A BTECH label means you are getting a radio with real US based warranty, support, and development! I added a few local freqs and successfully uploaded to the radio. Thanks. We provide an Btech Gmrs-V1 buying guide, and the information is totally objective and authentic.

Connected to it with a known-good FTDI cable and was able to download and save the initial setup, per the CHIRP recommendations. Wonder if that radio is open to CHIRP programming?

* Per FCC GMRS Radio Guidelines; Channels 1-14 are limited to Narrowband Only. Upgrades from our Previous Generation UV-5R: Twice the Output Power (8 watts up from 4 watts output), New Hardened Durable Radio Shell, 30% Larger Battery, V-85 High Gain Antenna (Twice the Antenna Performance), USA Support + In-depth User Guide Included, High / Med / Low Power Settings (8W, 4W, 1W); Frequency Range: 65-108 MHz(Only commercial FM radio reception) VHF: 136-174 MHz(Rx/Tx).

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*** GMRS license required, easy to obtain (SAME DAY). I picked it mostly for the repeater capability in a hand held. “A High Power 50 Watt GMRS Mobile Radio from BTECH is Released. It is also compatible with GMRS repeaters. Not much more about it other than yes it can be hacked back into a proper UV-82 but that would de-validate the FCC certification.. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Thanks.

BTECH radios are designed and supported right here in the USA. BTECH: We are proud to be here in the USA

Only BaoFeng Tech offers warranty claims without shipping anything to China. If you want to simplify operation of the radio: You can synchronize the side-keys and display to use a single channel. Channels are wideband and narrowband compatible. I am not sure about the mac, but on Ubuntu, I got that message when I had the wrong USB port selected on upload/download. Manually setting to Com 6 BTech GMRS-V1 allowed me to load an old .img into the radio, but would not download from the radio.

【FREQUENCY RANGE】Baofeng BF-888s; alm-size and lightweight, easy to carry without occupying too much space;Frequency range is UHF 400-470MHz;16 channels: 50 CTCSS/105 CDCSS.They have been programmed to same frequency when out of the box and just on the same channel can communicate,16 position mechanical rotary switch channel selector. CHIRP doesn't support the current BTech GMRS-V1 models manufactured to the 2017 rules changes. it's a locked firmware UV-82. I have an amateur license, but my wife and family have ZERO desire to get the tech ticket, and I've been looking at GMRS since I discovered an open repeater about 10 miles away that is actually active. This technology we use to assemble our list depends on a variety of factors, including but not limited to the following: We always remember that maintaining Btech Gmrs-V1 information to stay current is a top priority, which is why we are constantly updating our websites. BTECH GMRS-V1. The GMRS-50X1 is also a VHF and UHF scanning receiver capable to add additional channels for receive only (such as NOAA weather and other channels of interest). Now, I can't even download a known good configuration from a radio that works well. No more traffic on this ticket. There was a huge void for users in that, an affordable fully functional GMRS mobile radio has never been available. The GMRS-V1 can work with any GMRS radio - and has every single privacy tone option available (more than any other GMRS radio).

NOAA Weather Alert will sound an alarm indicating that there is a risk of severe weather in your area, INCLUDED IN THE BOX: GXT1000 (x2), rechargeable battery packs (x2), boom mic headsets (x2), belt clips (x2), 120V dual desktop charger, AC adapter, DC adapter, and an owner’s manual. Using a MacBook, OSX 10.7.5, CHIRP daily-20180606.I understand the GMRS V1 driver is in beta. It worked fine the last time I tested it. Added by Paul Pearson about 1 year ago.

With 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, totaling 2,662 combinations, it is easy to find an available channel.

You must insure that BaoFeng Tech is your selected buying option when buying to be able to have the full USA warranty. BaoFeng Tech is the only authorized USA BaoFeng Distributor to honor the Manufacturer Warranty. -You may want to read through the Wiki: perhaps you have an operating system caused issue.CableGuideCableGuide FTDI OEM CablesRTSystemsCablesAndMavericks (if you're running MacOS)If there's no solution to be found in any of them, please read: How To Report Issues and provide a debug log.

If you think that anything we present here regarding Btech Gmrs-V1 is irrelevant, incorrect, misleading, or erroneous, then please let us know promptly! WRCW295.

The MURS-V1 has one built-in receiver but can "watch" two channels (semi duplex).

Romance University | Made with LOVE in the UK. Channel Skip: Easily add or remove a channel from the scanning list - if you have a nuisance channel, just skip it. BTech GMRS V1 Menu Definitions - Miklor  outdoors hunting camping SHTF GMRS radio communications antenna battery electronics scanners digital computer software hardware laptop iPad iPhone eBay music radio . (34.4 kB) Only BaoFeng Tech offers warranty claims without shipping anything to China. Added by Jim Unroe over 1 year ago, [BTech GMRS-V1] Add additional firmware fingerprint. Sounds like you right-clicked the link and chose "Save link as...", which download the download page, not the driver. Sorry Jim, I doubled on you there.

