flex{display:flex;flex-direction:row}.mw-parser-output .flexquote>.flex>.quote{width:100%}.mw-parser-output .flexquote>.flex>.separator{border-left:1px solid #c8ccd1;border-top:1px solid #c8ccd1;margin:.4em .8em}.mw-parser-output .flexquote>.cite{text-align:right}@media all and (max-width:600px){.mw-parser-output .flexquote>.flex{flex-direction:column}}. The official ceremony raising the Russian Navy colors on the submarine was led by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu. [24], On 2 December 2010 the second Borei-class submarine, Alexander Nevskiy, was moved to a floating dock in Sevmash shipyard. [23] The plan was then postponed to mid-summer 2011 due to ice conditions in the White Sea.

The total length of pipelines is 109 km and the length of cable routes is 600 km.

The pump-jet propulsion offers higher efficiency, low resistance, especially when operating at high speeds. They are equipped with a floating rescue chamber designed to fit in the whole crew. Each SS-N-15 is a 533mm calibre anti-ship missile that has a range of 45km and is capable of being fitted with a 20kt warhead or a type 40 torpedo. Tiene un alcance de 8.000 kilómetros y puede portar entre 6 y 10 cabezas nucleares hipersónicas autónomas, de 100 a 150 kilotones cada una, capaces de modificar la trayectoria de vuelo en el momento del reingreso a la atmósfera.

[33] The acoustic signature of Borei is significantly stealthier than that of the previous generations of Russian SSBNs, but it have been reported that their hydraulic pumps become noisier after a relatively short period of operation, reducing the stealth capabilities of the submarine. The submarine needed to be redesigned to accommodate the new missile, and the design name was changed to Project 955. Thanks to its compact size, the ship can move in shallow water. The Russian Navy has 14 Bars Class project 971 submarines known in the West as the Akula Class nuclear-powered submarines (SSN). Thank you. [citation needed] It was actively deployed in 2014 after a series of exercises. Vladimir Monomakh is the third Borei Class submarine. The submarine is named after Knyaz Vladimir the Great. Se prevé que los 8 submarinos estratégicos planificados para la construcción de este nuevo modelo se incorporen a la Armada rusa hasta 2020, y formarán el eje de las fuerzas estratégicas navales rusas. The ship was commissioned in December 2013, after completing a series of sea trials that started in October 2011. The SSBN will officially join the Navy on the day when St. Andrew’s flag is hoisted on it. Los submarinos Proyecto 955 Borei representan la cuarta generación de submarinos estratégicos de Rusia. These missiles are developed by the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology and were launched on the Project 955 platform. It is intended to eventually replace the ageing Delta III and Typhoon Class submarines and become an important deterrent for the Russian Navy.