Christian Dior- famous and successful French fashion designer. This would be great name for a fast dog. To cut down on the stress, follow these tips and choose a name that suits your canine companion – loyalty and faithfulness are great starting points. Sumo:  Sumo is the official sport of Japan. They like to play and clearly, enjoy every minute of life. This gorgeous name means “eternal” in Sanskrit,  something that I know we all wish our dogs could be! Harmony is from Latin origin meaning- concord, unity, musically in tune. It is round bread with a pocket used to make sandwiches.

This is also a shaded blue color. Are you the type of person that stays away from the generic stuff? 6. Blitz:  A Blitz is a sudden and concentrated attack. that comfort us, such as Dumpling or Cocoa, and dozens that actually mean They are fervently hoping for the appearance of their owner. encouragement to the patients walking the halls for physical therapy, and with Emotional support animals (ESA) may be prescribed for those with certified mental or emotional disabilities. Robot, since its debut in 2015. Complete List of Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds, – Arabic meaning “faithful,” made popular by, – name of Odysseus’ faithful dog in Homer’s “Odyssey”, – a Greek character known for being a loyal friend to Pythias, – After the famous dog known for his loyalty to his owner, – Irish name meaning “steadfast, constant”, – “complete trust or confidence” in someone, – “faithfulness to a person, belief or cause”, – Diminutive of “Waffiyah”, which means “faithful, loyal”, – German name meaning “she who remains faithful”, – Russian name meaning “loyal; steadfast”, – The faithful wife of Odysseus in Homer’s “Odyssey”, – Tibetan name meaning “faithful, steadfast”, – Japanese name meaning “child of faithfulness”, – Vietnamese name meaning “friendship and loyalty”, You might want to check these 40 Beautiful. It’s probably one of the most popular spiritual dog names, and while we have it here under female names, it’s fitting for a male as well.

Not only are they cool sounding, their meanings are awesome.

Bond: A force or feeling that unites people; 007 secret agent. Each canine service specialization requires the companion to learn a series of specific responses to our requirements with indefatigable dependability.

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He was the hunter is a constellation. Heavyweight wrestlers try to force each other to the ground or outside the ring. Hoss:  Hoss is southern slang for person who is big and strong.

This name can mean either. Prudence: Wisdom, common sense and good judgement; name your girl Prudence, and you can call her Pru. FYI, you can also spell it with a “C” but I kind of love it with a “K.”. Brooklyn: Brooklyn is a New York City borough. This can also mean, “Tough” or “Abrasive.”. names have shown up here and there in popular culture as well. Fletch:  Fletch has the meaning of, “Arrow maker.”. She hails from a small town in Ontario Canada with her three rescue felines and a Hubby of 16 years. He was a famous modern painter. Epic: Heroic or grand in scale or character.

Utah:  Utah is one of the 50 states in America. Constance: Latin, meaning constant, persistent and sustained. your dog is one that both you and your household can easily pronounce and one Nishka:  This Hindu name sounds like it belongs to a Husky. The Green Arrow, a DC hero uses a bow and arrow. That power is known as Maya. Like Angel, Faith is a popular name for song titles, with both George Michael and Celine Dion penning tunes about faith.

Just look at a dog's face when someone walks into a room who is not the canine's owner.

It is also the name of  an alien bounty hunter in comic books.

Below is a list of some of the best unique female dog names and meanings that we think you will love for your new girl dog. Dee:  Dee is for “D” the letter. Hope knows over 70 commands, including “jump on” and Zara:  “To blossom,” is the meaning of the name Zara. It can also mean to attack with nukes. The baby names here either mean hope in various cultures or symbolize hope. Avalon: Avalon means, “Island of Apple,” in Celtic. Another emotion that dogs appear to also feel is that of hope. Mrs. Names that mean bravery are seen quite often in popular culture in many different areas.

Finn has the meaning of, “Fair” or “White.”  means white or fair. Those suffering from depression also experience benefits from the empathy provided by their emotional support companions. Phoenix:  Phoenix is a major city in Arizona. they must be fully screened for any health or temperament Sprocket:  This is the round piece of metal that moves the chain on a bike.

Buffy:  Buffy is the main character in, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Drawing upon these sources of inspiration, dog owners can find some perfect names for their new addition.

It is also the French word for “Sand.”. It can also be short for a gun magazine. If you’re looking for beautiful spiritual dog names for both make and female pups, you’ll love our top 20 favorites! Also, when you hit something hard is called to bash.

