Ed Shilen is a pretty common name to many bench rest and long range shooters and has made a life out of bench shooting and making barrels. I would hunt any thing with that load. The day of the internet has made that much easier, but I want to share my recipe for getting started and enjoying these great guns to their fullest. Is there one thst I would need with this powder or should I just stay with the ones I have now? However, many states won’t allow for you to hunt with a scope, but this will allow you to work up the best load for your gun and take a good portion of the human element out of the process. I shoot 250 grain Powerbelt Aerolite bullets. What is your most accurate load combination?

I have the winchester 209 primers, but after doing some research I see that some say to shoot a fiochhi primer.

Muzzleloaders have come a long way in the last ten years. Magnum capable rifles include all CVA Break-Actions, Bolt Action in-lines (FireBolt, MagBolt, and HunterBolt) and any year 2001+ Eclipse and Stag Horn rifles.

This thing simple won’t fall off of your shoulder. You must log in or register to reply here. Bullets or projectiles leave a ton of room for argument so I’m just going to provide my personal preference and what shoots the best out of my personal gun. TripleGee 12 pointer. You'll have to try different loads and bullets to see what your gun likes. The Bergara barrels are manufactured in Spain where some of the best custom gun manufactures have resided for hundreds of years. You can spend a lot more money on a muzzleloader, but why would you? With 3 pellets and the 250 grain SSTs it actually was only .5" high at 50 with a 100 yard zero instead of 2" high like most charts said. Michael Deming and a 180 inch buck taken with the CVA Accura. Sep 13, 2003 Somerset. Pellets are preformed cylinders of powder which are usually premeasured at 30 and 50 grains. CVA has taken what was already an extremely accurate and well valued gun and made it better.

United States-(AmmoLand.com)- The CVA Accura Thumbhole LR Muzzleloader Rifle with its thumbhole stock is one of a kind. JavaScript is disabled.

I have the winchester 209 primers, but after doing some research I see that some say to shoot a fiochhi …

More accurate than I am.

I use 100gr Blackhorn 209 (with the 209 breech plug) and 300 gr Powerbelt Aerolites. I don't have a 200 yard range and don't have a bdc scope on mine, curious though, what would the drop be from 100-200? The winchester or fio? 250gr CVA Slick load sabots, 100gr Blackhorn209, cci 209m primers, @100 yards. Once you pick up one of these great guns and dial it in, you will see why it is our muzzleloader “Pros Picks”. You can pick this gun up with either a standard stock or thumbhole model. The in-line technology has made these guns as accurate as many center fire rifles. What about the primers? Twenty years ago, I was interested in learning about hunting with a muzzleloader and I had a tough time finding anyone doing this type of hunting and even more trouble finding someone to share their knowledge with me.