'', ''All it sees will be dust. Seymour : I shall liberate the masses from your madness. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Yet from the ashes the path to salvation is clear.'' He is a man in mid 20s with a youthful face, fair complexion and long golden hair.

Shantotto : Without knowing weakness, you will never be strong! I loath your charge. IX in Japan), said to have spilled the blood of nine aspirants to the crown. The Garlean Solus zos Galvus was born in the year 1489 of the Sixth Astral Era to the esteemed House Galvus, a distinguished family of pureblood Garleans in the then-small Garlemald Republic. I love the quotes, and it’d be cool if they added Gaius to represent ARR, Y’shtola is HW Y’shtola, and then Zenos for Stormblood.

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Its city-states are built on deceit, and its faith is an instrument of deception.It is naught but a cobweb of lies - to believe in Eorzea is to believe in nothing.In Eorzea, the beast tribes often summon Gods to fight in their stead.Though your comrades only rarely respond in kind - which is strange, is it not?Are the twelve otherwise \"engaged\"?

He carri… Delita : Delita.

He joined the military at the age of sixteen, where he distinguished himself from the rank and file as a brilliant tacticia…

He is the ordinary man against the supernatural Warrior in his game.

Cloud : Deceive yourself!

This guy sounds so cool! '', ''I shall restore this world to greatness! I love both him and Zenos. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, and it shall be I who basks in the applause.

His weapon of choice is the katana.

Vivi : There is nothing else to say.

They are the villain, a being of godly strength who have shed their mortal chains for power, and you, the weaker protagonist , will stand against them despite this. It was a praenomen of many famous Romans throughout history, including Julius Caesar, and through his line, Augustus Caesar and Caligula, Gaius Cassius Longinius (a leading conspirator in Julius Caesar's assassination), and Gaius Cornelius Tacitus, the famous historian. He at times breaks into malevolent laughter. I was given to understand they were your protectors.If you truly believe them your guardians, why do you not repeat the trick that served you so well at carteneau, and call them down?They will answer, so long as you lavish them with crystals and gorge them on aether.Your Gods are no different from those of the beasts - eikons, every one.Accept but this, and you will see how Eorzeas faith is bleeding the land dry.Nor is this unknown to your masters, which prompts the question - why do they cling to these false deities? Cloud of Darkness : You shall not bleed this land, this world is for far greater! Gaius : Strength is evolving past your own flaws.

Bartz : Do what you do the most, wayfarer : Run.

You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by. Viceroy of Ala Mhigo.

Thank you~ I particularly liked Cecil's myself.

Kain : It is good your kinda has finally taken action. Futures Perfect (level 46 main storyline quest).

Gaius is a Garlean who wears an intimidating suit of black armor over a long red coat and a horned helmet bearing a skull-like visage and gasmask-like breathers and a ceruleum cannon attached to the back of his left hand. The Black Wolf. " Warrior of Light : I have faced your kind, time and time again. FFXIV - Gaius Van Baelsar - The Praetorium Speech - YouTube Rydia : Impotent fool. Where he can make a minute long speech, and if he completes it he gets 9999 Bravery. Vaan : Try as you will child, I am beyond a mere ''Judge''. You know what awaits you. - Scripture of the Weapon, I hope you enjoy! I wish for the Black Wolf in Dissidia, with his role being reprised by the hamazing Richard Epcar [also known for Ansem as well for Square].

Ashe : I alone can lead you to freedom from what plagues Dalmasca.

Incognitus : I have stared into the eyes of worse than a mere child.

Are you truly worthy of that crown?! purge]Gaius is a common Roman given name. He who cannot preserve the sovereignty of his nation is unfit to rule it." Kefka : I sense the Elder Eikons in you. Remember to comment on what you liked~. Alongside Delita's and the Cloud of Darkness'.

"Two Vans are Better than One" (Twin Adder company quest), "Don't Hate The Messenger" (all versions). Last.

Legatus of the XIVth Imperial Legion, Gaius is a pure-blooded Garlean of fifty-six summers possessed of a natural flair for wartime command, perhaps equaled only by his sensibilities as a governing administrator.

