I actually don't mind the sex, so they don't need to be DNA'd. $200 for both, sold as a pair, cage included. I am looking to see if anyone would want to possibly trade for unrelated bloodlines. Very very hormonal. Thanks, Gary, I am wanting to get back into breeding Lories..

Swainson's - $600 ea - 3 available, Green nape - $600 ea - 2 available,also available for trade for lories: Hwamei males - from imported stock, White rump Shama thrush Shipping available at buyer's expense. Thanks, Gary, Looking for the following birds:female Ornate Lorikeet ,female Yellow-streaked Lory, I have a female blue streaked lory,5 and a half years old. Looking for Goldie's Lorikeets and Red Lories. Contact me by phone or text. Great with kids. 1 male blue streak for my hormonal hen. I can send photos of him/her if you would like. Two and a half years old. I am looking for a pair of Blue, red collared lories, red lories or Blue Mountains Swainson's. We ship weather permitting via airlines. he is tame and perfect feather but has to open up to new people currently only looking to trade for a breeding age dna'd female scarlet macaw in perfect feather please text or email (626)428-6467 sorry can't ship local trade only, 2 tamed black capped Lory for sale -700 each .. DNA CERTIFIED call 954-559-6177, Black capped hand fed lory-DNA certified female for sale 700.00, We have several Surg. Help stop overbreeding, give a healthy Lorikeet Parrot a home. Male Melanistic Stella lory. I have plenty of experience raising very young babies. I also have DNA Swainson's Males for trade if interested. THANK YOU. WE have lots of baby just weaned Swainson Blue Mountain lories avialable $450 ea. Phone 817-400-9554 or 254-688-0818 or email. Looking for red or blue streaked lory pairs, Hi Looking for a young adult pair of Edwards Rainbow Lories. Thanks. I have a baby YELLOW-BIBBED LORY JUST NOW WEANING AND ABOUT TO BE SHIPPED TO ME, BUT I CAN HAVE THE BREEDER SHIP TO YOU IF YOU CAN SEND ME $1200 THROUGH PAYPAL. 38 inch cage, food, accessories included in price. She is one year old came from BirdFard in Florida. All DNA confirmed. Bird must be paid for in full to ship to you.

Shipping available via united airlines. Any pictures would be appreciated. I would like him to go to a knowledgeable person or to a breeding situation or ideally trade him for a female green nape Or other rainbow lorikeet to keep my male green nape lorikeet company. Contact me if you have one available. Edwards $600. DNA sexing available for $25/bird. I would like to buy a Red Lory. I am looking for bady handfed,as young as possible,baby Lory's,in preferance order-Red Collared,YellowBib,Red Stella, Blue Streaked,or BlueMtn/Swainson's. The beak is orange-red, the irises are dark orange, the eye-ring is dark grey, and the legs are grey. Will not ship but willing for personally deliver within reason. I have a 1 and a half year old Chattering Lory up for rehoming. I also have DNA Swainson's Males for trade if interested. Male melanistic Stella Lorikeet.

Looking for a hand raised rainbow or Swainsons Male Lorikeet, young.

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Tel: (201) 637-5895exclusivelylories@gmail.com. 615-806-0925. Looking for a pair of blue crown hanging parrots.

Baby Swainsons Rainbow-hand fed/tame, $600.

Does anyone have a male they would like to sell or is anyone looking for a female?

Sexed by Dr. Scott McDonald young pairs of Rare Olive Mutations Swainson Blue Mountain Lories. Its head above its eyes is purple-blue and its face below its eyes is red. Hand fed and approximately 3 months old. We are looking for 5 to 10 pairs of young Swainsons for A new breeding program. $900. Two melanistic and one red. PLEASE!!! I would prefer a young Lori that's about 1 year old. rn-Randi Whisper3000@gmail.com, Bernardston, Massachusetts (United States).

Would prefer 1-4 years old but will consider younger or older. Preferably Older than 2 years old coconut lorikeet, but any available would be fine. The back of the nape is reddish orange. Aviary bird only, not a pet. Ages 1,2, and 6.


I am looking to purchase 2 couples of Black Capped Lory or Blue Mountain Lory aged between 4 and 6 years old. 750 or best offer plus shipping and crate or local pickup available.

Location: Auburn,California  AVIARY RAISED 2016 bird  Melanistic Stella lory(male split to Red), Roland See More. The wing primaries (= longest wing feathers) (longest wing feathers) are tipped blackish.

Looking for a female Black-capped Lory, erythrothorax ssp.

FOR SALE 1 PAIR OF BLUE MOUNTAIN LORIES surgically SEXED,1 YELLOW STREAKED LORY,HAND RAISED, 1 MALENSTIC MALE STELLA LORY  HAND RAISED ROSE BREASTED COCATOO rcristo@sbcglobal.net Roland, Adult Female Duvenbode Lory 5 years old $1000,3 year old Male Ornate Lory $750,2 female Edwards Lories 6 months old $750 each ,pair of rare Obi Violet Necked Lories Female little plucked around neck $2000 pair Currently hand feeding baby Green Naped Lories $500 Swainson Blue Mountain Lories $500 .Rare Olive Mutation Swainson Blue Mountain Lories $750. $1000 plus shipping if needed.Beautiful bird!! Thank you.

Hen is 18 months old. Text at 626-487-9362. Lory...1 or 2 years old...let me know...thanks.

Older males sold as pairs only.

Wholesale inquiries welcome from qualified stores. We've bred lories for 25 years. I would consider just selling a few also. Now hand feeding baby Green-naped and Swainson's lorikeets. Lots of toys and a proper diet, the veterinarian suggested captive foraging. The belly is dark green and the thighs are yellow-green. Jan 623-322-1163.

Thank you!! Immaculate birds, and very healthy. Text if interested (626)428-6467.