Since 2008, I’ve had the opportunity to train and coach over 100 Scrum teams to use the Scrum framework. These inefficiencies result in productivity being less than half when a team member is working on 3 teams or more. Scott can be reached on LinkedIn at or visit the blog

This is a really nice article. My friend calls them information refrigerators, rather than information radiators!

Yammer has the role of group administrator. Succeed with the Scrum Framework: Don't Break These 7 Rules. This article explores the 12 factors that contribute to high performance when using the Scrum Framework and then explores how having a distributed team impacts productivity. As of the COVID-19 this is changing as everyone is now working remotely. Attend one of our Professional Scrum Courses. Get People Who are Full Time Assigned to One Team. Learn how your comment data is processed. Consider asking if this was a real meeting would they attend and indicate that you are attempting to emulate a real meeting. The extra effort that goes into perfecting the requirements documents has a diminishing return when it comes to preventing errors.

One of the key findings of the Aristotle study of 180 teams at Google, was that high performing teams had a psychological safety. They run long (30 minutes plus) because there is so much conversation to be crammed in. It creates bottlenecks and frankly a lack of end to end ownership for the results. Articles like this give some really good pointers on what to watchout for (if you’re use to colo). Questions may go unanswered overnight; progress on work items may be stopped until a decision or answer arrives from the team. I think in your case it helps that you had an existing team with relationships in place that had already met face to face. We only send one email on the 1st of each month and it includes our latest and best blog posts. Through that experience and training, I’ve come to see the following as key factors to creating high performing teams: 1. Want to bust many more dysfunctions and know how to improve your Daily Scrums? Subscribe to our blog by signing up for the newsletter, or by subscribing to the RSS feed. If you don't already have a account, you can sign up in just a few seconds. Cheers! Team co-location has been demonstrated to increase productivity by as much as 100%. Tools may make it easy to see my work, but they don’t make it easy to see our work.

Jira, VersionOne and TFS are all great tools, but they are not magical. Yammer allows people to “follow” other people in the same company to view and reply to messages posted just as is done in public with Twitter but that communication is outside and beyond this process description. Yammer helps this to happen in a really low overhead fashion. My own experience is that teams of 5 or 6 are actually far more productive and cohesive. So many have made that abrupt shift recently and I hope that for most it has been straightforward as it sounds like yours has been. Writing down each day what you hope to accomplish with it visible for all encourages faster learning.

In my 9 years of experience with Scrum I have seen teams using the Daily Scrum in all the possible wrong ways; although often than not few patterns keep emerging again and again. Teams that cross-train and learn from each other reduce or eliminate these bottlenecks. The timing doesn’t work because of the separation so we only do it 2X per week. Most Agile experts contend that an agile team should be between 5 and 9 team members (excluding the Scrum Master and Product Owner). Another Agile Value prioritizes “Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation”. Another common pattern for distributed teams is to have developers and testers separate. Dysfunction 3: The Daily Scrum as a never ending meeting. Dysfunction 2:  Scrum Master leading the Daily Scrum. Every project team member creates one post per day. As a result the Daily Scrum goes on and on for hours without adding much value to the Development Team. Distributed Teams Have Few or No Face to Face Communications.

Hopefully, this will give more ownership to the development team, more technical guidance for the business and will help to fight the “third-party” feeling for both sides. Plus, it is highly inefficient to have a dedicated person whose job it is to digest and spoon feed work to other team members who do the work. Richard Hackman in his book The Wisdom of Teams introduced a model of maturity and performance. This extensive requirements documentation has been proven over the years to be a failed strategy – which is why high-performing teams place a premium on conversations over documents. Scott takes special pleasure and has a passion for helping people work better together. They insist it is the most cost-effective way of getting things done.

Controlling the scope of communication with a yammer group is important because it helps provide the same dynamic as limiting the standup meeting to 15 minutes. Things just keep getting better (smoother/flow) each day. This also helps them plan their work in a much organized way. He has worked at variety of small startups and large established firms including Digital Equipment, Cincom Systems, Together Soft and, MedPlus a Quest Diagnostics company. 12. The stage is set to encourage the personal reflection that promotes growth and learning. You’ll begin scheduling defect review meetings that are not included in the Scrum Framework and that further reduce productivity and suck the life out of the team. There is usually a more clear sense of team spirit and esprit de corps on the team. I am glad to hear that you are having a positive experience with your team transitioning to working remotely.