Diatomaceous earth is one other pure insecticide that may kill drugstore beetles, the larvae, and eggs. Magnifying Jaguars Group, How to Treat Eczema with Eczema Fix PLR Bundle, Army Ants: Facts, Behavior & How to get rid. Once inside the home, the adult beetles will lay their eggs on a variety of foods including whole grains, processed grains and vegetative material. When feeding, drugstore beetles produce and deposit a type of yeast that contains B vitamins. Reddish-brown in color, the drugstore beetle is oval in shape and is about 1/8 inch long. Not only does this beetle feed on the seemingly inedible, but also this pest can eat its way through wood and cardboard to get to a food source. Just one female roach and her offspring can produce 30,000 roaches in one year. Homeowners have been trusting the pros at ABC Home & Commercial Services for decades to identify pest problems and to work on treatment plans to get rid of pests, for good. However, all these items, cereal, bread, cookies, chocolates, sweets, seeds, grains, pet foods, spices, red pepper, flour, and artifacts need to be checked. Schedule a service with an expert from ABC and get rid of pests once and for all. Then, we’ll discuss what is probably your top priority: how to get rid of cigarette and drugstore beetles. However, they also fly to lay their eggs, when infesting your home, they fly in through windows and openings. Drugstore beetles often enter a home in bulk items like bird seed, grass seed, or dry pet food, where several generations of beetles can develop unnoticed until some of the adults eventually leave to infest new locations. [1] While they are highly adept at chewing out of cardboard, foil, and plastic film to escape the package in which they have undergone metamorphosis to adults, they are somewhat less likely to eat into a sealed, airtight foil or plastic bag. Mold mites just feed on mold, so if you have these pests, you have a bigger problem than just your pest infestation. Inspect inside these potential locations that you might initially have overlooked where these beetles can live: While the pantry is the natural habitat for these critters, cigarette and drugstore beetles can just as easily be found in bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms. It can also feed on a diverse range of dried foods and spices, as well as hair, leather, books, and museum specimens.


Some people may ask why so?

Once hatched, the larva will start to eat and will do so for 3-5 months. In addition to feeding on prescription drugs, the drugstore beetle enjoys sweets, spices, bread, cookies, flour, chocolate, wood, wool, aluminum foil and other items. While roaches love lots of things, including your books and soap, they also like starchy and greasy foods, sweets and meat.

While the use of chemical insecticides may be undesirable in food storage areas, Food Grade diatomaceous earth can be useful sprinkled in corners or even mixed into bird seed (diatomaceous earth is edible, but inhaling it should be avoided).

It is similar in appearance to the cigarette beetle (Lasioderma serricorne), but is slightly larger (adults can be up to 3.5 mm in length).

After about a week, these eggs hatch.

Food storage areas like pantries and cabinets need to be vacuumed thoroughly, including the crevices between floor boards, the corners of cabinets, and areas where mice may have hoarded things like dry dog food. The main damage from this pest, however, is when a cigarette beetle comes into contact with your food. So, now that we know that we can find a cigarette beetle in the places we sleep, let’s learn more about whether the cigarette beetle or the drugstore beetle bite and how to compare the cigarette beetle vs drugstore beetle. As we mentioned earlier, these bugs are reddish-brown in color, having a parallel line on its wing, moreover, most people still mistook this beetle for the cigarette beetles.

Aerosols Insecticide: This insecticide is a very strong pest control agent though it is dangerous to open foods and food products yet it is the best for getting get of this pest. Drugstore beetles Larvae This beetle is one of the pests that survive in a warm or temperate region, however, they are not easily killed using heat, unlike the bed bugs . Contrary to popular belief, mice don’t just like cheese. The key feature you use to identify this beetle from the cigarette beetle is the parallel line on its wing area, the cigarette beetle doesn’t have this line.

Wings: The wing covers are lined with parallel rows of deep pits or punctures. Pestclue is established with the aim of enabling a pest-free environment. When attempting to prevent an infestation, substitute either glass containers or thicker, heavy plastic for your original containers.

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up to 100 eggs over a six to ten day period in crevices, folds or depressions in their food, making them even harder to eradicate. In a place where these items are not found, they prefer to feed on non-food items like wood, paper, books, and artifacts. However, in cases of serious infestation ensure to contact any pest control expert near you for proper extermination and control. The drugstore beetle gained its name from its tendency of feeding on pharmacy drugs. You possibly can apply diatomaceous earth as a powder in the identical approach as you’ll use boric acid, by sprinkling liberally over all cabinets and cabinets and so forth. These newly-minted beetles tend to tunnel down into whatever items that have been infested, which is usually a pantry staple. Storage: It is a good idea you know the materials you use for storing your items, as we mentioned earlier, these beetle can pierce through a wood. Click here for images of a cigarette beetle and here for photos of drugstore beetles to see how similar these pests are.