There will be a cut scene. Go slowly ahead and first destroy the equipment. Once you've bought a facility, Lester will call you to set up the heist. So if you have at least one friend with you, then this mission becomes a lot more quick and easy. Just follow the target green arrow.

Once you get the ATV, you are going to be swarmed by enemies from all angles. Just time your shots with your friend and decide which one they will take and which one you are going to take down. Your Chernobog will be able to handle quite a lot of damage but ULP's helicopter won't. After landing, head down using the ladders. Eventually, you will be asked to take cover and wait for the head of the security to come out.

Since you will be inside your Armored Kumara, they won't be able to shoot at you. 3.

Once you damage it, you have to follow the jet’s crash location and then recover a module from the cockpit.

Act 1 is called 'The Data Breaches', Act 2 'The Bogdan Problem' and Act 3 is called 'The Doomsday Scenario'. In order to avoid it, simply take a left and drive off road. The house location varies every time, however the guards and the approach are always the same. You can head towards the sewer tunnel area, but not inside. Move the cannon slowly towards the target and destroy it. Your team can assist you in the path to deliver the vehicle to the landing site.

The Heist Crew can complete these preps and setups in any order. For this mission make sure you have a full stock of snacks and armour. There are two prep missions for the first setup mission - one of them is called 'Marked Cash'. The setup cost for Act 3 is a hefty $120,000. Now you will be the last area where you need to clear some more enemies, and of course two more Juggernauts will spawn.

Objective: Intercept an arms dealer’s air convoy and take down a heavy-lift chopper to recover the Barrage ATV.

On your way back, avoid the vision of cones of the cops and you will eventually lose them.

Once the call goes through you will have the option to call the fire department, the police or the paramedic.

Kill them and go to the top floor.

Once you're inside, you will need to sneak to the four servers and hack them. In this setup mission there are two teams.

Ultimately, GTA San Andreas is my favorite! Objective: Destroy a supply of the enemy’s weapons at a scrap yard in the Grand Senora Desert and steal the Khanjali.

I've been playing games ever since I was a kid.

Unlocked by This is our guide to Act 3: The Doomsday Scenario of the Doomsday Heist for GTA Online. 1st Prep a.)

F: (212) 482-6569 Once you are done head to the Lab exit. Stay inside the car and take out the whole security team. Finished Act III finale as an associate with just the host (200's) a lower level (40's) and myself just over 100. As you're going downstairs, some more enemies will spawn on the stairs, take them out and keep moving.

In this setup mission you and your team mate need to go to Sandy Shores Airfield and pilot the Volatol over Mount Chilliad, in order to destroy the SAM turrets.

• ­$1,200,000 (Normal)• ­$1,500,000 (Hard)VIP/CEO only• ­$100,000 (if the crew picks the Barrage)• ­$50,000 (if the crew picks the TM-02 Khanjali)Reduced price for• ­Thruster• ­Lester Service "Remove Wanted Level" (FREE)Achievements and Awards• ­Act III Award• ­The Doomsday Scenario Achievement/Trophy• ­A World Worth Saving Achievement/Trophy (Heist leader only)• ­All In Order II Award (optional)• ­Loyalty II, III, IV, Awards (optional)• ­Criminal Mastermind II, III, IV Awards (optional) In a sector where the margin is, at best, three percent or four percent, trade tariffs of that magnitude would wipe out the industry.

Objective: Retrieve the test site location of the Khanjali tank from the house of one Avon’s employees.

After that the detail should be less heavy (use rpg or grenade launcher and then push in). Not bad at all honesty, worst one was the paramedic setup.

As soon as you see an open window and feel like there are less cops outside, rush to the ladders leading back up to the roof and hop in the Akula.

You will be attacked by some enemy choppers but you can hack and ask your friend to take care of the choppers or vice versa.

Once he is in the vehicle drive it to the next location. Type

Keep driving with ULP and stay close to him. Aim at their heads and shoot.

We also have guides for Act 1: The Data Breaches and Act 2: The Bogdan Problem. There will be many guards in the area, so you have to keep patience here. In this prep mission you need to go to a certain location and identify a target.

