Step #4 Add handle holes to tray ends. Seriously, the entire team was challenged to come up with a design and make a wood tray. The boards look great together and, of course, I love the rope handles. Why a tray?

Thanks Jeanie! how to attach rope handles 2.


I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite. . It was pure luck that it turned out. Love the thick rope handles… turned out so cute! We moved to San Diego area when youngest (of 4) was 17 months old, practically raised her at beach.

Oldest son says some of them still talk about it. Especially those rope handles that give it such a beachy vibe! The sides were raw wood and they didn’t look right next to the pretty patina of the wood base. It’s been a whirlwind of a week returning from vacation only to leave 3 days later for the SNAP Bloggers conference in Salt Lake City. Have wonderful weekend. Continue wrapping to bottom end point.Then, loosen the last 6 or so wraps and thread the end under.Tighten the wraps by twisting and pulling the end as necessary. Thanks for visiting Ivory. Use wood glue to attach rope to a wood board. on Step 4.

Yes I was able to relax and catch up a bit.

We love it when you share!

I have to agree with you. Pull the end out so that the wraps remain tight against the stick. 11 years ago I love your tray and especially like the rope handles. Turn the rope and follow the other 2 lines back to the top to the point where you want the whipping to end at the top. That sounds like the perfect plan for me! Thanks for sharing. Your email address will not be published. Such subtle and beautiful distressing!

They’re all adults with own kids now, our son is 54. Those rope handles are awesome! Can we say timesaver! Especially since it’s oversized. Find directions in my How To Tea Stain Wood Post Here.

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Forestry permit cut standing dead wood aspen saplings.

I truly enjoyed it. I love tray projects and always have use for a tray somewhere in decor or when friends come over. Maria.

Sand the tray side pieces as well as the tray bottom. Then use Barge glue to lay the center line or rope lines in. I love how this turned out. Hi Caron & thank you!

Are you ready to see how to make one like mine? I posted it because I had quite a few Scout parents asking how I made mine. Each knot will use about 10” of 1 “ rope.

I really love the rope handles! Next I dry brush some paint on using both the white and blue paint I used for the stenciled center. Thanks for sharing my tray! Reply Filed Under: Beginner Woodworking Projects, DIY Home Decor, Home Decor Woodworking, Latest Projects, Power Tool Challenge Team Projects, Recent Projects, Spring, Summer Tagged With: coastal crafts, easy DIY project, Power Tool Challenge Team, Getting some serious tray envy looking at these. Have An Endless Summer With 13 Fabulous DIY Coastal Projects - Shoppe No 5, Creative Coastal Decor - 13 Projects to Inspire - Small Home Soul, Coastal Holiday Tablescape and 16 More Great Table Ideas, Getting Your House Ready For Winter Checklist, How To Make Scrabble Wall Art With Scrabble Generator, How To Build A DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen. Let me know if you make one yourself.

Love your tray, turned out perfectly. nut 2 pcs I hope that when you get home from SNAP that you load this up with drinks and snacks and carry it to your chair by the water to relax a bit. It’s an easy project with just a few wood cuts which is great if you’re pressed for time like I was  You’ll find my tutorial to make my beach rope handled wood tray at the end of my post below.

Now that it’s sitting on top of the miter saw cabinet, I can reach under the doors to pull them open, so I figured I’d make and install some simple wooden handles. I had no vision or the faintest idea of what my project was going to look like when I started.

Hi Maryann and thank you! You can never have too many trays is what I’m discovering!

Use medium and steady pressure to make the cut. How about you? Love this tray, thanks for showing us how to make them.

Hi JaneEllen! Loved photo of riding bike on board walk, reminded me of Pacific Beach in San Diego, boy do I miss that this time of year. I usually have them for larger build projects. Girl, you work well under pressure!

Did you use one stencil for the bottom of tray and where did you get it?, love” beach” lettering.

We usually live in the fast lane, fast as in theres always so much more to do than time to do it! I love the thick rope which gives a very nautical […], […] Coastal Rope Handled Crab Serving Tray […], […] H2OBungalow – Coastal Rope Handled Crab Serving Tray […], […] H2OBungalow – Coastal Rope Handle Tray Tutorial […], Your email address will not be published. I wanted to be able to easily change out the cord either because it has become dirty over time or just because I wanted to change up the color. Thanks for visiting the blog! Way to go to whip up your project between your two trips! I took water based brown stain and watered it down even more and randomly brushed it along the tray sides. on Introduction. Be sure to test how long you’d like your handles to be and add 20” for the knots before cutting your rope.

Thank you so much for your super nice comment! I don’t have printable directions for my projects at this time. I use affiliate links to help you find the products I used. Make a mark 4 ½” from the ends and halfway in from a side for the handles. My choice was meant to be decorative first of all and useful was 2nd. The pieces you see in the images were completed several days ago for sale in a store. I appreciate the suggestion but gluing the rope down is definitely not something I wanted to do.

(the hand loop has been taped down to keep it out of the way).Wrap and wrap TIGHTLY. How may I print out photos and instructions on the wood projects without having to take screenshots of each section ?

You didn't do anything. I had no pre-thought up plans just a big deadline looming! I found the the easiest way to use the forstner bit was to set my torque low, about 4 and switch to the impact feature which is the #1 on the top of the Ryobi 18 volt drill. I was feeling the coastal spirit with project for sure. Love your beach story. Name * Email * Website. I loved the rope handles too. Hi TPC! LOL Thank you for your sweet note!

Hi Brenda, That’s a good question. Hi Gail and thank you! Hi Maria and thank you for joining in!

Pretty awesome projects aren’t they?

Not too much, nor too little. Handles will have a big impact on how your jump rope performs. Determine where the rope hand grip will start and end. Cabinets or drawers knobs and pull handles can be large or small, made of metal or wood, fabrics or cork, rope or leather. Assemble the two long sides first. StumbleUpon.

Lay the rope against the stick heading toward the top. I was looking for a hand grip for my hiking stick which would not be expensive ad also would work well rain or shine. Are you ready to start enjoying outside weather …maybe with a new DIY rope handle tray you’ve just whipped up? I love your coastal tray, especially the sisal rope pulls and coastal stencils.

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I also put in a bolt in the top end to fit my camera to use as a monopod.

It’s so sweet that your son’s grown friends have those special memories too. email. They can be created with old spoons or beach stones, They can reuse and recycle small kids toys or driftwood pieces.

Thank you for posting this idea. 1 year ago. A forstner bit will make a clean large round hole.

Projects involving rope and wood range from tied knots glued to a piece of wood for display to the addition of rope along the edge of a sign as decorative trim. Also, I can clip on a carabiner to attach stuff if I need to.

Share it with us! We lived inland but was there as often as could be. Pinterest.

Reply © Wendi Wachtel and H2OBungalow, 2015. Sometimes the best projects do come to me when I’m stressed for time! This has been fun blog hop and I loved your oyster shell candleholders.

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