Untreated solid pine is a durable natural material that can be painted, oiled or stained according to preference. I used one of the HEJNE posts, cut to size with a mini circular saw, at the bottom across the front to stabilise it using the existing holes and IKEA bolts per the IKEA instructions. To do that I had to cut the planks at an angle. I realized the HEJNE shelving could be ‘inverted’, if you will, from outside to inside support. Find out more about browser cookies. The last step is to just place the pantry shelving onto the dowels in the side units.

Basically the posts are fixed to the wall of the pantry.

What I like about the radiator shelf hack is its relative simplicity. Total cost came up to £28. The key is to use more parts of each tree and to cut transportation costs by producing where the tree is sourced.

Solid timber is so strong that each HEJNE unit can be used to store heavy loads, like a garage worth of tools. Super easy to assemble but definitely need two people. Hackers Help: Doors for BILLY corner unit? At less than $100 per cabinet, these versatile pieces of furniture have the power to transform a room. You’re bound to find something to inspire you. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Screw a HEJNE shelf to each short side of the EKBY shelf using the IKEA bolts provided. The radiator shelf took about 4 hours to make. I bought an Allen key attachment for the screwdriver drill which was the best thing ever and made the screwing of the bolts easy.

HEJNE storage system is sturdy and strong enough for even the heaviest loads in your garage, basement or attic. Old Home Remodel Home Remodel Costs Quirky Home Decor Eclectic Decor Ikea Hacks Ikea Hejne Ivar Regal Bathroom Towel Decor Cheap Dorm Decor. . My shelves are still as pretty as when new. That’s likeable, don’t you think? Each time it was broken down and reassembled.

Very good. I was unable to find suitable adjustable wall mounted pantry shelving for my odd shaped space.

They do need to be secured to a wall so that they don't fall over (you do this with an eye bolt and a steel wire). hacks from all over the globe.

My only issue would be a lack of access to the controls on a storage radiator, as I can’t see any, but a hinged section would work. This is really creatively found and clear explained.

The outer sections of the log are what we use to make HEJNE.

I realized the HEJNE shelving could be ‘inverted’, if you will, from outside to inside support. I have two sides of my garage lined with these shelves. hacks from all over the globe. It gave enough storage space for kitchen items. The STUVA was destined for a kid’s bedroom, but we decided to use it for our kitchen pantry. During assembly I was worried how wobbly it was since I was planing on loading this thing up with heavy garage items. "There's no difference at all in strength," Jesper says. This is an easy build and sturdy shelf all while remaining fairly clean and low profile. Learn how your comment data is processed. Assembly is easy, but given the amount of screws you are going to want a power tool. We want to have a positive impact on the planet. "But furniture makers don't always use this type of wood because it has these natural markings in the timber where branches have come out from the trunk.". It’s easy for someone not experienced in DIY to do. Measurements for my pantry, which meant shelves would need to be narrower on the inside. I do not recall any difficulty in assembly, but I do use power tools for screws. Then, removed the end rails and re-attached to the planks on the end unit. We have 5,000 (+ counting!) IKEA hejne hacks. I then realised I hadn’t accounted for the skirting board so rather than trying to fashion a cut out for it I used the other HEJNE post across the back, fixing it to the shelves per the HEJNE instructions. This furniture must be secured to the wall.