Adam, I am sure the TC is nice but it isn’t a PC12.

They employ technicians and mechanics who are current and trained to the manufacturer’s standards, utilize new replacement parts whenever possible, and make it a point to develop and foster ongoing customer relationships,” explained Chad Ahrens, Propulsion International’s chief executive officer. We stock one of the world's largest inventories of accessories and LRU's (line replaceable units) for every model of Honeywell TPE331-1 through -14 series engine. Ahrens said a Honeywell TPE331-10 overhaul typically costs $210,000 to $230,000 and carries “a lot of uncertainty. These are the words most often associated with StandardAero. It could see what was already available in the market and then could look to improve on it with vastly different system architecture. Honeywell recommends replacement every 400 hours for simplex nozzles and 350 for duplex nozzles. Dallas Airmotive Named Honeywell’s 2018 Americas Channel Partner of the Year, S.S. White Technologies Highlights Custom Flexible Shafts for Aerospace, MTU Maintenance Remains Committed to PW2000 Program, APOC Aviation Appoints Anca Mihalache as VP Engine Trading, Airbus Helicopters Selects Pratt & Whitney PW206B3 Engine to Power H135 for U.S. Navy Trainer Replacement Proposal, The H135 allows more efficient training of new pilots in environments and scenarios most similar to the Navy’s warfighting rotorcraft fleet for better cost and operational synergies compared to single-engine trainers, Pratt & Whitney Delivers GTF™ PW1900G Production Engines for Embraer E195-E2 Program. All I’m saying is that, if one can put the new plane smell feel aside (I have no argument there), it seems like there’s an irrational barrier towards twins. Having a more powerful engine normally also helps with faster ascent; a useful capability if you need to clear mountains near the end of a runway.

No, not if you chose an aircraft with a Garrett power plant, that is. Garrett TFE731 GE CF34-3A PW JT15D Thank You StarCheck, Nov 23, 2017 #1. Honeywell Aerospace - TPE331. Joined: ... is the repair facility a factory authorized or independent? MX Cap Not-To-Exceed prices are offered for TPE331-10,-11,-12 and -14 engine models. This will show you the condition of your engine and can be performed either at your facility or ours. Even if you have to pay a little more for landing fees due to noise (we never did when I flew the Metro) you compensate that with the lower fuel burn compared to engines like the PT6. But, in Europe, the natural post-PPL progression SE to ME ended some 10 years ago. Being diligent about this critical maintenance procedure will save the operator money over the life of the hot section.

Actually, Walter M601 (now GE) may be even cheaper to run. Probably will change now that Honeywell own them and they’re getting westernized.

That’s less than I paid for my IO-540’s when all was said and done with hoses, turbos, wastegates! That’s less than I paid for my IO-540’s when all was said and done with hoses, turbos, wastegates!

Old TP twin – quite a few. With Garrett’s they can make that work. This means you can't add a response. The TC will be faster, too. To help provide maintenance including 100 Hour, Annual, Phase, Special Inspections for Garrett Powered Aircraft and all General Aviation Aircraft under 12,500 lbs. The fuel burn for a TP single of similar size doesn’t follow conventional piston wisdom – there’s no penalty for having a second engine. It was originally designed in the 1950s by Garrett AiResearch, and produced since 1999 by Honeywell Aerospace.The engines power output ranges from 575 to 1,650 shaft horsepower (429 to 1,230 kW).

Ignoring the "newer airplane " argument (which an old plane can’t compete with obviously), you could fly a TP twin for the same cost in fuel burn and overhaul as an equivalent TP single. Our Fuel Nozzle Overhaul and Exchange Program for both Pratt and Whitney PT6 and Honeywell TPE331, that will help get you back up and running faster with a quicker turn around time if time is a factor for you. As the second operator of CF34-10A-powered ARJ21 aircraft and the first airline with a 100% China-made jet fleet, Genghis Khan Airlines has received two ARJ21 aircraft and plans to have a fleet of 25 aircraft in five years. National Aerospace Group can support to provides a Professional and Economical solution for all your TPE331 needs. Customers can contact Chad Ahrens at for a complimentary analysis of their engines and to see how a Propulsion International GMP solution may benefit their operation. Why are people so hell bent on staying single engine, when it actually costs them more?

