Thank you once more! Great hub - voted up. Once you've located an area, fill the … It is VERY important to me that I hurt none of them, not even accidentally.

To control chipmunks in NJ you must first obtain a permit from the state DEP (NJ Fish & Wildlife) as they are not listed in the compendium for Trapping/Hunting regulations. A 1x3 piece is ideal, but a 2x4 will work. I like using a 1x3 piece of pine because they're cheep and they're not as bulky as a 2x4. If you ignore that advice and get bit yourself then don’t worry too much as chipmunks generally do not carry rabies. I have some issues with squirrels and I catch and relocate them with have a heart traps....always work...I've heard squirrels can't resist oreos...a surprising number of chipmunks are endangered species, Quote:Good god...what kind of sharpshooter would you have to be to hit one of the little guys. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. I am so glad this is a humane and gentle way to trap and then release into a new 'home' these adorable little critters. For tips on how to catch chipmunks in a hole and how to use a store bought trap, read on! Connect your … [Read More...]. I have been informed that 5 hours is the longest you can leave one in a trap before releasing it. Could you switch to bird feeders that have catch trays and don’t spill as much? This article has been viewed 91,289 times. William R Vitanyi (author) from Edinboro, Pennsylvania on July 05, 2018: Hi Scott. They do in fact eat meat. The important thing is to make sure you get the right sized trap for the job. Chip n Dale! Use peanut butter to make the bait stick to the ramp without sliding down. Learn how well they work on mice, insects, rodents, bugs and other indoor and outdoor pests. If you live in a more urban area you could drive to a wooded area and release it there.

A fence line, porch, or the bushes along your homes foundation can create an ideal spot for a chipmunk to dig a burrow. Then when you have it, feed it through a syringe, by mouth. Helping … [Read More...], Inside: 50 of the best tween and teen books made into movies. With the Havahart trap you can put set a variety of baits inside the cage. You are going to have a stressed out little chipmunk on your hands so it is important that you don’t make things worse. The sunflower seeds will float for a few days then they will begin to get soggy and stink. Whether you want to catch chipmunks to remove the pest from your yard, or just for the fun of the catch and release, it takes no more than some simple supplies and know-how to catch a chipmunk. If you don't catch a chipmunk within a few days, you may want to consider trying a new location or a different bait.

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I am using humane traps for a reason and really don't want to find any "lapsed" Chipmunks when I check them. Chipmunks feel safe in areas where there is a lot of ground cover to protect them from natural predators. By using just a few simple household items, you can make a trap that works extremely well. It should look like the photo to the right on top.

% of people told us that this article helped them. How can I get rid of these pesky chipmunks? It's okay if it's not perfectly balanced. You will find that it is best to have the trap in its final position before setting it, as even minor jarring will spring it. Cutting the top off a milk jug makes a great waterproof tray. Since repellents and sonic deterrent devices don't work and poisons are too dangerous, trapping is the most effective way to control them. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the question. the chipmonk will shoot up in the jug and drown.

If I cannot check them every few hours, should I not set them that day? There are two main versions of bucket traps, the “Spinning Log” and “Walk the Plank”. Use a disinfectant spray and a cloth to clean the trap.

Whether you live in the city or the country, your home is likely to be visited at some point by a chipmunk. Larger animals such as fox squirrels or grey squirrels are acrobatic enough to reach into the water and grab the seeds without falling in. For bait for a chipmunk many people recommend peanut butter. William R Vitanyi (author) from Edinboro, Pennsylvania on June 13, 2020: Hi Samantha.

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After releasing the chipmunk, disinfect the trap before using it again. Supplies for Jug Fishing. Toss the balloons back and forth and try to catch them with the jugs. If you don't catch a chipmunk within a few days, you may want to consider trying a new location or a different bait. The very tip of the triggering rod will slide into the loop at the top of the bait hook. Allow about 2 inches of the wood to hang over the top of the bucket. Fill water balloons with water. Note that the spring-loaded front door is shown in the closed position on the left side of the trap, while the back door is shown in the open position, on the right side of the trap. In my case the chipmunk - Mr. Chips - was causing damage in the garage and basement, so a natural habitat near a stream a couple miles away was preferable, and seemed adequate for release. As shown in the photos above, position the triggering rod between the two poles of the front door handle. Enter every day to increase your chances of winning! Once this is in the correct position, the trap should look like the picture shown on the right side of the splitscreen photo above. Figure out why and how the chipmunk got into your house in the first place! You two have a great time with each other, just don't spoil him to much.,,,,,, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow.