WITH: Charlize Theron (Josey Aimes), Frances McDormand (Glory), Sean Bean (Kyle), Richard Jenkins (Hank), Jeremy Renner (Bobby), Michelle Monaghan (Sherry), Woody Harrelson (Bill White) and Sissy Spacek (Alice). Michael Seitzman’s multi-layered, complex screenplay is inspired by the book, “Class Action: The Landmark Case That Changed Sexual Harassment Law,” by Clara Bingham and Laura Leedy Gansler. ( Log Out /  Change ), Violence Against Women: Ohio Kidnapping Case. Two stories unfold concurrently. The non-linear structure of Seitzman’s script illustrates how events of the past, especially in a small community, are inevitably brought to bear upon the present.

"North Country" is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian). Stepping up as Josey’s first real ally, albeit reluctantly, is hometown attorney Bill White. The relationship between Kyle and Glory is one of love and romance, and one of the most positive portraits of marriage to be seen in a Hollywood movie in a long time. Lois Jensen began working at Eveleth Mines in 1975 soon after a consent decree forced the company to hire women, only to find herself bombarded by lewd comments, vulgar graffiti, hard-core pornography and the unsolicited, at times threatening advances of male colleagues. There are more immediate concerns, like the unpleasant surprise that turns up in her locker or in her lunchbox—a dildo. Initially, the prospect of trying Josey’s case is as daunting for him as it is for her. Like the other female miners, Josey takes a job at Eveleth Mines because it pays better than any pink- or other blue-collar gig in the region. And now, “North Country” is likely to do the same for Theron, and for some of the other actors, particularly Frances McDormand, in what’s uniformly a stellar cast, the best ensemble to be seen in a Hollywood picture in a long time.

Starting with her immediate supervisor and then moving all the way up the chain to the company president, she voices her concerns and is consistently ignored, patronized or invited to resign. Although many men are decent, there are a volatile few who take every opportunity to remind the women theyre not wanted there, with a steady stream of insults, innuendo, vulgar remarks, and pranks that tread, and often push, the line between locker-room humor and out-and-out harassment. Learn to give it right back to the guys or at least keep your mouth shut and go about your business.” Come payday, it’s all worthwhile. Though by necessity didactic (with speeches), it isn’t a black-and-white scenario or politically correct. Poverty forces these women into the mine, where the air is thick with dust and misogyny. Josey’s growing commitment to be heard finally finds an unexpected ally in Bill White (Woody Harrelson), a hometown lawyer newly returned from his own personal and professional disappointments in New York. Despite its ignoble origin, the film was a great commercial and artistic success and has become a cult classic. ( Log Out /  One man broke into her house as she slept; another stalked her with the sort of delusional ardor that fuels the John Hinckleys of the world. Inspired by a true story, “North Country” unfolds as a one woman’s journey on a road that took her farther than she ever imagined, ultimately inspiring countless others, and leading to the nation’s first-ever class action lawsuit for sexual harassment. The suit pitted a handful of female workers against their employer, Eveleth Mines in northern Minnesota, and hinged on both physical and psychological abuse that would have sent most people, men included, running for the exits.

After all, as is clear from the plaintiff who had her ashes scattered over the mines, these women knew when it was time to fight. Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal, but it still happens.

“Don’t show that it gets to you. Would like to know more information on what the outcome of Josey Aimes lawsuit in the movie North Country? At first, he’s hesitant to take Josey’s case against the mine because his expertise at the law firm was in negotiating settlements, not going to trial. It’s the first indication of what Josey should expect from her job. Shell have to be tough, Glory warns. However, for Josey, this time, there’s no going back. Like the other female miners, Josey takes a job at Eveleth Mines because it pays better than any pink- or other blue-collar gig in the region. As one of the few women on the mining crew and the only female union rep since her husband Kyle (Sean Bean) was injured at work and permanently sidelined, Glory offers an honest picture of the job’s pros and cons. It’s in this, most intriguing aspect that “North Country” differs from “Norma Rae” and “Silkwood.”. Josey escaped from an abusive husband before going to work into the mines. Violence Against Women: Are Protection Orders Enough? The way they see it, these women have invaded their territory; if they don’t like it, they can quit. Mr. Seitzman pares away most of the mess and the tedium, but his smartest move is to turn a mirror on the audience and transform one woman's life and hard times into the life and hard times of all women. Instead of comforting her with a big sweet hug, Glory says, look, you just have to get over it. In time, even her friendship with Glory suffers from the strain and the repercussions of her battle for respect, which spills out into the community at large, affecting her children at school and her parents’ relationships with their friends and with each other.