PI can guarantee prices and the highest levels of quality and reliability by collaborating with Honeywell’s worldwide authorized service centers to provide the service. 2 Parts Supplier Globally, Professional Aviation Retains National Airways Corporation as a Distributor, Delta Airlines Installs Two RPI Turbine Rotor Assembly Systems, Omaha Airplane Supply Announces New Sales Representative, CF34-10A Powered ARJ21 Successfully Completed Genghis Khan Airlines' First Flight. We spoke to some independent third-party turboprop engine maintenance engineers who pointed out that there is an additional cost with the TPE311, which is that prior to the engine overhaul there needs to be a hot section inspection that cannot be done on wing. Which brings on a broader question – if there was no cost penalty for having a twin, wouldn’t you want that extra safety? The TPE311 engine was first developed by Garrett AiResearch, which was later acquired by Honeywell. The largest and most powerful turbofan engine is designed to fly on the Boeing 777X aircraft. Overall, the TPE331 is a more powerful and fuel-efficient engine and one that is cheaper to maintain. Disclaimer: This is a publicly accessible system.

The TPE331, meanwhile, is on the Dornier 228 and CASA 212. Honeywell TPE331 & Pratt & Whitney PT6 Engine.

This will help extend the life of your hot section and keep it from looking like the hot section pictured. Leithen has a BA in journalism from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. We also offer Borescope Inspections for both Honeywell TPE331 and Pratt & Whitney PT6 Engines. Or a KA90. “By acting as the connection between TPE 331 operators and Honeywell authorized service locations, we can confidently assure the aircraft operators that they will pay no more than an agreed-upon price -- which is well below the typical price of time and material (T&M) maintenance -- for their overhauls.

It has terrible specs. If you want to learn more about the differences between the TPE331 versus the PT6, here is another interesting online video that was recently posted.

Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A, PW100 & PW150A, Honeywell Ovation Select Cabin Management Upgrade, Engine Inspections and Repair Services (TPE331-1 through -14), Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance (CAM) Inspections, Abnormal Deceleration Inspection (Prop Strike), Dynamometer Engine Testing with Dynamic NTS System Measurement, Honeywell Authorized Heavy Maintenance Service Center.

“We know that there are a lot of facilities that offer a wide range of services for TPE 331 engines, but the quality and pricing of maintenance and overhauls are not consistent. All rights reserved. None that I can think of. © 2020 Endeavor Business Media, LLC.

£30 for a TB20 or £150 for a KA90), fuel burn is higher (a big item in Europe), you need to be current for a twin, otherwise an EFATO will kill you pretty quick, EASA threatened to put EU-based “complex” (in this context, ME TPs or jets) under Part M even if N-reg Part 91. Hancock Enterprises, Inc. has been your primary source for all things turbine since 1982. Quality.

Ontic Acquires More JT15D Engine Parts from Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp. AvAir Recognized as No. For smaller turboprop aircraft there has traditionally between two choices – the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 and the Honeywell TPE331. A new Mustang twin engine jet will outrun it on less fuel, whilst carrying more. $60K for another 2000hrs.

But perhaps the noise fee’s would add up, I don’t know how much that adds up in Europe. Value.

We are a Certified FAA and EASA Repair Station and specialize in the maintenance and repair of the Honeywell TPE331 and the Pratt and Whitney PT6 turbine engines. Contract expands GKN Aerospace’s involvement in the F135 program.

Enrollment applies to each engine specifically, with plans designed for active or spare engines. A friend of mine bought a set of halftime 331’s when his were hitting Hot Section time for pretty much piston engine overhaul prices – around $60K aside. provides a Professional and Economical solution for all your TPE331 needs. Every care has been taken to ensure accuracy but the editorial team assumes no responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions arising thereof. Kritchlow Final Approach. Reliability. As a Honeywell authorized TPE331 maintenance facility for over 40 years, StandardAero continues to be the leader in TPE331 engine maintenance, repair and overhaul services. Approved and backed by Honeywell Aerospace, the engines’ manufacturer, Propulsion International can guarantee prices and the highest levels of quality and reliability by collaborating with Honeywell’s worldwide authorized service centers to provide the service. This inspection can be performed for your own peace of mind, for pre-purchase inspections, at nozzle changes, or to comply with your Pratt and Whitney or Honeywell engine maintenance programs. I find it very difficult to compromise with an expensive aircraft, I wouldn’t want to pay 500k€ and then get a stinking and cold cabin (Cessna P210 Silver Eagle) and the old turboprop twins usually look and feel like a 40 year old caravan brothel…. The Series I/II Pre-Century Engines -- 1965 The original production TPE331-25, -43, -51,-63 etc. All articles on this website are intended for informative purposes only. You’ll see that the TPE331-powered aircraft takes off quicker and ascends faster. Or when was the last time you saw a charter TP twin renting for $850/hr to customer?