Drizzle butterscoth sundae sauce/butterscotch syrup over the ice cream. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; This one has the right ingredients.

Vanilla ice cream (store bought or homemade) Butterscotch syrup or topping; Cream soda; Ice; How to make butterbeer. Just make sure it’s real vanilla extract and not imitation. I left out the powdered sugar based on some comments, figured I could add at the end if needed. Still, a fun thing to make at a 9yo Potter themed birthday! Okay, then. I grabbed some marshmallow creme at the store and started the new round of tests with it. Since then, many hacks for the beverage have emerged online.

There’s even a real fire-breathing dragon (the fire’s real, not the dragon) on top of one building, taunting the crowd below. As you can see, there are several ways to suspend millions of air bubbles in a liquid. I tried several ways of mixing it and adding other foaming agents and stabilizers into the mix. The first time I used a reduced cream soda, but unfortunately, the texture wasn’t right. Using extracts to flavor this ice cream makes it super easy and quick to make! Okay, that part was easy. Serving Size: 2.

BUT I did watch the Harry Potter movies with my kids. Blend together until smooth. Per the reviews, the dream whip instructions, and knowing the topping would be sitting in my fridge for a bit, I went with 1/2 cups water. Yum! Use a whisk to combine the marshmallow creme with the water, and you’ll begin to see your foam forming. You can read more about that HERE. Didn’t microwave first, just chilled the water and marshmallow fluff for a few hours. on Introduction, finally some butter beer love it I hope it tastes good, 7 years ago

Here’s what I did to make the final recipe: Marshmallow creme is a stable foam, but it’s a little too stable, so we must dilute it. I haven’t had that version, but I’m assuming there’s no dairy in that one as well.

Soon you will see that Muggles can do magic after all. Did you make this project?

If you are a muggle and cannot cast the Glacius spell upon your hack, you can re-create the frozen Butterbeer by partially freezing a couple cans of creme soda in a blender pitcher in your freezer (2-3 hours), then blending it up until slushy. I definitely recommend mixing for a bit longer than the recipe states if you are looking for a stiffer mixture. I’ve had both varieties from the park, and they’re good, but I’m still looking… Maybe I’ll figure it out for myself and if I do, I’ll let you know. 8 years ago amzn_assoc_linkid = "ac7730b4198a9c025d7c1081111fc2fc"; Mini Ukrainian donuts (Pampushky) – Stampede Style, This post is part of The Country Cook Weekend Potluck, Filed Under: Desserts, Frozen Dessert Recipes, No Bake Desserts, Recipes, Seasonal Cooking, Special Diet, Stampede Recipes, Summer Recipes, Vegetarian Tagged With: butterbeer, Calgary Stampede, Harry Potter, homemade ice cream, ice cream, no churn ice cream, soft serve ice cream. The only problem is, if Rowling's reported requirements for the drink are true, then almost all of those copycats recipes got something very wrong. Now, for the tricky part: the foamy topping. If needed, add more ice to create desired consistency. But because of the worldwide pandemic we happen to be in right now, that won’t be happening any time soon… Like all travel and large events such as Stampede, it’s on hold until further notice. Foam turned out thin and too sweet. . Try carrying it in an iSi canister. so, your version may not be accurate as well. Even with the expansion, I still found the foam too light. 1/4 cup of sweetened condensed milk, The original Tudor recipe (AKA Around 15th century mid era England) there are a couple online. So I was in Orlando Harry Potter world last Saturday. I tried using some butterscotch syrup since I couldn’t find it at a local grocer and it just wasn’t the same. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; amzn_assoc_region = "US"; These egg foams are a good start, but they are much too light by themselves. Others, like xanthan gum, can be activated in cold solutions.

But this machine makes a looser foam. How long of a shelf life does this have? It adds cellulose gum and cellulose gel, which are natural thickeners and stabilizers made from the cell walls of plants. If you can’t find the extract flavors in your local grocery store, they can be ordered from Amazon. Spoon 3 to 4 tablespoons of topping onto each drink and serve. In my experience, vanilla flavors are all over the place, and those places don’t correlate at all with real or imitation. I love to create and share easy, quick, shortcut, make-ahead, healthy and Weight Watchers friendly recipes, with some indulgent baking thrown in for good measure. Your pic shows “Spice Islands” brand vanilla extract (which is decidedly harder to find than Watkins or McCormick vanilla). Divide butterscotch mixture between 2 mugs. And it is amazing. The foam was much too thin and watery when I made it. It really went from more of a loose cream to soft peaks with the extra time in the mixer. Can’t wait to try this ice cream recipe.

Be sure to leave about 1/2-inch of room at the top. And it’s lacking an oily quality that makes the topping feel like cream. But actually we preferred the runnier texture that it had after 2 days in the fridge, because it was easier to get both foam & soda in each sip if the foam is less frothy. Then I tried some caramel extract and…bingo! My kids loved it. Thanks again for the recipe! https://joepastry.com/2013/imitation-vanilla/. Thanks, Bernice! Then fill the mugs with cream soda and stir throughly. This is a great recipe. Watkins caramel flavor happened to be on sale at the local Vons, so I stocked up – assuming this would be good . Later, universal began serving steaming hot butterbeer. Reply Thanks Todd. on Introduction. How far in advance did you make the foam? Hard for sure, but not impossible. HARRY POTTER, characters, names and related indicia are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Harry Potter Publishing Rights © JKR. And we do have plans to go to Universal Studios eventually. I seriously admire your dedication to the task. At home I compared it to other popular sodas on the market and found the best match was A&W Cream Soda. And we wanted to make something that would feel mystical and whimsical and magical, but that also resembled a beer, with a beautiful base, amber color, and creamy top. If you don't want to use the microwave, use warm water from your tap. In researching this drink I read a comment from someone who said the foam topping on Butterbeer reminded them of marshmallow creme. But luckily,  you can try making this no churn version of Butterbeer Ice Cream at home! Since an accurate hack of the famous drink can’t rely on dairy protein to make foam, we must turn our attention to another protein for the job.