Their blonde hair grows longer reaching their shoulders and becomes wavy. Sirene believing that she can free Amon seduces Akira and as the pair have sex Sirene's frustration at Amon still not emerging cause the pair to begin fighting in both of their respective demon forms. One day Akira and Ryo found an injured and abandoned kitten in a box slowly dying. Ryo’s tears and sadness symbolize the good side of evil, leading one to believe that not all that appears bad is indeed so. Due to his sensitive nature, as a child he was nicknamed the \"Fire Alarm of Higashi Elementary\" for how much he cried. The good natured soul of a human brought mankind's mortal enemy to tears. Species

This is why Ryo subconsciously wishes Akira becomes Devilman. My interpretation is that the essence of Satan loved the kind soul within Akira. Upon arriving on the island he finds the spot where he buried Fikara is empty. After all, the representation of humanity's worth (Akira) hated Satan's guts towards the conclusion. I felt the implication lay mostly in his words when he said "there is no love, therefore there is no sorrow, thats what i thought.." in my opinion I think this is pretty much an outright confession that he now admits love exists but it was already too late. Although I did get a strong sense of bromance, I never realized they were in love?

Wearing no clothes, their body is covered in a veil of light. Whilst contemplating the stars and previous events together, Satan realizes Akira has died. The plot thickens when the person Ryo is on call with replies with information that seems to disapprove the trip he and Fikara took together, Ryo then rememberers Fikara's last words "I thought I came to check up on you", implying that in addition to investigating the nature of demons, he was also trying to find more background information on Ryo when they were on the island (as it was the very island Ryo was born on, when he reincarnated into his human body). This horrifies Akira before Ryo then points his gun at Miki in case she retained any memory out what happened while she was under possession.

Ever since their incarnation as a male human child, he displayed abilities such as making plants grow, killing animals with thought, causing water to materialize, create force fields, and powerful telekinetic force. Later as Ryo looks over a government plan to take on the demons Ryo believes they are walking into some kind of trap. The tribe would go as far as performing sacrifices for Satan. Ayumu Murase (Japanese)Kyle McCarley (English) However Akira's demonic urges overwhelm him and lure him to Sirene, Amon's former lover. ryo was a fallen god too . Ryo in excitement films this wanting to document the possibility of a new Devilman, but this hope is short lived as Jinmen is able to gain control of his razor tipped tail and decapitates the upper portion of Reijero's head allowing him to gain full control (albeit missing half of a head). Press J to jump to the feed. 3- Akira is the exact opposite of him, he is the yang to his Ying, so they were instantly drown to each other. SATAN fell in love with Akira.

When Ryo realizes Akira changed his mind, he's still dead set on exposing Koda, interviews Koda and encourages him to drink one of his sponsor's energy drinks which Ryo had already laced with his chemical concoction. Angel Before Akira can reassure that Koda is not alone in being a devilman, Ryo hacks the stadium telivision screen, playing footage and music from the Sabbath party he and Akira attended causing Koda to violently transform into his demonic form and uncontrollably begin slaughtering others on the track.