She’d darned well better be POLITE about reacting to that. Before the pandemic, total employment in the U.S. steel sector fell by 12,000 jobs from 2014-2019, according to business data website Statista. When the sweet and low approach has been sweetly dismissed for too long, a change of tone can get attention from people who might be sympathetic but have not heard from polite protesters because they haven’t been able to break through the background noise of polite people being drowned out by a disinterested media. (for Hyperion), World Fantasy Award, Bram Stoker Award, British Fantasy It’s not my intention to convey the idea that she should moderate her tone to “cater to the jerks”. While the price of steel did initially rise after tariffs were introduced in early 2018, the effect was short lived, in part due to Trump's trade war with China. For example, if we can develop new energy sources (such as nuclear fusion technology), then we can greatly reduce the use of fossil energy and reduce carbon emissions. I think that she did.

Simmons is a World Horror Grandmaster and past winner of the Hugo (for Hyperion), World Fantasy Award, Bram Stoker Award, British Fantasy Award and Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award. Hint: You better love sailing or be otherwise motivated because it isn’t comfortable. The climate change segment starts around 1:03; his bit about Greta starts at 1:09:52. He said he was initially hopeful that Republican nominee Donald Trump could revive manufacturing jobs in his state.

A variety of newsletters you'll love, delivered straight to you. Her entire shift of 80 workers was laid off, in a "devastating" blow that came without warning.

A friend of mine is part of a new podcast and he in particular has some things to say about this. Produced by Ben Jamieson and Joana Draghici. You should consider the look of pointing to one woman as a marker of the loss of civility (per your original remarks) when we’re faced with Occupant, BoJo, and the hot mess that chunks of eastern Europe are devolving into.

I fear it says more about the current climate than anything else that THIS speech has drawn her more attention than her other appearances. Context matters, and there is a large overlap between people who are attacking Thunberg for personal characteristics–she dares to be sixteen years old! It’s an effective speech.

The formation in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico that has minted fortunes and transformed the country into a global petroleum supplier is also ground zero for the worst oil and gas air pollution in the country. I think this sums the situation up perfectly.

I’ve tuned out a lot of things (like Twitter) because full on anger and invective obscures the message. Kevin Harkness: I was a high school teacher and spent a lot of my time and rhetorical skills persuading young people that, despite the insecurities of being a teenager, they had something to say to the world.

Her feelings were absolutely genuine, to be sure, but she made a decision in advance to allow those feelings to show. I’m going to try to make it clearer by a comparison of 16 year olds: In 2013, Malala Yousafzai addressed the UN after she’d been shot in the head for having committed the “sin” of going to school to get an education. Your personal data will only be disclosed or otherwise transmitted to third parties for the purposes of spam filtering or if this is necessary for technical maintenance of the website.

There is nothing thoughtful or considered about that.

I said her UNcontrolled anger was obscuring her message.

In Asia, the Chinese market is continuing its robust recovery and Wood Mackenzie now expects 39 GWdc of installations by the end of 2020. The Trump administration is burying dozens of studies detailing the promise of renewable energy, impeding a transition away from fossil fuels: Dan Simmons of the U.S. Department of Energy doesn’t appear to fully support renewables. She wasn’t the only one shot. Comments are welcome while open. I’m just pointing out that yelling at people and attacking them is a method of getting their attention which might not be likely to accomplish much other than cause them to TUNE YOU OUT. I did NOT say she wasn’t “allowed to be angry”. @Robert Reynolds Witness Dan Simmons, whose main complaint seems to be that she’s not a trained scientist.

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When Republican nominee Donald Trump visited the Granite City steel plant in 2018 and promised to bring manufacturing jobs back to Illinois, worker Dan Simmons felt optimistic. Not a good look from anyone. This content is protected by copyright and may not be reused. In fact, he has presided over his agency’s systematic squelching of dozens of government studies detailing its promise. How horrible it must be for you people to have to deal with a conservative in your midst.

It’s way too late for “new technology”. It infuriates me when people insist that teenagers (or for that matter, well-known actors) aren’t entitled to speak up and voice their opinions, as if they are by default more ignorant and not worth listening to than the average person.

I’m afraid that calm considered discourse is headed the way of the dodo. Dan Simmons’s criticism is impolite, but he has freedom of expression, which does not mean he is a bad person or denies climate change. Build an off-grid solar /battery low voltage system and power part of your home and build a reliable emergancy back up system when things so south from weather or fire events. (It’s reached the point where telling a woman to smile is considered a not-so-micro aggression.)

He didn’t go beyond his free speech rights–but everyone else has free speech rights, too. The Trump administration is burying dozens of studies detailing the promise of renewable energy, impeding a transition away from fossil fuels: Dan Simmons of the U.S. Department of Energy doesn’t appear to fully support renewables. Robert Reynolds: Regarding Thunberg speaking, you might be right about a more measured tone being more effective. At all.

A rant about kids needing to shut up and be respectful of adults who are wrecking the world they’ll be living in is not a “thoughtful, considered response.”.

Daniel Simmons and Alex Fitzsimmons: Career Koch Cadets Leading Trump’s Renewable Energy Office Before being tapped by the Trump team to run lead on renewable energy policy, Simmons had a long career promoting fossil fuels, bashing renewables, and even calling for the elimination of the very office he was tapped to run.

"They think that it means their taxes is gonna go up, well [not] if you're not making over $250,000 a year," she said.

But what -you- are saying is, not just that she’s objectively more effective in a different tone, but carries an implication that she should do so because it will cater to the jerks.

We continue our U.S. election series Road to November with a stop in Illinois, where U.S. President Donald Trump promised to bring jobs back and put the United States first. Thank you for that perspective.

You may revoke this consent at any time with effect for the future, in which case your personal data will be deleted immediately. In the name of WHAT do all these people criticize Simmons? Simmons may not be a climate change denier, but it would be in keeping with his other expressed political views. Your email address will not be published. To encourage thoughtful and respectful conversations, first and last names will appear with each submission to CBC/Radio-Canada's online communities (except in children and youth-oriented communities). I usually don’t think that way. The new system would tax based on earnings, from 4.9 per cent on earnings under $100,000 US, to 7.99 per cent on single earners netting above $750,000 US.

Dan Simmons Criticized for Remarks About Thunberg, Best Series, Editor, and Artist Hugos: Eligible Works from 2020, Kyra’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Brackets, The Compleat Litter of Puppy Roundup Titles, I’m From Texas: Guns, Greta, Guyger, and Chicken Noodle Soup, Top 10 Posts for September 2019 | File 770, The Corruption in the United States | Matthew Warner. You completely missed @jayn’s point: women are commonly expected to be pleasant no matter what the circumstances while men are allowed to storm. Reading this dismissive, snarky shutdown pisses me off no end.

Do they know better than others what liberties should be? Politeness or a lack of a politeness does not mean a message is not valid and it doesn’t mean that the people speaking are brats.

It does not require human beings to stop development. No one online can grab me by my shirt to “educate” me because I look like a safe target. "[Trump] has not created the jobs that he promised.".

Very sad to see Dan Simmons comments on Greta Thunberg on Facebook. When tariffs on steel pushed up manufacturing costs, McDonald said his company had to pass those hikes on to customers. Disgusting Over Privileged people who obviously are not used to hearing Diverse Opinions. Many of the jobs added in recent years have been in pharmaceutical or computer manufacturing, centred in areas like Silicon Valley, fuelling concerns that assembly line jobs in the Rust Belt are never coming back.