Why’d it end? They now have 3 children; Elizabeth Frances, Marie Scott … Nikki lying about her remission didn't endear her to Victor, but the final straw was Victor blaming her for Leanna Randolph writing about Ashley aborting Victor's baby. [21] The couple are widely considered a supercouple within the soap opera media. Nikki confronted Victor about the fingerprints, but he yelled that it was none of her business. I guess it’s no accident that I found my way into soap operas.

Nikki and the rest of the family determined that Victoria should take over for Victor as CEO. All the water and hair pulling and dunking in the bucket, that was all me, because that was "Lucy"! Maureen calls Stitch in pain having a heart attack. Nikki had written about how Ian had abused and sexually assaulted her. When there was a knock on the door, Paul grabbed his gun and slid behind the door. It’s a shame that the current regime has not realized the story potential of keeping these characters apart. "[15] The Observer–Reporter described Nikki as "oft-married". After Victor disappeared again, Nikki became determined to find him, however, she ended up getting involved with her early love, private investigator and long time friend Paul, while Victor and Ashley reconnected. After Jack as shot, Nikki struggled with telling the police what she knew. On October 25, 2011, Nikki's leg and bags were shown boarding a plane to London, England, where she wanted to stay for a few weeks to decompress. Christine accused Nikki of wanting Paul for support and her family with him including Dylan, so she could get rid of her and her baby. She was married to just about every male on the show.

She's married Victor at least twice, Brad, Jack, David Chow. Victoria turned evidence in that implicated Victor and he was arrested. Paul and his partner Andy Richards investigated Tony and killed him. Superworms As Clean Up Crew, However, Elsie was married at the time. The character has also had several other notorious relationships, including Paul Williams (Doug Davidson), Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), and Brad Carlton (Don Diamont). After Victor lost control of Newman to Jack through a hostile takeover, Victor suffered a heart attack, and later Sharon burned down the Newman Ranch during a mental breakdown. [22] Soap Opera Digest relayed the beginning of the pairing's creation and their impact, described as an "inspired decision", led to Victor and Nikki becoming the series' most successful supercouple. Stitch arrives at the Jabot parking lot and helps his mother diagnosing her with having a heart attack. Nikki, Phyllis, Ashley, and Avery were very worried about them. To the dismay of Scott, the storyline concluded abruptly. Now she is going to recycle. wrote in 2011, "Over the years fans have watch Victor and Nikki break up and get back together more times than they can keep track. Maureen tells her how happy she was about the baby and tells her about how great of a father Ben will be and is and how loyal he is. But, of course, no one can shape or form anyone, she remains who she is, has retained her strength, and that causes conflict. Victor showed up in person, and convinced Ian to let Nikki and Phyllis go. Nikki, ended up making love with Victor after he lost the lawsuit. 1. ", "Melody Thomas Scott latest Y&R star upset with salary cut", "Contract talks break down, Y&R writes out Nikki", "Hallelujah Jesus: Melody Thomas Scott Renews Contract With The Young and The Restless! Nikki took a room a the the Athletic Club. I'm looking forward to playing her as a crazy old lady. Latest soap opera spoilers and news for The Young and The Restless, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful. She shares two children with Victor, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow). He also wrote that it was "not a smooth move" to keep Scott off the soap opera, saying: "Considering Thomas Scott was at the top of storyline — and giving the performance of her career — when Nikki suddenly left Genoa City and went into rehab. TV Guide has said that Scott has become "immensely popular" over the course of her run. Other than Nikki, because she is obviously Victor’s favorite, who do you think was Victor’s Second Favorite Wife? 2 2. Maureen wanted to sit down and talk to her kids but Kelly was very resentful towards her. Nikki married David Chow but soon found that he had a gambling problem. Initially introduced as a stripper, the character became well known for her relationship with businessman Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), a union that developed into a supercouple pairing that has spanned over three decades. The went down to the parking lot and heard Victoria in a storage closet. Decades — they’ve been on-again/off -again since 1984! (In particular, nothing about the fact that Nikki had been the one who offed Victor’s wife of the moment.). Nikki secretly saw Jack come out of Maureen's apartment and came in. Get answers by asking now. Jim Herman Wife, I think Julia understood Victor, better than any of his wives. This story originally appeared in our print magazine. Nikki wed Dr. Joshua Landers. I'm the luckiest mom and stepmom in the world. After Katherine Chancellor stepped down as CEO of Jabot, Nikki took over; this caused tension between Nikki and Katherine's "daughter" Jill. BuzzWorthy Radio wrote that Scott is "a true fan favorite and daytime royalty". ", "Deep Soap: 'The Young & the Restless' is Again Living Up to Its Name", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Nikki_Newman&oldid=986522000, Fictional characters with neurological or psychological disorders, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 11:20. Nikki warned Joe Clark to stay away from their relationship. Soon after Meggie McClaine returned, but in jail and began visiting Deacon so that he could bust her out or she would reveal the truth to Nikki. Victoria took out her phone and dialed Ben.