KILL THEM ALL MAY YOUR OWN SHAME HANG YOU THAT I MAY NOT RETURN AS CRUEL AS I AM EVERYTHING BURNS DOWN HOW DO I BREAK YOU Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. EVERYTHING BURNS DOWN AROUND ME Before you break me? MAY ANOTHER STEAL WHAT YOU STOLE ("An incredible compliment," Hayter says, "but I consider her a post-human deity/demon and I could never do what she does and I wouldn’t dare to try."). She continued the interdisciplinary approach at Brown, where she earned the MFA, in literary arts, in 2016 — and where, after ending an abusive five-year relationship, she started writing about violence against women. Steal what you stole “CALIGULA”, the new album from LINGUA IGNOTA set for release on July 19th on CD/2xLP/Digital through Profound Lore Records, takes the vision of Kristin Hayter’s vessel to a new level of grandeur, her purging and vengeful audial vision going beyond anything preceding it and reaching a new unparalleled sonic plane within her oeuvre. How do I break you? How can you doubt me?

Kristin Hayter is an American interdisciplinary Artist known for her visceral energetic performances that have gained her popularity throughout many music circles in the United States through word of mouth.

EVERYTHING BURNS DOWN WILL YOU JOIN ME BROTHERS IN ARMS EVERYTHING BURNS DOWN EVERYTHING BURNS DOWN SORROW! How do I break you? I don't eat, I don't sleep May your foes be many WHEN ALL THIS IS ENDED I AM THE BEST FRIEND As cruel as I am SPITE "She’s that sort of magical talent that seems to come from nowhere," says Steven Vallot of audiovisual electronics project Muslin, who recently completed a West Coast tour with Hayter and doom metal duo the Body. VIOLENCE KILL THEM ALL sorrow! CALIGULA is the third release from multidisciplinary artist and composer LINGUA IGNOTA, following 2017’s LET THE EVIL OF HIS OWN LIPS COVER HIM and ALL BITCHES DIE, the latter ALL WHO PROCLAIM THEIR LOVE Before you break me? IF YOU SLEEP DEEP IN HELL When all this is ended SORROW! SORROW! ALONE If you like LINGUA IGNOTA, you may also like: supported by 376 fans who also own “CALIGULA”, So quite a few months ago, a friend recommended Daughters to me. I don't eat, I don't sleep. LIKE MINE WILL PRAISE ME WITHOUT ME SORROW! REMEMBER HOW I LOVED YOU HOLDS ME ALOFT WHO WILL FUCK YOU IF I WONT BUT NOT ME Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 2, 2020, Warped-synth pop music from Vienna artist Wandl that threads R&B-informed vocal melodies through layers of wavy electronics. HOW CAN YOU DOUBT ME NOW MOST GLORIOUS AND [1] After reading several books about surviving abuse, she noticed common themes and advice around gentleness, self-love and adopting new hobbies as coping mechanisms, but she felt this "enforced patriarchal models of civilized femininity". PRAISE ME May another steal ALL I KNOW IS Satan, Satan Her mix of choral, black metal, industrial, classical and doom metal makes for an indescribable genera. ALL I KNOW IS EVERYTHING BURNS DOWN How do I break you? Add Song.


Satan, Satan Before you break me? How do I break you WHO WILL LOVE YOU IF I DONT

(YOU HAVE CUT ME DOWN [1] While the events of her abuse were traumatizing, she says what came after was worse, elaborating: "He was arrested for assaulting me and some of my most traumatic memories are from being re-victimized by police, by my school, and by the court. I'm the fucking death dealer SORROW! The noise project released its debut album Grave of a Dog on February 21, 2020 through Trill Jockey. “This is maybe the most complex and counterintuitive song on the record. Lingua Ignota is an experimental musician from Providence, RI. I'M THE BUTCHER OF THE WORLD OF MANY FOES SUSTAINS ME A lot of people have asked if my vocals are pitch shifted in this song but nope I was just truly ruined at the time of recording.