It also doesn’t have the requirement of most golf games out there to bet your currency to play multiplayer mode. Build 822185372, Version 4.9.0, Mode operation method has been changed. Didn’t mind spending a little money once in a while. I really just want to play. Good game but has frustrating glitches on occasion, Believe the reviews everyone, every upgrade in the past year has made this game worse and worse.

I’ll shut up now after this last thought for the developers.

Henry. Sigh. Gift Feature - You can send gifts to friends at once. Please contact GolfStar to help make game better” STICK IT UP YOUR *SS! Build 815901390, Version 3.11.0, -Takes way too long to get good gear

1 Pet Supplies Suggestion.

Fixed an issue of the Point Drink effect not being applied when you reconnect to the game while using the Point Drink in Tour Mode2. -It feels like stats fluctuate too much when changing clubs, bags, and covers out. Good balance of offline and online play. Otherwise I'll play and play and hopefully updates will stay within my iPad 4's availability!! Got feedback? Rigged and bias game ABSOLUTELY!! Inotia saga brought to the next level in the fourth RPG adventure! I played this game for 6 years used to be in the top 500 in the World Cups consistently. Build 832803367, Version 7.1.2,

My only suggestion would be if you want to make purchasing easier, make sure that it’s worth it. Build 615963649, Version 1.8.16, Released Jun 08, 2017, Used to be a fun game. Once again con2us with their horrible update kicking people offline while in play and putting my profile in another tournament while being disconnected stealing my stars.

Build 816685229, Version 3.14.0,

Released May 03, 2018, Build 563232782, Version 1.8.0,

Included the random TEE system as a regular schedule[Others]5.

[Career Mode] 1. Great game fun to play , not complicated. [Improvements] 1. Skill Menu Location - The Skill menu will now be displayed in the top bar of the lobby screen. Homerun Battle it out against sluggers from all over the world! Thank you for a great game, I look forward to the improvements, and playing in the future! Build 824721375, Version 5.0.6, Released Apr 20, 2017,

Membership Improvement- VIP Membership has been diversified in order to help users enjoy benefits of VIP membership at a reasonable price for a certain period.2. Eventually all corrupt corps cave to the bottom line. 100% addictive... You've been warned. It takes a long download when I have already installed the game.

Adjusted the MAX no. Spectating system added in all multi-player modes 2. An alternate version for IOS and Android also exists, self-published by Com2Us. That person needs to understand that each club and each shot has conditions that will change the outcome of the shot. Course Record Public Settings- Added a Guild Members Only option4. It would be nice to play similar levels in the match play. One-Hole Match Mode Open[Improvements]1. Been playing this game for years it is super fun and will occupy your time like no other. Build 818836282, Version 4.4.0, Shot guide item added 4. It takes away from the game...Winds are ridiculous, make putting more difficult...need lower scores!

Enjoy a round of golf with players from all over the world in Golf Star!1.

Released Oct 29, 2013, 3.

Now after finally getting to level 109, very close to 110, & money spent you ruined everything. Positive: I am F2P and you can get enough premium currency within a few weeks to buy the permanent VIP membership. Because if not I will be deleting soon.

They actually took away methods of earning stars. Single Mode Speed Button Improvement (Campaign Mode, Mission Career, Tour Mode, Practice Field) - Tap the speed button while the ball is flying to change the speed in order of 1x > 2x > 4x (3 steps). 1. Enjoy a round of golf with players from all over the world in Golf Star!1.

I agree with others that the physics don't always make sense with ball travel but so be it. 2. of Service and Privacy Policy, Don’t have an account? Getting good equipment/combos useless!! Released Feb 26, 2015, - [Support] system will be temporarily suspended for optimization.

I know that I am not the only person that feels this way but I think that this company has a lot of experience in making games so I think that everybody would love to for you guys to make a phenomenal golf game that has your mind always occupied and never bored! You can feel free to ignore all the bad reviews this game has - just frustrated people who haven’t figured out this is actually a relatively complex golf game that only seems easy to play. Released May 19, 2015, My guild members have stopped playing the majority of the feature and only play the guild matches. Enjoy a round of golf with players from all over the world in Golf Star!

