The new login portal will allow users to log into both Breathe Rota and Breathe HR with one single password, making things easier for customers with multiple products. You're all set and logged in to Breathe. We’ll have the system back up and running as soon as we can. Whether you're a veteran Breathe(e) or complete newbie, make the most of our HR software and learn to login successfully every time, from anywhere. We've been there too. Our new login portal is being launched for Breathe users on or around 20th September. Cart (o) 0 / $ 0.00. The new feature will improve your experience whilst keeping your data as secure as possible. Create new vacancies and effortlessly assign them to a dedicated recruiter, helping to make the entire process seamless. Get in touch with your IT team as they can rectify this for you, The personal rules in the employee's mailbox filters are not set to filter out unwanted mail. Breathe has a place for every HR policy and employee document. Speak to your IT Team and ask them to check: A no-nonsense guide to a successful Breathe login.

The new login portal will unite our two products and make it easier for customers who use both Breathe HR and Breathe Rota. Head to the HR dashboard tab and click the arrow (or the Aeroplane icon) as per below. Locked out of your account or forgotten your password?

Manage your Employees Profile from Leave and Sickness through to Performance and Training, Understanding working patterns and and leave allowances and how to assign them, Make appraisals happen, manage objectives and recognise achievement, Breathe has a place for every HR policy and employee document, Easily generate reports from our report library to spot company trends. Ready to go now? When this happens we'll send an email to the registered user from "" with instructions on how to get out of this pickle. Reporting. Right Click on this link : Forgotten Password. A no-nonsense guide to a successful Breathe login.

The account admin/ HR users are responsible for sending this out. If you reset your password before this is rolled out around the 20th September, you’ll need to reset your password again when the new login portal is launched. The Holiday Approver will have a few changes to their login. View your Companies Holiday Calendar, set Goals and announce your next big thing! View your Companies Holiday Calendar, set Goals and announce your next big thing!

Pro tip: Always open the password reset link in a private browser window. Don't panic. Enter your registered Breathe email address and click the button. The easiest way to communicate this message to your teams is by using the bulk email tool within your People list. To show you how, we've put together a useful guide, including a copy-and-paste email for you to send out to your teams instructing them to change their passwords. At Breathe, we offer time-saving software that helps SMEs put their people first. Breathe works with people and organisations through counselling and a range of mental health and wellbeing bespoke training and research led solutions. If you've already updated your password for Breathe Rota, you won't need to do it again for Breathe HR. For information on resetting your password as part of our login portal update on 20th September, please see the guide below: New users can access Breathe via a link through the welcome email. Written by Aimee Updated over a week ago What is the new login portal? It's okay. Easily generate reports from our report library to spot company trends. If you're not receiving the password reset or unlock emails then the will most likely be an issue with how your email client receives emails from Breathe. Step 1: Start by closing any open tabs or windows - particularly ones that link to the Breathe system. No, and for security reasons you can't reset a password on an employee's behalf.

Your new password will need to be 8 characters long with at least 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter and 1 number. By resetting your password in a fresh browser with a cleared cache you'll help Google Chrome cache record the right information. If you're using Chrome or Edge, click on the 3 dots in the top right of your browser as shown below: And voila. Here is a sneak peak... Dashboard: Holiday Approvers will now have their own "Tasks" Dashboard where they can see Requests and upcoming leave within the next 7 days. This change only affects partner clients.

If not, simply send them a verification email via, That the firewall / spam filter is not bouncing back the emails to Breathe. Our new login portal is being launched for Breathe users on or around 20th September. By continuing, you accept the privacy policy. 11 articles in this collection Written by Sean. We're now rolling this out for Breathe HR too. Need the link now? Don't worry, it's really simple and we won't let you forget. *******PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE NO INSTANCES OF BREATHE OPEN WHEN PERFORMING THE FOLLOWING STEPS*******. Step 2: Once you're set, head to Breathe and use the forgotten password link. Login / Register; close.

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The new login portal- resetting your password.

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Simply drop us a message using the chat feature at the bottom right of your screen . That email notifications are enabled within your account.

On the go – great, we have portable and mobile chip and pin devices to keep you moving.

Please note- this change does not affect Breathe Partners, who will be able to log in via their Partner hub portal as usual. Once this is live, you'll be able to log in to both Breathe products with one password before navigating to the product you need.

3 articles in this collection Written by Sean. Breathe HR will be down for maintenance on Sunday 20th September to launch this exciting new feature. If you don't reset your password, you won't be able to log in to your Breathe account. 1638 user reviews.. Okay, click here: Request Unlock Instructions.

Try opening the link in a private browser window. Shop Products. Here's some important information. Here's some important information. If you’ve already bookmarked it, not to worry - you’ll be redirected to the new portal once it goes live. Breathe Healthy Adult Masks ; Breathe Healthy Childrens Masks; Breathe Healthy Fleece Masks; N95 and KN95 Respirators; Learn More.

Check your email for the link to reset your password. Any questions? iBreathe 9.6 out of 10 based on 1061 ratings.

You can also assign Pick lists manage Email Notifications, Spread the software love with a 15%-lifetime discount and refer a friend to Breathe to win prizes, Find our more about Breathe's Complementary Partners, Everything you need to know about the Partner Hub if you're a Breathe Partner. This is probably the cache problem raising its ugly head. Great. If you use both Breathe HR and Breathe Rota, you'll only need to change your password once. The welcome email with a request to set a new password will then be sent to the new user so they can successfully login to the account. Login. Head to the login page and click 'Didn't receive unlock instructions' to request another. For security, 3 failed logins will lock your Breathe account for one hour. These are found under, Your email is showing as verified.

This means you’ll need to pass the message onto your teams for them to reset their passwords, too.