The Lower Numbers in brackets are for BA. Choose "Upgrade" and you can upgrade an existing level 1 building in your city. Rewards a Jack O'Lantern Chapel when all quests are completed. Rewards an Extra Large Medals Package when all quests are completed. Also, as the player moves further in the room, the earlier cleared areas go out of sight and are finally left behind. The quests have to be solved in the order they are presented and no quests are abortable.

National responsible gambling tollfree counselling helpline 0800 006 008 or sms “help” to 076 675 0710. We’ve brought big-name family fun to the East Rand such as the Great Moscow Circus and the Aussie Circus, to keep the kids entertained and smiling. The tickets allow you to take part in variety of games that will allow you to win the special event currency - Florins. Hows that relevant to the scoring system of the event? JavaScript is disabled. Firstly, by completing the quests. Terms & Conditions | They may give a chance to double the won prize, heighten the chances for the Daily Special, increase the distance the players advance per play, double the league progress or do all of the before.

Your hearts total is top right of the event window. Tickets is obtainable from the quests, and a daily bonus of 50 Tickets can be collected. However, simply on the basis of how far a player advances the ball we cannot completely formulate how efficient he is. You can find a list of Daily Specials as they appeared on Beta here. Want to make memories to last a lifetime? After completing the Main Questline, you will be able to complete stacked Daily Quests without any delay and after that, one quest per day. The Lantern is useful when one wants to clear tiles on a large scale. The shop sells individual items as well as 2 sets of the tools, with differing costs. With the exception of the Default Coach, there are time limits and/or Diamond costs for doing so. Sun international supports responsible gaming.

Show All. During this Event the Daily Special does not change at midnight like in other Events. Rewards a 2h Mass Supply Rush item when all quests are completed. more number of yards, so make sure to play this event and score as many Touchdowns as you can. The second number in brackets is for the SAAB.To get a better idea of your exact requirements Click Here and use the Tables provided, please be aware that the Final Table is incomplete as we do not have players from those Ages who could help. There are also additional Mini Quests (with unique Prizes) that can be activated from toys found in the Circus minigame. It's nothing to do with your score. 4. You can find a list of Daily Specials as they appeared on Beta here. 10th September 2020 - 30th September 2020. This is the fourth of our Cultural Settlements, and your job is to help Moctezuma II by gathering resources to build up a new village. The Amateur League will be the Top 50%, the Bronze League will be the Top 20%, Silver has the Top 5% and Gold is the Top 1% of all players on your world. This year the Circus comes to town for the Halloween Event. Rewards Two blueprints when all quests are completed. As a new feature this year, coaches were introduced that alter different aspects of the rewards system.

Common Halloween Toy 1 (Kevin - The Buried Bear), Common Halloween Toy 2 (Sir Hugsalot - Red Eyes), Common Halloween Toy 3 (Secret Steve - The Locket), Common Halloween Toy 4 (Mr Tickles - Silver Veil), Silver Halloween Toy 1 (Betty Lou - Child's Play), Silver Halloween Toy 2 (Annabella - Annabella's Visit), Silver Halloween Toy 3 (Trixiebelle - Siren's Call).