We play a vital role in Boston and beyond. WBUR has been a credible digital innovator. This reckoning demands that we confront elements of systemic racism that have persisted in our country and our institutions, even as we’ve expressed a commitment to diversity. I have always had great admiration and respect for WBUR and its wonderful array of programming. Required fields are marked *, Pioneering Research from Boston University.

“We are going to get better and better and our journalism will be even more ambitious—on radio, in newsletters and podcasts, in any platform,” Low says.

And even though live events are not possible now with social distancing requirements, that will end one day, and when it does, WBUR must be ready. “I think events are a cornerstone of our future to reach new people, and we are even trying to do that in a virtual sphere. Whenever you are looking at a source on the internet, you should check several things to verify that the information is credible. There are a few things to look for that may signal that a source has credibility. To those who are staying — thank you for all you’re doing to keep WBUR strong. These things include the source's authority, accuracy, objectivity, currency, and coverage.

This is a time of profound technological change and the clock is ticking. Reporting the truth. This website uses cookies. She outlines what she calls four pillars of her restructuring plan.

I understand the financial constraints, but there should always be room for kindness in our lives and this podcast has provided that ray of hope and reminded us we can always be better human beings. Your email address will not be published. We are doubling down.” And there is some urgency, she emphasizes. Visit our Service Update Page to find out how the library is delivering services and for a complete list of the resources that are currently available. Yes, because he is an assistant professor at a university. These are wrenching decisions.”. There are a few things to look for that may signal that a source has credibility. Formal. After yesterday’s big cuts at Minnesota Public Radio and WBEZ Chicago, Boston University Public News/Talk 90.9 WBUR-FM Boston has announced it will be laying off 29 employees. Is this a credible source? I’m enormously grateful for the years that you have devoted to making WBUR such an exceptional place.

“There is no question that COVID accelerated things,” Low says. These days are filled with anguish, but endowed with the possibility of achieving lasting change. How is this source proved?

I hope WBUR’s restructuring will bring back more balanced programming. Yes

The audience for which the source was written. Credible Sources When you read, you should make sure that what you are reading comes from a credible source. It’s still core to who we are, but we have to double down on other platforms, and that does include events.”.

The first is editorial excellence, to be “the most trusted and beloved source of local news in Boston and beyond.” The second is “organizational excellence and efficiency.” The third is economic sustainability, to establish new ways of generating revenue in addition to tightly controlling costs. The economic downtown created an additional challenge, he says, and “we have to be prepared to keep the ship floating until we can get to the other side of COVID.”. My decisions rest on four pillars — three that I’m addressing immediately with this reorganization and a fourth that I will enlist all of you in tackling in the days and months ahead: Editorial Excellence — we must strive to be the most trusted and beloved source of local news in Boston and beyond, distinguished in a competitive media landscape by the quality and ambition of our journalism and our programming. The journal or publisher’s editorial process, including the process of peer-review. No So that they can’t imagine a day without WBUR.

Organizational changes of this magnitude are hard. Margaret Low announced layoffs on Wednesday, five months into her tenure at the helm of WBUR, Margaret Low Named General Manager and CEO of WBUR , with Eye on Live Events, Facing $96M Shortfall, President Brown Announces Layoffs, Furloughs, WBUR’s CitySpace: a Community Events Site Unlike Any Other in Boston, Smart Cities Are Summoning the Future Now with Sustainable Policies, US and Canadian Planners Tell WBUR’s CitySpace Audience, COM Goes All-out to Cover Election Night 2020, Live Election Day Coverage: BU Community Reacts, 10 Ways to Distract Yourself on Election Day and Beyond, As Students Relax, BU Cracks Down with Stiffer Penalties on Gatherings, BUTV10 Continues to Create Content While Sticking to Strict Health Protocols, Eight Questions That Could Decide the Presidency. "Many pages on the Web reflect incompetence, and some are pure hoaxes." We’ve already been in touch with everyone who is immediately affected by the changes.

I’m sorry to say that you have lost that respect and admiration. Lance has two decades of experience tracking the audio industry and its use of digital platforms. Another change came in the relationship between WBUR and BU, when BU agreed to share station control with a board of directors and gave a new executive committee oversight of finances and the authority to hire and fire the station’s general manager. Low also announced a salary freeze for the fiscal year and a temporary stop to matching contributions to employee retirement funds and that she is taking a 10 percent salary cut herself. In the weeks following the police killing of George Floyd, we have witnessed a global outpouring of people calling for racial justice — and an end to the profound inequities that have defined the American experience. “Listeners won’t feel this as a retreat. In general, most of what you find through your university's library, whether it is a book, scholarly journal article, music recording, CD, DVD, e-book, etc. At a time when kindness and love seem to be at a premium, it speaks volumes that you have chosen to cancel Modern Love and Kind World. And we’ve developed a much reduced budget for the next fiscal year.

Additionally Managing Director of News and Programming Sam Fleming will move up his planned retirement after almost three decades at the station. Aiming to restructure WBUR with a focus on expanding its audience, while simultaneously facing budget cuts from the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic, station CEO Margaret Low announced layoffs on Wednesday, as well as a roadmap for reaching new listeners and readers.

The audience for which the source …

Enriching lives. Most notably — we are eliminating seven unfilled positions, cutting travel and marketing costs and canceling various contracted services. There will also be some shared sacrifice. Senior Managing Editor Dan Mauzy will be promoted to Executive Editor For News assuming most of Melville’s duties. At the same time as we are losing cherished colleagues, this restructuring means that we will be hiring for a number of new positions that will make WBUR stronger. A successful event of note was last year’s ARTery 25: Millennials of Color. Your email address will not be published. This is a time of profound technological change and the clock is ticking. Credibility can be demonstrated in a number of different ways. Some books may qualify as scholarly if they are published by a university press or a scholarly association, but it’s wise to check with your professor to make sure these materials count as scholarly from their perspective. Many of them are part time staff. First, we had to deal with the current financial reality and make the necessary organizational changes. The first is editorial excellence, to be “the most trusted and beloved source of local news in Boston and beyond.” ... “WBUR has been a credible digital innovator,” Low told her staff.