Particularly useful against bosses where Epidemic can be used to quickly clear up adds, this build deals fairly good DPS but has a long build-up time. It will work on everything, core thief, dd, de. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I've actually found several mesmer builds to be tanky or survivalist against pve at least with lots of clones of yourself and moving around not so much in pvp. F1 and F3 are your barrier sources, F4 is your main heal, 6 should be reserved for quickly ressing multiple downed allies where possible. It doesn’t have high dps, but it has utility and is, I’m dead serious, one of thief’s best weapons, If you want to practice for doing endgame content, use dagger/pistol or sword/dagger (they’re the 2 load outs of PvP, for endgame PvE, you’ll use daredevil staff or deadeye rifle. I like to have a little bit of everything when it comes to mmos even though GW2 is glorious and allows for any character to fill any role. In general terms there's only 4 kind of gear stats demanded for high end PvE content in this game: berserker, which counts for ~80% of the dps builds, viper (the other 10%, dps builds albeit sometimes is balanced with sinister or grieving) harrier (the 5%, best current combo stats for a pure healer) and diviner (best combo for a support). It's suitable for any bosses that don't wipe condis or die too quickly; it's the only necromancer build you're likely to see in raids. HoT required PoF required. We weren't well off so we stuck to pre-owned and bargain bucket games. 50 is minimum as you're learning; 100 minimum once you get the hang of things. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Honestead of Tyrian Misfits [HOME] (not a typo). I'm not familiar with the meta, but I know Scrapper has access to some insane defensive abilities, and if the incoming damage pressure and cc becomes too much they have access to stun breaks and stealth to get out of a jam.

Each group has about a half dozen mounted players using mount attacks ahead of the commander at all times, wiping out most of the monsters before the rest of the group gets there. Some really good builds on there that can help with any aspect of the game.

Most Revenant players I know that play more than 1 build on their Rev experience this frequently, so much as several times a day. More AoE with Sand Shades. Plain and simply. he used to say to me all the time. Using Jalis' whirling hammers for AoE damage and Shiro's speed to stay with the zerg, probably best used with a hammer for ranged AoE tagging.

Last updated July 2020. You can solo metas with his builds TBH. Revenant can't be decent as well but off the top of the head I'm not sure which build but it uses the dwarf and a healing build. It's mediocre at best. Pve, pvp, wvw ? I think I made a big manly bald headed Warrior as my first character, with pecs like concrete slabs and arms like tree trunks and gods was I bad at the game. Shortbow will ALWAYS be your second weapon set. That and remembering the labyrinth's rule: if it moves it must die. Its great when it works but on bosses where you cant do this epibounce trick the entire necro class struggles greatly the condi build without epi is ok but there is MUCH better options when it comes to condi dps. And when you factor it is also has to compete with power builds like weaver it can be clear why you dont see necros on many bosses. From experience, the best build is staff tempest. Anything with massive AOE dmg capabilities makes higher loot chances. Plain and simply. Probably the best all-rounder would be the Viper condi build, which is regarded as the meta for end game content. ditto. Got no pistols and want to pew pew things? The only caveat is that you need to make sure you always have a clear shot at your target as other enemies can intercept you bullets. But he was always supportive of my hobbies, and saw gaming as much more than what most of the rest of my family and friends tended to see it as.