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You will receive a text message on the expiry date of your load. border: solid 1px #ca1d3b; font-size: 16px; .reloading-outlets ul li,

No need to go out of the house to load your Cignal Prepaid account and get instant verification upon load transfer. For current Smart retailers selling Smart prepaid load, just text to 3443 to receive updated menu. #support-section table tbody tr td { subsidiary of You can also immediately check your TV if you can already view channels from your Cignal Prepaid Box. } color: #ffffff; Transfer load from your Smart mobile number to your Cignal TV in just 4 easy steps! .textindent {

P1 transaction fee will be charged on top of your chosen pasaload amount.

.spacer { SMART PASALOAD can be used to load any Cignal Prepaid account for ALL types of kits/boxes (SD and HD subscribers).

premier DTH satellite provider. } pay-per-view channels.

PANALO - Experience non-stop awesome viewing using Pasaload with Smart! section#content-table table tr th, section#content-table table tr td { margin-bottom: 35px;

Final charges for each load denomination are as follows: CGL450 - P451; CGL300 - P301; CGL175 - P176 font-size: 16px; float: left;

What is the difference of loading my Cignal Prepaid account using SMART PASALOAD versus loading color: #ca1d3b; As of now, available load packages for pasaload include P450, P300, and P175.

For SMART/SUN subscribers, text CIGNAL SC <12-digit smart card number> to 5353.

Ensure that you have enough load in your SMART Mobile number. margin: 0 auto; font-size: 16px;

ABOUT CIGNAL. text-transform: uppercase;

#redborder { color: #5a5959;

Cignal TV was launched in 2009 and is currently the country's premier DTH satellite provider. What type of Cignal Prepaid kit/box is this applicable to? Your CHANNEL ADD-ON subscription will be charged to your monthly bill.

New Cignal TV NCR Applications call 87367472 to 74 89422311 0908-8744187.

25 days

color: #5a5959; } #loading-instructions ol li, Holdings, the media This can be also used by TNT subscribers (NOT including roaming and international subscribers). It transmits over 265+ channels including free-to-air, SD and HD channels to household and commercial venues nationwide. If the subscriber forgets his Smart Card serial number, kindly advise him/her to gently pull out the Smart Card from his/her set-up box and check the backside of the card.

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HOW DO I PASALOAD? margin-right: -30px; background-image: linear-gradient(to right, #c31217, #991217);

You will receive a confirmation text that your transaction is successful.

text-align: center;

CIGNAL New Channel Listing as of 09/23/2020.

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P700 limit per month. text-align: center;

Please wait 5 to 15 minutes after the successful sending of the PASALOAD request for the channel viewing to take effect. .red-bg { CGL300 It transmits 121 channels including background-color: #efeded; #support-section table tr td { } Cignal TV was launched in 2009 and is currently the country's premier DTH satellite provider. }

CGL175 The channel viewing validity for all available Cignal Prepaid load denominations (175, 300, 450) transferred via SMART PASALOAD is only 25 days.