It also saves battery life when no power boost is necessary. (120.4 kB)

The BTech GMRS V1 from BaoFengTech is a 5-Watt (switchable to 2 watt) handheld GMRS radio that is repeater capable. (26.5 kB) Test the attached temporary module (gmrsuv1_USG2411) to see if it takes care of the issue and report back. All CTCSS and DCS tones are supported. The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a North American land-mobile FM UHF radio service designed for short-distance two-way communication. duplicates This concierge service is only available on select BaoFeng models such as the BF-F8HP, UV-82HP, and UV-5X3.

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]: BTECH GMRS-50X1, Speaker Mic, DC Cable, Radio & Mic Brackets, Mounting Hardware, and User Guide. (UV-82 if memory serves) In other words I expect it should work well, although I don't understand why they limited it to 2 watts when the original HT its based on was capable of 5. But the BTECH GMRS-V1 is not one of them, it is a purpose-made GMRS radio.

GMRS channels are setup in the standardized FRS/GMRS flow. Note I have no prior radio experience and looking to learn more about radio transmissions as a hobby. Issue #. Your questions might include the following: We’re convinced that you likely have far more questions than just these regarding Btech Gmrs-V1, and the only real way to satisfy your need for knowledge is to get information from as many reputable online sources as you possibly can. The radio comes with a battery, rubber-ducky antenna, charger, power adaptor for the charger, an earpiece, a belt-clip and a wrist-lanyard. In order for it t be legal all the channels are pretty well locked down.

Want to communicate with other GMRS users with other brand GMRS radios? Potential sources can include buying guides for Btech Gmrs-V1, rating websites, word-of-mouth testimonials, online forums, and product reviews. I plan on using this as my daily carry radio. GMRS Channels 1-7 and 15-22 are hard coded into the transceiver. That wasn't the only mistake.

Bob Edmiston, 05/03/2018 09:49 pm, gmrsuv1_USG2412.py A BTECH label means you are getting a radio with real US based warranty, support, and development! Of course finding a repeater capable radio that isn't pricey led me to the GMRS-V1. BTECH GMRS-V1. You can mix and match tones for repeater usage. I will use this issue instead. The GMRS-V1 is easy and straight forward to use. Press J to jump to the feed. Quad Watch Receiver: The UV-25X2 operates as multiple radios in one, with either 144 MHz or 430 MHz as the "Main" TX/RX band, while simultaneously watching up to 3 other frequencies or channels; and, if you like, you can configure your UV-25X2 for simultaneous VHF-VHF or UHF-UHF operation, too! We’ve done the best we can with our thoughts and recommendations, but it’s still crucial that you do thorough research on your own for Btech Gmrs-V1 that you consider buying.

That starts with the new in-depth manual that guides you through the capabilities and customization of the BF-F8HP. Updated about 1 month ago. You can easily scan and select the tone needed to transmit and filter to hear only the conversations you want to hear! Got my HT today.

22 Channels each with 121 Privacy Codes.

I am unable to upload to my BTECH GMRS-V1 from my Windows 10 computer. When in construction area, you need to communicate with your team member efficiently. If you think you have been blocked in error, contact the owner of this site for assistance. UHF: 400-520 MHz(Rx/Tx); Broad (Wide) / Narrowband (Narrow) Selectable. It's charging and I'm reading the manual. The radio comes with a battery, rubber-ducky antenna, charger, power adaptor for the charger, an earpiece, a belt-clip and a wrist-lanyard. So, it's a recent but not super new model.

I have several Baofengs for HAM use, and the V1 is essentially one of the more popular ones reprogrammed for GMRS usage at 2 watts. I still don't have this working, it's throwing incorrect model error. The GMRS-V1 is also a VHF and UHF scanning receiver capable to add additional channels for receive only (such as NOAA weather and other channels of interest). blocks On top of that the BF-F8HP also includes exclusive concierge customer help and warranty support. This will allows others to know that you have an impending danger.

Want to start from scratch? Not sure if this has anything to do with the issue, but with the original recovery image loaded - Browser|root|firmware_msg is:line1 US32411line2 USG2411. here is the debug file. If you ever have an issue our team will be prompt, knowledgeable, and supportive; to ensure your radio operates exactly as it should.

Posted by 2 months ago. BTECH GMRS-V1 GMRS Two-Way Radio, GMRS Repeater Capable, with Dual Band Scanning Receiver (136-174.99mhz (VHF) 400-520.99mhz (UHF)) BaoFeng Tech is the only authorized BaoFeng & BTECH Distributor to honor the Manufacturer Warranty.