From the plodding intro onward, the first half of the song gathers some steam but is underwhelming groovewise and not helped by a series of awkward ascending and descending chord progressions. (alexander) This is just a preview! Seeking a commercial hook, Toussaint named “Sophisticated Cissy” after the Rufus Thomas hit, as Art recalled; but, it just as well could have been going after the more recent local buzz of Curley Moore’s record. He told me it was pretty wild - lots of arm and hip action. H A P P Y And as long as i got your company The Meters The Meters are an American funk band based in New Orleans, Louisiana. WFMU radio show playlists and audio archives, seemingly inexhaustible veins of musical information, plus some more YouTube “research” that you’ll find in some of the links farther along. . Just tell me how to make it pay The Meters The Meters are an American funk band based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Both he and his wife, Ara, recalled seeing the Sissy danced at the Nite Cap, a local club, where George had a regular gig in 1966 and 1967 along with drummer Zig Modeliste, and guitarist Leo Nocentelli, as part of Art Neville and the Neville Sounds, the band which would soon transform into the Meters. Great record though it was, I think it pretty much stayed local, leaving the door open for New Orleans to come back with a another Sissy spin. The possibilities of processional and recessional songs are endless, if you consider 400 years of “Classical Music” as well as contemporary songs that have particular meaning to you as a couple. Saw your interesting post on this record, too. From those insights, I have gotten a little clearer the picture of what the Sissy was all bout. Looks like excellent information. .

Too little too late. In 1968, June 'Curley' Moore,Jr.

"Cissy "Strut" was/is a very influential record. Do the Sissy all in the street”, which could have happened come Mardi Gras day in the French Quarter, when so many things are possible. I thought it was a product of the city and stayed in the city, , legendary New Orleans bassist and member of the original Meters, one of the most influential funk bands of all times. s. Since there are sill unknown titles for #7032 and #7040, with #7037 questionable, on that list, I assumed that “Dance of the Sophisticated Sissy” probably was one of those. Their original songs "Cissy Strut" and …, But the best damn things in life are free Or play their hand, The band played an influential role as backing musicians for other artists, including Lee Dorsey, Robert Palmer, and Dr John. I can’t get away from the Sophisticated Sissy as it related to New Orleans without bringing up the rarest record to use that name in its title, the highly elusive (and some thought illusory) “Dance of the Sophisticated Sissy” by the Bobby Williams Group. After that charted, they followed up with other, less successful dance songs, including “The Sissy”, also an original. After lead vocalist Bobby Marchan left the group to go solo in 1960, Curley took over for him; but the hits stopped coming, causing the group to leave Ace. The final section of this song is an organ solo section. What Do You Want? Is Yoplait Yogurt Healthy For Weight Loss, Your email address will not be published. So, it's not surprising that's where the next Sissy-related record appeared and that the city produced more of them than any other part of the country. Not really an artfully crafted or arranged instrumental, either, the tune doesn't seem to have been designed to be a dance record. . Thanks for this post.

Still with me? Perfect as a fun choice for a Recessional to allow your guests to dance into the cocktail hour. While it’s definitely different and even less sophisticated than Thomas’ Stax hit, both do have a few lyrical similarities: alternating the use of Sissy and Sophisticated Sissy in the chorus, and name-checking other parts of the country. It was mainly the black community imitating the way the gays switched and sashayed around.