Of course, we had our perfect girls’ name all set- Annabelle Joy.

I'll suggest both male and female middle names just in case. You don’t want your other family members to have a negative emotional response when they first hear his name or see him every time. Charles is also more unusual (less popular) than William and Joseph. You could use a masculine form of one of your mother-in-laws names. I would not use William as a middle name unless your DH is 100% OK with it being an honor name, and able to say its an honor name without bitterness or question. Am I making something out of nothing?

If you did go with William I don’t think you have to tell people not to use nicknames, just tell them that you like using the full name.

– Harrison Jaxon.

Are there any male relatives who have passed that you would like to honor in the same fashion as Bennett? You shouldn’t have to convince yourselves its OK to honor these people, its impossible to guarentee a NN won’t get used, and most singificantly to me, there is potential that this hesitance or hx of bad relationships and such could come out at some point and really hurt the child if they find out. Darian:) The only thing that stopped it from being the top contender last time was that it is my cousin’s name and he is in a little trouble lately. Ours may become Will at some point but so far I’ve only heard a couple random people call him Will. My dad approved the name, but later in life it came out they were not close. I think it’s possible to insist him being called William — anyway, I assume nowadays the intuitive nicknames are Will or Liam. Two problems with it for me is that our last name starts with K and ends in -er and so I think it’s a little too close to becoming [name_m]Graham[/name_m] Cracker. [name_m]Roderick[/name_m] / [name_m]Roger[/name_m]

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Earned badges for 5 different things in one day (now you can say it was 6!). And no matter your intention, if you use William, It is an honor name no matter if you call him William rather than Bill/Billy/Willy…the only way to avoid giving your husband’s father the honor of a namesake is not to use it. Thank you for all of your help and moving us in a different direction sooner rather than later! The point is, you can never control the nicknames he will go by throughout his life. and Annabelle one day. He especially does not want him to be “little bill”. [name_m]Graham[/name_m]

Can't find any boys names that either fit the same rules or go with Bennett. We can be friends on Facebook!

Looks like I am back to the drawing board for baby boy number two! You could use a family surname for the middle. I've just never heard it as a first name before. Start by selecting which of these best describes you! But it depends almost completely on your particular families and the extent to which they go with what you ask them to do, and there’s no nice way to say, “We named him William, but please don’t use nicknames because it might accidentally honor his grandfather who doesn’t deserve that honor.”.

His family includes two Jewish World War II survivors, an editor for the … [name_m]Julian[/name_m]

[name_u]Lionel[/name_u]-One of the original knights of the round table and generally cool name. Is that another one to consider?

If/when anyone asks about nicknames (or even uses one without asking), we typically smile and cheerfully say, “We name ’em what we call ’em!” Now that they are a bit older, they can each tell people themselves that they prefer to be called _____ instead of a nickname. I have one son already called George Stephen Bennett - somthing that compliements that name would be good. I have always loved the name because Prince William and I were born on the same day. Suggestions on spreading the no nickname rule According to Rocky Mountain News, Bennet’s grandparents smuggled his mother – then a baby – out of Warsaw using an underground network.

Boyw were pretty much done after Malcolm. Learn how your comment data is processed. [name_u]Everett[/name_u]

“I think this country faces two enormous challenges, among others,” Bennet said on CBS This Morning.

I look forward to hearing your views and the comments from your wise readers! Official Sites

I am fortunate that my cancer was detected early, and because of that, my prognosis is good. I think it’s fine that it isn’t your dad’s first name, and I even like the balance of it: your dad’s MIDDLE name as the FIRST name, and your husband’s dad’s FIRST name as the MIDDLE name.

