As it is, my son and I use the word EVET (yes) a lot, as well as Gunedin (which is good-morning). Guven Kirac as Nail Marhzar and her made a very sweet couple.

Will their families eventually approve their marriage? If you do not happen to come from a from a culture who accepts that much interference in a son’s life from their parents-you will find them even more incomprehensible but funny and mad at the same time! It’s not on Netflix or Youtube. With his father forcing him to leave Aysem, Omer fights back. Meanwhile, Omer’s secret he hid from everyone is about to be revealed. In trouble, Burak swears revenge. Got hooked on it, but then that 5 year gap spoiled everything!

I was glad to see the last of Omer’s mother and father.

Love Me As I Am is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (1 episodes). The start of season 3 starts like a brand new series. I was a wreck for half a day. Plus she really is naive as you say, she has been brought up as a much adored single child in a small village by an adoring father so she has led a sheltered life and also been spoiled, not materially but emotionally as she is used to getting her own way in everything! A summer fling born under the Sicilian sun quickly develops into a heartbreaking love story that forces a boy and girl to grow up too quickly. Omer and Aysem can finally relax thanks to their amazing nanny. Omer and Aysem are scared for their baby, who clings to life in intensive care. All suspicions fall on Omer. Haluk and Deniz continue feuding. But I found that he most probably left the show to star in a movie for which, I reckon, he will receive an award.

She comes from a small city but starts to live with her uncle in Istanbul after she is accepted to her school. are not interchangeable! They deliberately, I felt, show Ayshem stomping along in her high heels because she was never really used to wearing them, lol.

Aysem and Omer’s moves to fire Esra are skillfully repelled. I loved Fahriye and Reyhaan from beginning to end. As she waits for Nail at the wedding table, Eda's nerves are tested with every passing minute. There is tension between Furkan and Ilyas.

Who needs Hollywood? were hilariously and excellently acted comedy characters.

Congratulations to the cast. A woman is found dead in her bathtub, with a puddle of blood nearby. It is so different to my Australian way of life, but the basics for a nice family life are the same everywhere. Original Title: Beni Boyle Sev Mentes continues to compete with Nail. I think they probably had to leave the show for their own personal reasons all at the same time so then the director had to just come up with something to make season 3 more exciting. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.7. As a former foreign language teacher myself, it makes absolutely no sense to me how somebody could be a translator and not know the difference between one pronoun and another. Ayshem does experience things differently and seems to live in a more emotional realm than Omer and his friends do. But I had a good few laughs for Furkaans mom and dad.

This was a great disappointment for Reyhan and Mazhar lovers like me.

Aysem doesn’t know how to react to her in-laws’ proposal.

A surprise visitor brings joy, however small, to the family. Aysem realizes what she did wrong to her father. Eda’s discomfort continues. Nb.

When Furkan comes round, he can’t remember a thing. Hacer gets in a fight at school and begs to return to her village.

They were not the type of the previous actors of Beni Böyle Sev who were respected actors from Turkish theatre and cinema.

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Several years later, Ayşem and Fahriye are working as teachers, while Ömer's family business is deep in debt.

It takes on a language of its own. Mert Turak as Nezih Her husband theorizes she had an accident. Greatly appreciate Turkish cultural practices.

Everyone wonders who is behind it, while Eda and Nail have just one suspect: Mentes Kirmen. The man that played Omer’s father was the most horrible man I have ever seen.

I absolutely disliked Ayshem’s aunt and uncle. Aching for Nezih, Reyhan wants to give Serhat a chance.

I am surprised I stayed with it so long as I am not a huge fan of romantic comedies usually, I love Turkish series but usually prefer one with a bit of a thriller and or gangster aspect.

I liked Turkish series but all their show are cancelled in the middle of story which made no sense at all. Just finished watching Love me as I am on Netflix-season 1-3.

Facing up to their problems, Omer and Aysem decide to move house. I too was confused, I did a lot of research but found no answers. Accepting Haluk for how he was: was an example of the group’s tolerance to the viewer I felt. Omer's exam results come back. With Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloë Sevigny, Ginnifer Goodwin. I feel exactly the same way as you Olga and if I was younger, I’d get to see those beautiful places in Turkey, see the people and get to know some of the language. I do agree with you partly about Ayshem who I too, started to find annoying but then I am aware that I soon get bored of the main couple’s romance in Turkish dramas anyway and the eternal focus on the heroine/ her face, basically. She kept talking fast and trying to be funny when she needed to play the straight part and leave the funny to the comedians.

She already left for blady 5 years without any contact, not again he thought….no ways are you gonna get away from me this time. Alper Saldiran as Omer Somebody witnesses Eda and Nail’s secret meeting. Nadide's insists that Esra becomes the baby's nanny. She believes Omer doesn't understand her, and Reyhan's behavior becomes more strange.

Furkan can't recall a thing.

Ayshem acting is so amateur, screwing up her face and screaming and talking like a market seller!

Eda Ece as Zeyno, You Might Also Like But I do think they were meant to be a caricature of such parents that everybody can understand. At precisely 1 hour 25 minutes in at approximately 43 seconds-a character asks exactly what the viewer wants to know-ie. Tolga tricks his captor. You need to keep the person who selected all this music as in my opinion, he or she did a great job. Meanwhile, Aysem invites her father to the house to tell him the sex of the child. Although it is never as clearly cut and dried as this though in practice as these dramas show us. By the way, for someone who said they didn’t know the mother’s name, it was NADIDE. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. Omer proves himself to Nail, gets his permission, and calls his family to Akcaabat. Cast

For me it was Reyhans’ interminable gurning and exaggerated facial expressions for a period that nearly had me giving up. It is the classic compare and contrast of ‘traditional’ versus ‘modern’ cultural /family values. Production Company: BSK Yapim

When Seda leaves in anger at Taner, Fahriye comes across a surprise name while looking for a solution. Nadide is upset by unexpected events at the party to announce her son’s marriage.

Mentes is shocked when Nail and Eda decide to get away from everything. Episode 1 90m. Noooooooo, not again! Haluk does as much as he can to put Deniz at ease, but he has no success. I have watched a lot of great Turkish TV series as well as a couple of movies and my favourite was “Ertugrul: Resurrection” as it tells about the beginning and rise of the Ottoman Empire.

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Lovesick Mazhar tries to win Reyhan’s heart.

However Ayshem does grow up over the series and becomes more adult. The story of Aysem and Ömer, who think that they will be able to take responsibility for their dreams, their love and each other, and to have difficulties together, instead of temporary relations that they will live for … Aysem and Omer are united against those who wish to split them apart, but when they find their dream house, there is an unforeseen development. Selen Ucer as Eda