The flame wars were mostly about all the vulgarity and the Tubgirl link!). Prostitute. There's a theme tune, which is low quality death metal, and a character generator program for PC, which helps shortcut the otherwise days it would take to put your characters together. So, basically, FATAL is the date rape RPG. Harlot. Given the way FATAL has been foaming at the mouth up to this point, I was expecting something even more blatant and stupid. Really. The hit charts have been written by somebody who hasn't got the foggiest idea of how damage actually works. While we're on it, if you can queue up "Optimistic", by Radiohead, you'll have a good idea of how the both of us feel right now. Fear of wind is in there a couple times. 0884 Every time a spell is cast, the caster bleeds from their ass. The small intestine may (70%) spill forth. Throw in the totally ridiculous seriousness FATAL takes for itself ("most historically/mythically accurate game available" my ass), and its half-assed I'm-just-doing-this-to-annoy-you-PLEASE-notice-me racism, and you've got the most concentrated form of Suck any human has ever created without the help of an evil supernatural being. And there's your Anal Circumference roll, in case someone needs to figure out if they can fit their penis or blade or fist (yes, there's a Fist Circumference roll, too) in there. I wonder why those and many other disgusting or deforming results aren't worth an attractiveness penalty. (On the upside, at least everyone of the same race gets the same treatment, SP-wise. If God is good, why is there so much suffering in the world? Anyfuck, I really like how Enunciation determines your "Maximum Speech Rate", but Rhetorical Charisma determines your "Average Speech Rate". They borrow stupid generalizations about women from ancient philosophers because they don't have the stones to say what they want to say about women; namely, that they are good because they have penises and women are just there to be slaves to them. He and one of his buddies also wrote a hilariously obtuse rebuttal that can be found in the wiki, coated with an equal mixture of complete incomprehension of our objections, insufferable arrogance, and narcissism. (It's just too damn bad my team doesn't want him, either.). FATAL's character sheet is ten pages long. Just in case you were in the mood for some more pain, there's a Debauchery chart, so you can roll dice - thank fucking God, 'cause I was worried that I wouldn't be able to suggest that FATAL's authors apparently use Rolemaster as wank material - to find out how far a particular character will go. More problematic is that FATAL is very generous when you change occupations. Sartin: You have to wonder if Hall, exploding syphilis canker that he is, has ever actually played his own game. The original entry was certainly penned by Byron or a crony... "fame followed Byron Hall". The arguments are over. It's still disturbing on all kinds of levels. Labor takes "up to" fourteen hours? (And the consensus is "good riddance".).

Disposition turns to UI. He was identified by the coroner as Maxamillion Kaye, from Las Vegas. '", Image drawn by Dillon Langlands, of the Frostbrand Art Studio. Ugh. Byron Hall, the founder of Fatal Games and author of F.A.T.A.L., adores gaming and writing. And it's neat that even a sodomizing, soul-stealing sorcerer can be considered "Neutral Moral" in this setting. The PCs play “White Warriors”, fighting against the classic 'enemies' of racist groups: blacks, Jews, latrinos (the game uses that term), and basically everyone outside of the “Aryan ideal”--or, would, if the game had decent rules. Derpty derp dee derpity do. How do you DO that! Ugh. Wow, look!

0091 An illusory disembodied 3d10’ long schlong appears, trying to fuck whoever has the most LP in 500’. In the vein of other more classic games like Traveller, deadEarth PCs will often die during character creation.

Steve: Do they cut up the baby's wiener with an axe at one of those? There's also not-English ("what is the tongue twister" instead of "what the tongue twister is"), and, for the final kick in the balls to my leathery psyche, you have to check against your Enunciation stat in order to say it. I want to go into detail about the combat system. Sartin: It's also nice to know that the average communities in FATALworld apparently have no guards, night watchmen, or law enforcement. They force the female's door at night, do not disguise themselves, and either rape the victim in her home and in the presence of terrorized witnesses, or drag the victim through the streets into one of their houses, where they have their pleasure all night long. Except that the number of coins / gems / whatever that can appear goes up when you roll a "higher" row, but the chance of them appearing often goes down. Facial Charisma at 175+ gives you a description of "causes wetness". If you have to drink somebody else's blood in order to live another night, will you do it?

The fantasy game of "violent combat"? The skin of the wearer becomes cursed and dark as night.