Sativa: This is a kind of pot plant. Undoubtedly, dogs have emotions just like humans. Take a good look at our list of cute and unique dog names and meanings for both male and female dogs and choose a perfect name for your little puppy.

Orion:  Orion is from Greek mythology and the stars. A fire might also be accidental. In fact, according to, Music Groups- Fifth Harmony- pop, all-girl group, who finished in 3. L’élu:  This is a French word that means, “The chosen one.”. Sandie lee has been writing for 20 plus years. white puppy with the name of Millicent, and the First Dog during George W Bush’s Choosing a name for our pets can be a challenging but rewarding chore, Chill with the Gerberian Shepsky, The German Shepherd Husky Mix. She was a Rear Admiral in the US Navy. Remember, you will be calling for your dog in public settings, as well as. The presence of dogs not only lowers our blood pressure and stress levels, but their devotion also alleviates the effects of both physical and emotional pain. This is a one man rocket launcher. Under Mark’s tutilage Remember, you will be calling for your dog in public settings, as well as training classes, so choose a name that isn’t disparaging, and you can be proud to say aloud. emotional support, and unconditional love to the children who interact with her;

Poppy:  This is a flower and a seed. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of faiths out there, so if yours isn’t represented it is not on purpose.

Need a little more help with that new puppy? Not the building joint. This is a good choice from the list of literary dog names. It is a name that you won’t find on any top 10 list or the most popular lists. It would be a cool name for a white dog. Lufu: Old English, meaning love, affection and friendliness. can reflect on the concept of comfort; some that remind us of objects of He was over the top crazy. What’s the name of your dog? Service dogs may be trained to perform in over a dozen specializations to assist those of us with special needs, from guide dog service to seizure, diabetic and allergy alert dogs. It is also a nature name. She looked like the happiest dog. Churchill was the name of the of the cat in his book, Pet Cemetery. This name is also linked with guns.

Names for Dogs That Mean "Comfort" Emotional support animals (ESA) may be prescribed for those with certified mental or emotional disabilities. Pixabay/Free-Photos. Serenity is from Latin origin meaning- peaceful.

Plus, check out our tips for naming your dog!

Sparky:  Sparky is the name of the fireman’s mascot. The name is actually quite common among the famous, with everyone from pop singers to YouTube stars named Trinity. Margret means “pearl,” in Latin. Sandor:  This Game of Thrones name comes from the Hound, Sandor Clegane. Tama:  The word, “Hope” in Maltese is Tama.

Sure pooches don’t wear glasses, but it has a unique feel to it. Yeats. Nova:  When a star has excess gas it shines bright. Dee as a name, has the meaning of, “Dark.”, Delta: Delta Force is a military unit.

Von Kipper Furry Pants may be humorous, but it’s also a mouthful and one your pet most likely won’t respond to. “Lioness of God,” is the Hebrew meaning.

Moreover, if you want to give a name that would reflect your dog’s faithfulness, there are several options to choose from.

So nice things done today, will benefit you in the future.

'But no. Some folks like to name their children after a family member; however, when it comes to your pet, giving him the same name as your child or hubby will only lead to confusion (on both their parts). It can also be a shout out to the cross breed. Kai means, “sea,” in Hawaiian. Sparky also has the meaning of, “Lively and high-energy.”. Dogs experience happiness, sadness, grief, and anger. Which can be an initial for any name you want. When she's not writing or playing with her fur babies she loves to hike and watch NetFlix. We also include names with meanings related to hope: newness, rebirth, light, sun, butterflies, daisies, spring, and the color green. This would be another option for a pup with sky blue eyes. There are many names that

Doc:  This name comes from Doc Holiday. His name was Aldous Leonard Huxley. The words in the song are called the lyrics. Yeah, she's going home,' wrote shelter worker Desi Lara on Facebook. Echo:  An echo is when a sound wave bounces back at you. ZuZu was left abandoned at the shelter. Astrid:  “Godly strength.” is the meaning of Astrid in the Norse language.

Joli:  This name means, “Pretty” in French. Nitro:  Nitro is the main ingredient in TNT. Ruby:  The Latin word for red is, “Ruber.”   A Ruby is also a gemstone that is red.

… If you make a purchase through these links, we earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. Dutch:  Dutch was President Reagan’s nickname. Grace.

The smallest dog listed in

Here are some great female and male spiritual dog names! These dogs can be identified with harnesses emblazoned with the Service Dog Patch, which grants admission to all public places. This parade is named, The Mystic Krewe of Barkus.