For further questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact us at: 1-800-356-5221. To have the masks not leak the straps have to be so tight that there are depressions in my scalp.

A hose suspension system can help reduce tangles, which may be the reason you keep pulling your CPAP machine off the nightstand. Solution Two: Introduce The CPAP Mask In Stages. I’m not talking just the inside of my nose, throughout the sinuses in my face. I recently was switched to the ResMed Air Sense 10.

I also have no sleep doctor but I have discovered that I alternate resmed f 30 mask with Amara view full face mask with chin strap .pressure Is very comfy at 8.4 … as I had no help I just really basically started to learn how to Put on the mask and a find the right pressure and I am in and out of sleep sometimes I dream that I’m awake but the fact that I don’t remember and then I’m comfortable I think I’m getting at least 45 hours sleep and it’s getting better last night I made a mistake about taking vitamin D too late which actually keeps you from producing melatonin but I still slept deep sleep. I’m sorry that we couldn’t be of more assistance, we wish you the best! Hi Jeff, sorry about the pain that you’re experiencing. In some cases, which are determined by your doctor, you may benefit from surgery. I am awaken at night from popping sounds. Related Reading: Best CPAP Chinstraps Reviewed. It’s hard to say for certain what is causing the noise. Are you able to reach out to your doctor via phone, or e-mail? I’m sorry to hear that your husband’s sense of smell and taste seems to diminishing. they stated that water reservoir seal was bad. Hey Pat, the Swift FX is the name of a mask. For further questions, or concerns, please reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: If you have a high leak rate (more than 24L/m), this could be the cause for the sudden increase in the amount of water you’re using. I needed to replace the Velcro straps. I must agree with your wife Byron. If not please do so., The doctor says he needs to wear the mask at least 4 hours to get the most benefit which he seldom can do. I’ve turned off my ramp to see if this would help with same results air blowing loudly. I have to forcibly open my mouth against the air pressures. I would encourage you to speak with your doctor about your snoring and fatigue feeling. You definitely want to follow your doctor’s orders, but if you feel uncomfortable with the setting, this is something that I would encourage you to enter into a dialogue with your doctor about. It sounds like you may need to just change the hose. Your doctor may find that you are in need of a BiLEVEL (ST) machine, (a machine that provides a separate pressure for inhalation and exhalation). I recently Had surgery and I was told that I should go back to it. When CPAP-processed air enters a person’s nasal cavity and throat, the air naturally dries, consequently making the temperature drop, thereby cooling the throat and nasal cavity. I Wear My CPAP Every Night, But My AHI is Still High If you’re having trouble with CPAP nasal congestion, there are a few things that you’ll need to do. Please help. I hope you start feeling better, have a wonderful weekend! It sounds like you are experiencing Aerophagia, swallowing too much air. Do you feel like quitting CPAP therapy? Also, with you trying a nasal mask, you may need to use a Chinstrap to help keep your mouth closed during the night. PA love the CPAP. I had it next to my pillow but that was for 1 night, never again. APAP machines are just like CPAP machines, but with one key difference. On occasion the machine gets wonky and starts pushing way too much air at me. Are you using a Heated Humidifier? When you received your new machine, did you change your mask also? Hi Heather, I’m sorry about the difficulties you’re having with your CPAP therapy. Please help!!! The couple of nights were great but every night since then I’ve been getting gas extremely bad, so bad that I can’t sleep through the night because I’m waking up in pain. I now have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and have been given a CPAP machine.

Mask Questions To get around this, you’ll need to look for warning signs that you’re about to fall asleep. Please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, with your machine near you for further questions, or concerns. It sits maybe a foot from my head when I sleep and is so quiet sometimes I have to check that I actually turned it on… basically the CPAP version of an electric car. He says it makes his nose cold and feels like it is shoving the air down his throat. Original supplier would not sell them to me so I bought from Amazon. Please see the link below which will provide more information on side effects of CPAP Therapy. If so try decreasing the heat. I have had these experiences for 4 years! It sounds like you may have a mask/hose leak, which is causing your machine to blow a lot of air to compensate for the leak. Please feel free to reach us with further questions, or concerns at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: 19. 13. Para obtener servicio, es posible que desee comenzar con el proveedor del que recibió su máquina. Please see the link below for a product called Snugglehose, which covers the hose and may reduce rainout. That’s why when you’re sick, an APAP machine can be a big help. Quiet masks make it easier to fall and stay asleep, and several models are marketed as being ultra-quiet. We will be more than happy to assist you over the phone with troubleshooting. 15. Also, if you have lost, or gained significant weight recently, you may need to try a different size, or a different mask altogether. It lets air out and i have it covering my nostrils. Please feel free to reach our customer service department at: 1-800-356-5221, with further questions, or concerns. Second most common is mask fit – does your husband use a full face or a nasal mask? I am having running nose an eyes in the morning and during the day. Could you please advise whether that condition has become permanent? The best way to avoid spilling water in your CPAP machine is by removing the humidifier water chamber and filling over the sink. Thanks. Nuestro departamento de servicio al cliente está disponible de 8 am a 8 p.m. Central. The new one appeared identical but now I wake up about once an hour to the upper strap having slipped up on my head. I have been using my Cpap for about 5 weeks. My machine is on the top bunk of bed in a box on a level surface to minimise noise.

Remember, it takes time for you to become acclimated with your CPAP therapy. Pay careful attention to how you feel during treatment, throughout the night, and the day after to gauge whether you are using the right level of pressure for you. The Bleep is a great alternative to having to deal with headgear, but you are right, it does get costly. I had to stop using the mask as I kept coughing this is when I realised the reservoir was empty. Do your eyes get heavy? We understand that it can be disheartening and trying on your patience knowing that you have to wear a mask and a machine on a long term basis.

53 years old and a bit overweight.

My Nose and Throat are Drying Out from CPAP Do you still hear the leak? I have been using my CPAP for almost 2 years. It’s worth investing the time to find the right CPAP mask which fits you comfortably and correctly. Solution Four: Use The Sleep Onset Detection Function On Your CPAP Device. I have found that this happens with my machine if I overfill the humidifier chamber. What type of mask are you using? Thanks. I just got my chap a week ago and have not slept longer then an hour at a time. You may want to check the bottom of your mask to make sure that the ports are pushed in all the way. Starting pressure was 4 but now 8 and auto ramps to 20. 24. Please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221 or you may e-mail us at:, with further questions, or concerns.