Gaius summoning a blast from an Imperial Dreadnaught. It may also be derived from Greek word Gaia, which means "earth.".

Rinoa : I shall spare your pet. This section about an enemy in Final Fantasy Record Keeper is empty or needs to be expanded. Golbez : The Giant of Babel? Minwu : For you, there is a place amoung the victors... Onion Knight : You do not flee?

Yield and you will find solace. Kuja : The warlock has misguided you. Ultimecia : I am sworn to fight such grim facades as time! Zenos is the second Garlean antagonist to go without his mask at times, the first being Nero tol Scaeva.

Lahabrea exhibits a condescending and hostile demeanor, not hesitating to use dark magic to unleash a trap against the Warrior of Light during confrontations. Anyway, here we go. Agni : Forsaken by that which grants you power? WHERE ARE THEY NOW?! Ace : War is sacrifice, you will be remembered by next wave alone. FFXIV OST - Gaius van Baelsar's Theme (3.0 version) - YouTube I really want a Chaos character from XIV, but I’m really stuck between Darnus, Gaius, and Zenos.

Tidus : I have not come to fight a child with no future.

Jecht : You're sins have caught up with you, Jecht!

His main weapon is a gunblade named Heirsbane (No. Sephiroth : Nothing makes you different from the rest of the aberrations. Disgusting.

I also wish, should the miracle happen, that he gets a mechanic similar to R. Mika from SFV.

Lightning : You seek vengeance on the wrong man, but very well. I want you to know : You have proved NOTHING! Every Final Fantasy ends in a showdown against your nemesis. Or as I like to call him, Gaius Van Bastard. Time. Exdeath : Hmph, you are afraid of your own power.

And when the dust of battle settles, it is ever the strong who dictate the fate of the weak.Knowing this, but a single path is open to the impotent ruler - that of false worship.A path which leads to enervation and death.Only a man of power can rightly steer the course of civilization. And I agree, Gaius is pretty awesome , more people should give him a swing of their love.

Your defeat will be bitter.

What a glorious fellow. Zenos : Do you know why it is called ''Heirsbane'' , worm?

They are the villain, a being of godly strength who have shed their mortal chains for power, and you, the weaker protagonist , will stand against them despite this. Sice : Such malice betrays your skill. Dedicated space for news, discussions around Duodecim, Opera Omnia, Dissidia Arcade ( DFFAC ) and Dissidia NT. Shadowhunter in "Prelude in Violet" artwork. Cecil : You claim to have mastered the abyss, but I still see a slave to the radiance! Noctis : Your presence merely proves my right.

Love the quotes for Cecil and Kuja in particular.

Every Final Fantasy ends in a showdown against your nemesis. Remember to turn captions on c:Transcript:Tell me, for whom do you fight?How very glib, and do you believe in Eorzea?Eorzeas unity is forged on falsehoods. Terra : I've yet to see one thing about you that isn't preposterous and dangerous.

Good list! Laguna : All of that advancement , yet you are STILL stagnant! And his version of ''sar'' comes from to lay.

Ramza : Show me how you inspired hundreds! Press J to jump to the feed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

But then there is Gaius.

Vayne : Allow our skill to cement this alliance! He incorporates some of Ala Mhigo's traditional outfit into his appearance, adorning his suit of armor with trial textile and a belt. Gilgamesh : Search all you want, the ultimate weapon has been already claimed. He is the ordinary man against the supernatural Warrior in his game.

But then there is Gaius.

The strings you bear are so clear to all. Snow : Grief heals weakness, yet you have drowned in it. He is strength in conviction and his justified ''might makes right'' philosophy makes him such a fascinating character. Now this could mean to lay to rest or you could call him Gaius Demonf*cker.

Prishe : See where your faith has gotten you?! Refia : Hmph, only one never touched by strife can be so glib. Warrior of Light/Darkness (The Adventurer), https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Gaius_van_Baelsar?oldid=3355685, Section needed (Final Fantasy Record Keeper), "Unworthy is the ruler whose subjects seek the solace of false gods.". Balamb D.C : I shall turn your advantage to dust, along with each of you!