As for the nicknames, I don’t see a problem if he goes by both Chase and Charlie — lots of kids go by different names in different contexts. Our first sons name is Parker Bennett and we always get compliments on it. I feel like Bennett and William couldn’t be cuter together, and we have found ourselves hooked on the double letters and feel like that might be our childrens’ “name connection”. Please do not take my ignorance offensively. You don’t want to constantly be explaining your reasons why you named him what you did and what the name does and doesn’t mean to you guys. I laughed out loud when I read: “”We named him William, but please don’t use nicknames because it might accidentally honor his grandfather who doesn’t deserve that honor.” In spite of the mom’s attachment to the name William, it sounds like it would be way too much baggage to put on this baby who would grow up hearing about Grandpa Bill’s misdeeds and would no doubt figure out his dad’s mixed feelings about Bill (given name William,) and be aware of the negative feelings of his grandma and aunt toward the grandpa with the same name as his. I wanted Charles or Chase, my husband wanted Charlie. And I actually named a main character in something I wrote [name_m]Graham[/name_m] (because I knew I would probably never use it for a baby name because of our last name), so it would be too strange to also name my son that. But it really is a great name. You say you have amended things with them, and that they are doing their part to be wonderful grandparents. I also really like Mae for a first name for a girl, but I don't want to pick something too popular and I've heard that is increasing in popularity (although I think Bennett … Bennet is not the first person in his family to get into politics. Lucy. All along I have been feeling that it was the baby’s name! There seem to be a few better options here than William or Joseph.

I would be hurt (and so would her step-father) if she chose to name her child after him.

Waylon Alexander. Want us to tackle your baby-naming problem? Bennett and Jeffrey Wrightmen. We both just like the name.

Since you want more kids and plan to use family names, let’s not have this child be the odd man out. Does your new baby already have siblings and you want names that match? [name_m]Edmund[/name_m]-A classic, literary and royal choice. Sibling names for Bennett.

I just would find it hurtful if all grandparents except his mother are included in honor names. I think it’s lovely that you’re trying to honour family, but it does sound like too much baggage with the father issue.

I also like Tanner from the comments although that also have the run-together issue.

I’m afraid I have to agree with everyone else on this one. pic.twitter.com/HGIE3oQcAW, — Michael Bennet (@MichaelBennet) May 2, 2019. Lionel-One of the original knights of the round table and generally cool name. Does Bennett ever get called Ben or Benny? [name_m]Bennett[/name_m] and [name_u]Finn[/name_u]

I think that an earlier poster put it so well in saying that the honor for the grandfathers is that despite the mistakes they made with you and your husband and in their marriages, you’ve welcomed them back into your lives and the life of their grandson. You say you love the name Matthew…could this be the name?! Release Dates Bennett and Grant. [name_u]Dexter[/name_u]

I agree that you should pass on William, and perhaps Joseph and Charles as well. Do Connor, Annabelle and Bennett sound like a good sibling set? 206 Super-cute Names for Pairs of Pets That Go Well Together. Bennett Patrick (after my mom, Patricia, who passed away). The relatives could probably be soothed. I think the time might be now! Your Prince William connection is cool, and I can see why you like the name William because of that. but during the consideration phase, i came across TWO adorable nicknames i don’t believe you mentioned: cal & arlo! Aria and Roman.

I typically choose from questions submitted the previous week. What if you were to name your son George, making a two-generation connection between you and Prince William?

It’s great to honour family members but not if it causes widespread resentment or brings up bad feelings.

– Griffin 1. Suggestions on how to tell them (it will be after the baby is born) Or do we just say the name and they can get over it? And @wtfluxy, I totally agree with you because [name_m]Graham[/name_m] is one of my favorite names! Aaron

Filming & Production As a champion of education, Michael Bennet served as the Denver Superintendent of schools before taking up the reins of Senator. we tend to like vintage, more old-fashioned names. [name_m]Griffin[/name_m] Christian, Reed, Noah, Michael, Matthew, Charles, and Connor. | When I was married I legally changed my middle name to my maiden name to “rightfully” (in my mind) honor my father who I love and respect so much.

But be sure you only send me information that's okay to post on the site---or specify which parts should not be posted. But it is a good option as well, although I think the other three have a similar naming style to Bennett as I feel Matthew is slightly older feeling.