dataType: "json", When you spend $50 or more on your order  |  Just click “Free Shipping” in your checkout cart  |  Only applies to shipping within the U.S. Beginning on June 15, every year, your lure parts the water and lands in the mouth of hundreds of hungry, famous Cutthroat of Yellowstone Park. dataString = $("#caldata").serialize();

Greg explains the benefits of using white lures wh... more >, Gary Kemsley explains the joys of fishing in small streams. Email:, Copyright © 2020 | Jakes Lures | All Rights Reserved. Please enable JavaScript to use this form. var year=mydate.getYear(); It’s great to have a tackle bag full of the best lures when heading out for a fish. var daym=mydate.getDate(); When a fish chases a lure, it will flare its gills and try and inhale the lure so an assist rig, which is lighter than the lure, is the first thing that will be sucked into the fish’s mouth, which helps hook the fish cleanly. When leaders are getting above 30kg, knotting can become bulky and affect the lure action. Double hooks are good for trolling for smaller tuna with small lures. The key again is matching the clip to the lure and size of tackle you are using. To make an assist rig, attach a hook to an assist cord and then loop it on to a solid ring and a split ring. dateFormat:"dd-M-yy", document.getElementById('date_time').value= date ; Rigging it correctly will have a big influence on the lure’s effectiveness, advises Adam Clancey. Wyoming’s best kept fishing secret for over 60 years is now available to you online! Tie a relatively heavy leader direct to a bibbed minnow and it will not only affect the lure’s swimming action but also the depth it will dive and the speed it can be trolled at. In this situation, the use of alloy crimps is a much better option as these are strong and allow a loop so lures and hooks can swing. $('#date_time').datepicker( e.preventDefault(); success: function( data ){ My father and I have fished in Yellowstone for years.

Sheridan, Wyoming TROUT! $('#loadingmessage').hide(); // hide the loading message Jakes Lures } }); All information © 2020 The Fishing Website, Use a net or a gaff to lift fish out of the water – using the lure or trace can damage the rig, Use only top-quality rigging accessories to prevent disappointment, When using soft-baits, tie a loop knot to give the lure action, especially with heavier leaders, Don’t use clips on kabura lures – they are supposed to slide up and down the line, Use crimps and line chaff protectors on game lure leaders, Double hooks are great when using small lures for tuna, Change hooks and rings after a bit of use. type: "post", It is tempting to rig all lures as heavy-duty as possible so they can take a beating.

We all want the ability to quickly change from one lure to another. var timezone = jstz.determine(); $('#loadingmessage').show(); // show the loading message. This is so the lure will not create line twist if it starts to spin. // The type of request. Use this technique with no sinker or with either of the weighting options described above. One of the real keys to making any lure work effectively starts well before it hits the water. Jakes Lures document.getElementById('tzone').value=;

I’ve caught many Rainbows, Browns, Cutthroats and a few Brooks and Walleye. $("#minor2").html(" " + data[0].minor2);