Repeat the process over and over again while dodging his attacks. Then she'll grab the SMGs again. Learn more... Wesker may seem intimidating and pretty tough to defeat (especially on higher difficulty settings), but following these simple tips should help you survive and prosper. The first option will make a treasure - The Heart of Africa - appear, and unlocks a trophy or achievement (Bad Blood). You can either fight until Wesker gets down to his knees, or survive the seven minutes. Aiming will be harder due to this. Never fight Jill and Wesker at the same time. When Chris recovers from his fall and Sheva shouts 'Chris, get to a higher ground', run straight up the hill and go left, try to reach the farthest point of the hill top (to have plenty of time and space to aim accurately), now equip your Rocket Launcher, and start aiming down the hill in front of you, as Wesker will be walking up the hill, his weak point (orange spot) on the back of his left shoulder will be clearly revealed to you, aim on that and ... shoot! Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 63,876 times. Anonymous. He is an expert at fighting. Congratulations!

A BSAA emblem is located in the test subject storage chamber (rotating platform room); Visible before you start the platform. First, you must have proper equipment to succeed in defeating him for all three encounters. Shooting the device and using her own weight to pull the device will be faster. Source(s): beat jill wesker resident evil 5:

You should get out of her way or she'll perform a suplex and it's quite damaging. You'll need to repeat this process twice in order for him to be felled so that you can move on to the final leg of this, the final battle. I damn near broke my controller too. When you hear your partner saying "We have to get that device of her chest!"

Thirdly, she may jump toward you. When he stumbles, you or your partner can perform the combo attack (on the Xbox 360 press X,X,B,A, then press X+A at the same time, on PS3 it's Square, Square, Circle, X and Square and X), but be careful because he may dodge your shots depending on the difficulty level. Don't miss any of the button presses when they appear on-screen and, ultimately, you'll arrive at a volcano, a fitting location for the game's final battle. His attacks here are more powerful and difficult to dodge. Remember that you can use your partner to deliver the rockets to you as well, though since single player co-op is permanently broken in Resident Evil 5, you shouldn't count on this as a surefire technique. As you move across the walkway, you will come across sacs hanging from the ceiling. That means you can pull the device when she was being held by your partner or on the ground. Of course, she'll attack you. This technique requires accurate aiming. You will be fighting Albert Wesker and Jill Valentine. Run to the door on the right and a cutscene will occur after a few seconds; you will be knocked through the door by Wesker. If you are on co-op it is best to bring the weakest gun that you have because all bullets do the same damage to the device but Jill will hardly be damaged with a weak gun, remember not to use Magnums, Rifles or Explosives on her, otherwise she will be killed. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Helpful 13 Not Helpful 2 This fight only requires about six well-placed magnum shots, but you should bring as much magnum ammunition to this battle as possible. Check Out Main Mission Walkthroughs Here! Chapter 5-3 Exit the room then continue down the hallway & up the stairs. Watch out for Wesker shooting his magnum. Please help to improve the article, or discuss the issue on the. To avoid Jill, stay in the hallways. To create this article, 10 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. The second removal method: Your partner holds her and you don't shoot, instead you just pull the device (counts as partner action), then Jill will attack your partner.

Climb up the ladder found at the room attached to the large laboratory area. Jill & Wesker fight isn't that hard even on professional - Too get rid of wesker (easily) go to the door on the right wait til he kicks you through then hide and pop him with a rocket or just run around in circles around the room for 7 minutes. Now, this battle is confusing if you don't know what to do. To grab her, you must get behind her or entreat her until the device sends out a shock which stuns her. Run towards a ramp leading upward to a circular area. This will give you an opportunity to shoot him with the rocket launcher (or Magnum), but be careful as he may dodge it. Grab Jill by the back and have your partner tear the spider off. If you repeat this process you will get an achievement. Use the shotgun for close range and tight hallways and the magnum for mid-long range. Date: Eventually I had a friend join in who distracted Jill the right way: using the Cover system and running around in circles. For Wesker, just go to the door and take cover, use Rocket Launcher on Wesker and shoot him to make it explode. Before exiting the Uroboros boss fight area, check behind the giant metal fans. Stay behind the column by the door to avoid Jill's gunshots. Defeat Wesker with One Weapon Within a Minute! The best way is to shoot him in the back.

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This video has been converted with Magix Video Pro to 1920x1080 without anti-flicker filter.\r\r=========================|Rules of engagement|=========================\r\rRE4 control mode\rNo fighting Vest\rNo anti-bullet Vest\rNO GRENADE LAUNCHER\rProfessional mode\rFriendly Fire on\rDesert Eagle and Pistol (no other weapons)\rNo Damage on a Boss Fight (I got shot earlier at the elevator, lol)\rNo Grenades\r\rThe video has been recorded with bot Sheva on Professional mode. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Chris RedfieldSheva Alomar Resident Evil 5 - Trailers (With Wesker! I am talking about when Wesker is still around, I haven't gotten to the part where he leaves and I already died about 20 times, each time last around 1-2 minutes, when Chris will run toward Jill and dies. The partner in cover should shoot Jill with the flash rounds in the grenade launcher. Besides the Generator, there are numerous crates that you can break and a silver weapon box inside the room. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction.

You don't need to shoot down Wesker in this battle. and you see lots of electric shocks from the device then it'll be the last time you pull the device.

This article has been viewed 63,876 times. Quickly run up to him and grab him, allowing your partner the chance to inject him with the needle you're carrying. It's best to wait for the platform to fully stop or to slow down before attempting to shoot this emblem. S-Rank/No Damage Walkthrough - No Commentary Version, The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. When the fight starts, don't bother to shoot Wesker because he will dodge your bullets. This technique requires accurate aiming. Reunited, you should run back up the previous ramp to the previous area where you first shot at Wesker.

If playing co-op, one partner should shoot Wesker to draw attention away.

Continue forward then open the next door, Use the lever on the console to move the platform, Head up the stairs. You can dodge the attack by a QTE or moving in circles.

Don't just stroll inside the operator room as there are multiple enemies waiting inside with one equipped with a Rocket Launcher. However, you must act quickly: watch carefully what button you should press, because if you pressed one wrong button, he'll perform a kick that you can't dodge. Wesker can take more damage than you can. When he is after your partner, shoot him from behind (Magnums work well). Luckily, you can use your counterattack. Read this Chapter 5-3 walkthrough guide of Resident Evil 5 (RE5), including Wesker & Jill boss fight tips, emblem locations and more. Wesker is gone. Chapter 5-2

wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Allow him to lift his mutated arm in the air and attack. Once you've struck the orange-colored emblem for the final time and he's taken enough damage, the game is over. If you get shot, you'll enter dying status easily in the harder difficulties. Chapter 5-3 is the thirteenth level of Resident Evil 5. Note that three successful shots is the maximum number you can land, or else when you attempt the fourth shot Wesker when run towards you and attack. Jill & Wesker fight isn't that hard even on professional - Too get rid of wesker (easily) go to the door on the right wait til he kicks you through then hide and pop him with a rocket or just run around in circles around the room for 7 minutes. You could KO her by knocking her to the ground with the help of a partner.