It now reads correctly. One possible cause and fix everyone suggests is a powered hub, since the throttle body especially has a lot of LEDs and is drawing quite a bit of current for a mobo USB, and to try variably either USB3 or USB2 jacks after the powered hub. Any and all suggestions are welcome, as well as insight into the flight profile I've built here, Have you checked other games to make sure your hardware works? So far, after reassembling carefully I've not experienced any random command throws, and I've intentionally done what used to be causing it, mainly rapid actuations of the axis over a large part of the range, even to the point of pressing it hard or 'banging' it against the stops. ... ) anyhow, you don't have to use software if you don't have to. The problem with using the Saitek/Logitech software based profiles for aircraft in DCS really comes down to efficiency for me. Such sites include Kinguin, CDExpress and G2A. Tested over several months of Elite Dangerous with no ghost input.

Pots are simple devices and abundant, so a replacement part is out there somewhere. Oops. The 2nd red arrow is to the region where the wiring from the panel base switches alongside the throttle wires up into the main board, and is very near. I can't make one cause i don't know what everything does but i think that if i get the profiles that i should be able to figure out what does what. Welcome to flight simulation! (And rather a bit of combat bonds.) If you set up your controls after plugging in the throttle first and then plug in the stick first next time, Windows might kinda "swap" things and DCS will mix stuff up. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I primarily need it for the A-10, But any plane will be good since i plan on expanding my range of aircraft. I have both the throttle and stick plugged in when I did this.

I also noticed it was using Rotary 3 and 4 has the left/right engine throttles, respectively. You'll find we foster a laid back atmosphere to learn how to work the various modules available in DCS. Have you tried changing the softwares preset from J to s and back again?

), So, open this image in another tab: It was already pretty separated from other wires so I left it alone, not sure if a suppressor would help here too though. Actually I dug up my Amazon order, it was the smaller ones of this set (5mm opening): Size-wise they were pretty small, they don't have to go around more than 4-6 24gauge wires at a time if I remember right. If the controls work in there then it would seem to be a game problem. I may remain wrong but mine still seems to be behaving. I try with delay but I didn't know I need check macro box! I also cracked the handle and looked and at least one of the bundles was left as a flat ribbon, so I carefully separated those wires, disconnected the connector, twisted it a few times (ever hear of reduced EMI from twisted pairs?) When I cracked open my case (15 screws in the bottom with 6 boxing the throttle handle attach to base region, they're not kidding around at least) I found to my surprise no visible indications of breaks or even kinking. However, the X56 is more problematic and mixing USB controllers, or powered USB hubs doesn't work :(, I have experienced these random signals rarely in E:D with my X-55 throttle from the beginning, over two years.

I also can't use the X56 modifier switch (lower left of throttle) because it is not recognized in DCS. Its really that easy. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Just go into the HUD software and assign the mouse wheel to the silver wheel. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), But when I ran the installer for the HOTAS software this popped up. After I went through the rest of its setup, I opened the X56 software and the joystick axes are recognized, but all the throttle axes (Throttle 1, Throttle 2, Rotery 1-4) don't register. 100% Upvoted. You can check on Windows Game controller panel to check correspondant axes. on throttle Rotary 2 axis for zoom (this is the lower thumb rotary).

Does anyone have a DCS profile for the X56 rhino?