Much like Loch Ness in Scotland, Lake Willoughby has its own sea monster legend. What Vermont lacks in human population, it makes up for in trees.

Some of the braver students went out to search the sandpit, and although there was no monster, the nearby grass had been trampled by something large. "There be WEIRD stuff here!" It was twenty-three feet long. His parents phoned the authorities, and search parties combed the area, but he was never found.

The frosts destroyed their crops, and there was a  constant fear of attack from hostile Indians.

The following two tabs change content below. … What I saw was no yarn. On the Mount Pisgah side of Lake Willoughby is an area that is known as Devil’s Rock. Have your camera ready, because you are going to want to capture every moment that you can. It is believed that the legend was started because of a 23-foot eel that was killed by a 12-year-old boy.

Lake Willoughby is a lake in the town of Westmore, Vermont. Lake House on Willoughby Lake, Vermont, (burned down 1904) Vermont Lakes New England Opera House Travel Viajes Traveling Trips Tourism The divine Lake Willoughby in … Comment below, if you dare! Willy is supposed to have humps on his back, and is shaped like a snake or an eel. This was constructed by Alexander Twilight. Biggest bass?

However, the longest fresh water eel on record tops out around seven feet long. When European settlers reached this region, the local Indians warned them away from the lake and its serpent. The state’s firsts include the first state to join the original thirteen colonies, the first state to abolish slavery, and it’s first on the list of maple syrup producing states making 40.7 per cent of the country’s favorite pancake topping. This is a popular spot for cliff diving. She thinks there might be ancient swimming reptiles in Lake Seymour, Lake Willoughby, and Crystal Lake. The following two tabs change content below. There are over 100 other species of birds that are known to make the area home. Lovecraft Lake Champlain Lake Memphremagog Lake Willoughby Memphre Northfield Pigman The Awful Willy. Eight hardy families settled the area.

There is so much to say and see on Lake Champlain, but let's talk about it's legendary lake monster, Champ.

Fish stocks include rainbow trout, salmon (mainly stocked), burbot, yellow perch, lake chub, common shiner, and a so-called round whitefish, which is … People reported finding bones and cloven hoof prints in one cave of the Washbowl, and that brought people to hunt for the Pigman.

If you visit Willoughby State Forest, there are many hiking trails. Sightings of Willy go all the way back to 1868. This freshwater lake is shaped like a giant 7.

Lovecraft visited to the towns of Richford and Berkshire from his native Rhode Island to find out more about the monster.

Like at Lake Memphremagog, American Indians warned early white settlers of the monster. Lake Willoughby was created by glacial action,  which carved out a narrow, and deep lake.

This website is best enjoyed on a dark, rainy day with a cup of coffee and a loyal dog (or cat) asleep at your feet. Snowshoeing is also an activity that many people will partake of. But I don’t think owls grow to 500 pounds,” Siecienski told WCAX in Burlington, Vermont. Since then it has evolved into more of a quirky historical and unusual chronicle of off beat Vermont folklore, myths and legends.

_____ Lake Willoughby in Westmore, VT lakewilloughby3.jpgLake Willoughby is, by far, the most strikingly beautiful glacial lake …

According to U.S. Census data, Vermont is the second least populous state (behind Wyoming) with 626,042 residents. Lake Seymour. was started back in the mid 1990's as a Vermont resource guide.

Early in the 1800’s inhabitants left due to the harsh conditions. “Both my wife and I, at the exact same time, said, ‘My god, what in the world is that?