The fictional Josey Aimes, played by Theron, was “inspired by” the real-life story of Lois Jenson, a Minnesotan iron miner who faced horrible sexual harassment at her job. She discovers it only when she gets herelf into situations that require it, or realizes some truths not seen by others. As a working-class protagonist, Josey doesn’t realize she has that incredible internal fortitude and ability. Josey didn’t want to give up her baby and … Money and fear also keep their heads bowed and mouths closed, even as they are subjected to veiled and open threats. Glory’s been working in the mine longer than Josey.

For every woman who has been grabbed and groped against her wishes, hounded and worse, told to shut up and smile, told to shut up and take it like a man, told to shut up if you know what's good for you, the new film "North Country" will induce a shiver of recognition and maybe a blast of rage. North Country, starring Charlize Theron, is about the sexual harassment class action lawsuit that the women of EVTAC mines in Minnesota filed in the 1980s. Her former high school classmate, Bobby Sharp (Jeremy Renner), is now a shift supervisor and one of her bosses. Josey, a single mother of two, newly separated and with nowhere to go, returns to her childhood home in Northern Minnesota, where her parents (Sissy Spacek and Richard Jenkins) receive her with mixed emotions. With its belching smokestacks and moonscape grounds, Eveleth Mines looks like a monster, a prison, a vision of hell. It's exhausting fighting that fight, and this may explain why "North Country" self-destructs midway through, as if undone by the sheer effort of trying to stuff so much unpleasantness into a redemption song. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

This film is based on the 1984 landmark sexual harassment class-action case Jenson v. Eveleth Taconite Co. ( Log Out / 

The story does not end there. Part of the reason she remains above the fray is because she’s learned to overlook the pranks and the innuendo. He eventually told the truth about the rape. She has a cut and I'm not sure if it needs stitches Hey long story short i think i had an ulcer and i picked at it and it started bleeding so i put a band aid on it and left it on for 4 days now there is a bad smell i have taken the band aid off What will happening I apply Hydro Seal band-Aid on my boil will it heal my boil? This landmark case, Jenson v. Eveleth Taconite Co., also established  a sexual harassment in the workplace policy .

Despite the hazards, Josey quickly learns the pleasure of cashing her own check, a novel experience after years of dependency on both men and her parents (played by Sissy Spacek and Richard Jenkins). The mine is like a free zone for them, where they can say and do things they might not say or do in town. She might even be able to buy her own home. However, Josey became pregnant at 16 not by her boyfriend, but by her teacher raping her. Even before Josey signs on with Eveleth, Ms. Caro, who made a small splash with the mite-sized art-house favorite "Whale Rider," tells us everything we need to know about this scrapper, including the fact that she's used to being pushed around by men. The natural interplay between Glory and Josey is portrayed with restraint. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. During the trial, the lawyers tried to blame the victim, once again, and say that Josey was promiscuous becuse she and her steady boyfriend had sex and became pregnant when Josey was 16. Josey decided to leave her job at the mine and sue for harrasment. That's an absurd fiction, but surely more comforting than the truth, which at the Eveleth Mines was messy, tiresome, exhausting, banal and stultifyingly ugly. Stepping up as Josey’s first real ally, albeit reluctantly, is hometown attorney Bill White. That the film works as well as it does, delivering a tough first hour only to disintegrate like a wet newspaper, testifies to the skill of the filmmakers as well as to the constraints brought on them by an industry that insists on slapping a pretty bow on even the foulest truth. There isn’t a job in town that can match what Josey will make at the mine. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. While working in the mines, she refused to give into the demands of the men, which caused them to give her labels that were incorrect. Josey enters a world where tensions are already high and where the existing, predominantly male workforce, is threatened by what they see as women coming in and taking their jobs. Meanwhile, Josey has to face resistance and hostility from a completely unexpected quarter, her female co-workers, the women she is trying to help and whose support she was counting on.