Enjoy a round of golf with players from all over the world in Golf Star!1. that you really must have to play against other players at mid levels. of stages [Others]1. I can hit the same exact shot on the exact same hole and one shot will go over the green and the next shot will be short. What the heck does a watch have to do with wind control anyway? Fixed the error of showing courses that are not supposed to be exposed when users hold the Customized TournamentGot feedback? By Dggsfutfhyfy The latest update is a disaster. Match Challenge will now be held in seasons. Tour Mode has been improved. 1. -Competitive and challenging

They force you to play match games or you are set back to a beginner no matter how long you’ve played.

Released Oct 15, 2020, -Unlock different swings GolfStar classifies players as Beginner, Junior, Amateur, Semi-Pro, Pro, or National.

Enjoy a round of golf with players from all over the world in Golf Star! Build 834866905, Version 8.0.5, You can play in multi-player tournaments, join Guilds and challenge other Guilds, play One-On-One matches, and so much more.

Please consider changing the swing modes to make it similar to tiger wods type or the real golf type. 6 base characters are available. Build 823808345, Version 5.0.4, Enjoy a round of golf with players from all over the world in Golf Star!

G.I.R. The high winds are inconsistent and make every shot a hit-and-hope shot. Released Jun 20, 2014, Locker Room Expansion- The max no.

Released Nov 09, 2017, Released Dec 13, 2018, Build 823290631, Version 5.0.1, It’s just silly how quickly the ball comes to a stop off of the tee.

Main loading screen and game icon renewal 5. New equipment Caddie Watch has been added.9. Power meter useless!! Back out of game go back in play the same hole again with a 3 mile an hour wind in my face hit less then full power on same club hit way over green. The game uses an "item rental" system - in which most items that are acquired or purchased (with in-game or real world currency) expire after a period of time (30, 60, 90 days, etc. Please stop chipping on the green. We've fixed up some minor bugs! Enjoy a round of golf with players from all over the world in Golf Star!1. Cumulative play bonus has been changed to ad watching bonus.

Now they have two different kinds of wind. [Error Fixes] 1.

It times me out and makes me reconnect multiple times each day. If you are looking for a golf game, I would highly recommend you look elsewhere. Hall of Record Expansion5.

Build 276112666, Version 1.5.17, Leave a review or visit, Enjoy a round of golf with players from all over the world in Golf Star! In-game UI design optimization3. Released Feb 06, 2014, Main loading screen and game icon renewal5. The two Premium characters are David and Eve. Game Detail. Build 819730607, Version 4.5.2, Mileage Shop Deleted5. It's gameplay deception and they make it difficult for you to file a complaint. More questions . Jan 23, 2020.

Now, when I tried to continue playing, my female character & all her stats are gone. Released Sep 12, 2014,

Daily Mission UI- The "clear all missions" will now be exposed at the top of the list.3. unhappy with no response no action on the review please address my concern about creating believable avatars.

Thanks for the rapid response ,15 minutes, excellent . Build 834341258, Version 8.0.0, Also if you are level 1 you compete against players that are level 100 which you have no chance against. how to obtain and use the 10 yd tee, putting guide, backspin.ect. If the mechanics are less realistic (which is this games biggest problem) you would like to at least see realistic characters. Transcendence Revision Reset Feature and Synthesis Badge Items Added4. Leave a review or visit and drop us a line! Other ImprovementsGot feedback? Fixed the error of skill purchase not proceeding properly with GP4. I also would like to have a different way of controlling the swing as in - For more dynamic plays, the location of 6 TEE of all courses has been modified. My scores went from -13 to -6 because of the wind. Journey to the world's most beautiful destinations and fish for real in paradise. Start a chat.

Build 831144666, Version 6.2.2, Build 826064678, Version 5.1.2, I’m not the only one who feels this way I know.

Very frustrating!!! Released Sep 08, 2016, Released Jun 20, 2019, 10 trending game apps in less than 5 minutes | TRENDING GAMING APPS JUNE 2020. It won’t be long before GS starts charging us to play in the guild. - Equipping Caddie Watch can increase driving distance or decrease the wind effect of courses. All the new wind has ruined the game!

Build 829985963, Version 6.2.0, Clubs and clothing can also be "fitted" (which improves their overall stats) or "cloned" (which transfers the stat points from one item of clothing to another), A premium currency called Star Points also exists (purchasable with real currency), which can be used to purchase a much wider selection of fashion, clubs, and miscellaneous items and features.