Before heading to the shipyard, ask your friend to sit with you in your Armored Kumara. Once you are out of the vehicle you have to deal with the Juggernauts. During the hacking process, you will be detected and need to head back downstairs and out the same way you came in from. Since you're inside of a tank nothing will cause you harm. You will be given a sniper rifle with explosive ammunitio so two shots to the guarding helicopters would take them down.

You can easily escape the cops by either calling Lester or by flying away back to the Facility with the money.

An important tip here is that you should use either a Buzzard or an Oppressor Mark II to take out the guards faster. Note: Please remember to follow our image policy in naming and licensing before adding images. One team is a paramedics team while the other one is a pilot. Once you're down below, turn to your left and you will see one security guard and a camera. Lester then thanks the team as well before parting ways, with the crew members also celebrating. Northern Ireland’s dairy industry is facing a “doomsday scenario” if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

When you see a good opening and no enemies around, leave the car and switch to your RPG. Take the intel to the facility and the mission is over. The hacking procedure is really simple. You need to have an Armored Kumara for this mission to safely execute the first half of it.

This helps you avoid a lot of soldiers and minimizes the risk of getting shot at. Eventually, Cliffford shows up, knowing that they would come to stop them and taunting the crew while they fight off against more mercenaries and a Juggernaut.

Hope that kinda helps a bit. Take the vehicle, and escape the place.

Once you're outside, quickly get into any nearby vehicle and head to an open area where your friend can land and pick you up. Sometimes, other guards who are around will be alerted if you kill a guard too close to another one. If you take your time and hit the checkpoints what I've played so far seems quite doable with 3 and should be cakewalk for 4 competent players (no mics).


As the crew manages to destroy the supplies, they are instructed to go to the blast doors, but suddenly, through Avon and Cliffford's conversation, Cliffford activates the launch protocol for the missile.

Objective: Head to the shipyard, and attempt to purchase Agent 14 from Merry weather Security. Just go near the console and you will be able to see the view, you have to destroy around 4 mobile cloud servers. Keep moving forward and towards the server. It will reset the error count, but it will also reset the pattern, so the nodes which connected together previously, might not connect again due to the change in the node pattern.

There are a total of 9 facilities to choose from with the cheapest facility costing $1,250,000 (located at Paleto Bay) and the most expensive one costing $2,950,000 at Land Act Reservoir. He was speaking after British Prime Minster Boris Johnson’s new Brexit plans would see Northern Ireland join Britain in leaving the European Union’s Customs Union.

A police officer checks the temperatures of passengers at a checkpoint in Manila, Philippines, on March 16, 2020. Get into either your Buzzard or Oppressor and head towards the Hydra.

As soon as you're done hacking the first server, check if the coast is clear then rush to the second server.

Yes, you guessed it - your Deluxos at this point will get a feature to fly and not just hover.

Do not rush out through that door just yet as there are a number of guys outside waiting for you. Rackman instructs the crew to go to the silo to stop Avon, again while fighting off more mercenaries on the way. If you get stuck and the enemies shoot at you, you can quickly eat the snacks or put on the armor to avoid death.

After getting the ATV head to Sandy Shores Airfield and destroy the operation there.

Once you've cleared the bottom floor, you need to head back up to the interrogation room floor and go through the double doors where the two soldiers came out before. After killing the remaining enemies, head upstairs and take control of the Orbital Cannon to destroy the four mobile cloud servers. According to the objective, you have to damage the Avon’s jet. After the completion of Act 3, you can replay any one of the acts in any order. You are going to face a lot of resistance while driving the tank to the drop off point. So target them.

If you take your time and hit the checkpoints what I've played so far seems quite doable with 3 and should be cakewalk for 4 competent players (no mics).

Act 1 is called 'The Data Breaches', Act 2 'The Bogdan Problem' and Act 3 is called 'The Doomsday Scenario'. Take it out, as well as the rest of the guys in that passage way, using your mini-gun.

Setup: Air Defenses. The first preparation mission is straight forward. Rush to the Sandy Shores Airfield in your ATV and try to destroy the incoming enemies from a distance because as soon as they are beside you, they do a lot of damage.