As Kenny points out, the discrepancy between the mood of the music and the barbarity of the imagery on screen is quintessential Scorsese. Stylish and Purposeful, pin collar shirt is one of several collar styles offered for men. The real Henry wore black tie for his wedding celebration, but the film’s Henry opts for a fashionable but low-key (for a gangster) suit that reflects the solemnity of the day without being too somber: After Karen worries about the fate of their boost bag (which probably holds close to a million dollars in cash), Henry coolly laughs it off: Don’t worry. After years of introspection and deep, deep soul-searching, I have determined that Goodfellas is my favorite film. He’s a good fella. Answer. Cloyingly obsequious one instant, vein-popping enraged the next, and back again. Henry also wears a large white carnation on his left lapel. His shoes are black horsebit slip-0n loafers with brass rings, rather than the usual snaffle bit, on either side of the strap. RIP, Sean Connery.

Wiki User Answered . That’s a pretty fair swath of some of the most canonical scenes in the past two and a half decades. “It taught Scorsese that you could choreograph a film’s attitude, so to speak, with music,” Kenny told me.

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That yarmulke Henry wears in Goodfellas ‘ wedding scene wasn’t just window dressing. Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle accident a year after Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs was released.

Bodies begin turning up everywhere: a henchman and his hapless wife entombed in a tacky pink Cadillac, another frozen stiff in the back of a meat truck, and two more tossed in a Dumpster with uneaten food.

What, exactly, is he fighting for? Elizabeth Nelson is a Washington, D.C.–based journalist, television writer, and singer-songwriter in the garage-punk band the Paranoid Style. And they named all their daughters Marie.

Henry’s white shirt has French cuffs and the very large “spearpoint” collar that have become informally known in fan circles as “Goodfellas collars” due to their popularity among the film’s gangsters. He just hasn’t seen the signage yet.

The aftermath of their single, masterful LP is riddled with the sort of cautionary tales which became only too common as the cheerful excesses of the ’60s metastasized into various maledictions, manias, and long-term traumas.