Delmont Walker Gears of War Gears of War 4 James Dominic Fenix Kait Diaz Marcus Fenix. Pasco initially declined.

Kait Does Disney. [3] She became friends with James Dominic Fenix and Delmont Walker after they went AWOL from the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army. First Minister Mina Jinn continually had meetings with Kait, encouraging her to join the COG Army as Corporal and help against the Swarm, but Kait rejected First Minister Jinn's many offers. Kait and Reyna taking out a DeeBee! The next year, Pasco eventually arrived to Fort Umson with herbal tea from the mountain wildflowers and stayed two whole years, becoming good friends with the Diaz Family before moving out and creating his own village. During the raid, however, the group was caught by another Watcher. Afterwards, Kait made her way out of the nest and tearfully embraced JD. Reyna explained that Oscar was disowned for being an irresponsible alcoholic, but unknown to them, Oscar had spent the past year recovering. Kait Diaz

I don't really have a lot of time for drawing these days, so I'm pretty late myself. During the reunion, Baird revealed that he was the one who originally saved Kait, JD and, Del during the raid on Settlement 5, as he is the CEO and creator of the DeeBees, and that he brought more than just ammunition.

[7], Having been spurred into action by the strange crystal harvested at Fort Umson, Marcus lead the group towards an abandoned Osmium mine that had been used as a mass grave for the Locust bodies following the events of the Second Battle of Azura, which had encased the Locust bodies in strange, unbreakable crystal cocoons. [9], After a brief, mostly peaceful encounter with First Minister Jinn at the outskirts of Speyer, Kait and the group fought through both Swarm and DeeBee forces to the communications array, finally securing it and then tasked with using a Fabricator to defend it. Within the wilds, the three were surrounded by dangerous animals. ... Kait McKey Art. Kamul polycounter lvl 4. After a short horse ride, the group found themselves at JD's home and endured a tense first meeting with JD's father, Marcus Fenix. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Equipment However, Kait then discovered and destroyed a Watcher that was tracking the four outside of the Settlement. I just wish I could have another pic but now your busy with other things. Kait also possessed an incredible amount of resolve, never once faltering from her goal of finding her mother or Marcus when they were abducted, and being able to carry through despite the intense combat that followed.